Damn, these guys in the bar are so lame tonight.  No hunks among them; just blue-collared workers that do not keep themselves in shape with a fat ugly wife at home who does not understand them looking for a one night stand with a hot chick to help them forget.  Sorry men, I am not in the mood to help you relive your glory days nor am I looking for a five minute fuck.  I guess it is me and my trusty vibrator.  At least I will get off.

Just as I finished the last of my beer a man with a large beer belly who had to be at least in his forties, sat down on the next barstool.

“Looks like you need another beer missy,” he told me as he caught the bartender's eye and pointed at me.

“Thanks but no thanks,” I said standing up, a little unsteady on my feet from the four beers I had already had that evening.  I knew if I drank anymore I would not be able to drive and I sure in the hell was not calling my brother to come to get me.  I would never live it down.

As I turned to leave, he reached out and grabbed my wrist saying, “Hey, all I wanted to do was buy you a drink.  I never asked you for a blow job in the bathroom or to let me screw you over the barstool, so one drink?”

In response to his request, I dug the nails of my other hand into his arm just above his wrist, drawing a little blood and making him yelp and release me.  “There is your answer.”

“Bitch…think you are too damn good to drink with the common man.  Go back to your country club.”

I ignored him as I made my way out to my Jeep, which I called my ‘slumming car’ because that is the only time I used it; when I wanted to go to the redneck bars and pick up a hunk for some hardcore, down and dirty sex.  As I went to step up into the Jeep, I misjudged my footing and fell against the seat.  Shit. I must be drunker than I thought.  Oh well, I can hit the back roads to get home.  I finally made it into the Jeep and started it up, taking it slow until I could get to the back roads, the cool breeze sobering me up some.

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I meandered my way around the curves until I hit the five-mile stretch and I picked up speed.  I loved to fly along this straight stretch of road, especially at night when no one was around.  Suddenly I heard the sound of a siren coming up behind me and the flashing light in my rearview mirror.  Instead of stopping, I hit the gas and pulled away.  I saw the turn into the driveway to my house and quickly turned the wheel.  Suddenly I found myself skidding, a thump and the Jeep resting against the iron poles marking the driveway, steam coming from the engine.

“Shit…shit…double shit,” I cursed as I slowly climbed out of the Jeep.  “I am in deep trouble.  Dad is going to have a fit.  Thank goodness it was not the BMW.”  I was so concerned with what I had done I completely forgot about the cop that had been chasing me.

“Mam, are you okay?” a deep voice said beside me.  “Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

“No, I don’t need a damn ambulance and I am not a mam, I am a miss,” I yelled at him as I walked around him, so I could walk up the drive to my house, figuring tomorrow would be soon enough to worry about the Jeep.

“Excuse me, but you are not going anywhere Miss,” he told me as he gently took my arm. “You were doing 80mph in a 35mph zone, and you were weaving.  How much have you had to drink tonight?”

“A couple of beers tonight,” I lied

“Couple of beers my ass Savannah.  You have had at least four.  I know how you act when you have had too many.”

“Oh go fuck yourself, Todd.  If you hadn’t started flashing that damn light and turned your siren on I would have made it home just fine and you know it.” I answered back poking my finger repeatedly in the chest of my best friend and occasional lover.  “Go harass some drunks and let me get on with my business.”

Pulling me back against him, he wrapped his hand around a handful of my hair before bringing his lips down on mine, kissing me hard.  When we came up for air, I automatically drew back my hand, ready to slap his face.

“Do it Savannah and I will retaliate,” he warned me. “I have no problem spanking that sexy ass of yours.”

I started to laugh as I had heard that same story over and over since we turned 18 and started dating. He always told me that I was a spoiled brat and that daddy should have taken me in hand as soon as I started to act up.  Todd was from what daddy referred to as the “other side of the tracks.”  His dad died when he was young so his mom worked two jobs and as soon as he could, Todd started working too.  We had met in ninth grade and were pretty much inseparable during high school and then when we graduated he went to the police academy.  We had talked of marriage but have never made that final step.  For now, we were happy just being friends and fuck buddies.

“Todd, you are so full of shit.  I have heard you say that for so many years…and that is all it is, talk.”

“I should haul your ass into jail for reckless drunk driving,”

Holding out my arms I smiled and said, “Cuff me.  Take me to jail.  I will be out before the ink on your paperwork dries.”

Todd sighed, knowing that I was telling the truth.  Daddy was mega-rich and no one messed with his family.  Satisfied that Todd was not going to arrest me, that he was just going to get back in his car, and leave, I turned to walk away.  Suddenly Todd grabbed my arm, dragging me over to his police car.

“I think it is about time the talk turned into action,” as he opened the back door, getting in, and sitting down, pulling me in with him right across his lap.  Before I could voice a protest his hand connected with my ass hard, causing me to let out a squeal.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?  Let me up damn it,” I demanded.

His answer was three more hard slaps followed by several more.  Soon I was squealing, kicking my legs, and trying to get free but he had an iron grip on my waist as he reined hard blows to my bottom.  Finally, I felt him move his arm and I quickly scrambled off his lap, rubbing my backside.

“I cannot believe you just spanked me!” I yelled at him and then I noticed something; my panties were wet and I had that familiar ache in my pussy that I always seemed to have just before I had an orgasm.  No way, that spanking did not just turn me on.  Then why do I want to tear his clothes off and ride his cock until I have an orgasm?  Damn, I need to be laid.  Wonder what time he gets off duty?

“I am actually off duty Savannah.  I was heading home when I saw you come stumbling out of the Silver Saddle and by the time I got turned around and got back to give you a lift home, you were already gone so I decided to follow you.”

“You mean to tell me that you were not on duty when you turned on your siren and flashing lights?” I screamed as I realized that last thought I had actually spoken out loud and not kept it to myself.

“Ah no but I noticed you weaving and was hoping I could scare you into stopping so I could take you home.”

“You are a certified asshole,” as I slapped him hard across the face.

“Savannah Lee, so help me you are going to start treating me with respect.  I will not have you disrespecting your boyfriend.  Next spanking is going to be on your bare ass.”

I looked at him and started laughing so hard tears started to stream down my face.  Gulping in air, I finally managed to say, “We may have talked marriage but there is no ring, no anything.  We are just fuck buddies.  And there is not going to be the next time.  Now, I am horny so want to come back to my place and scratch my itch?”

“Do you want to call a tow truck to take your Jeep to the house first?”

“No, I can do that tomorrow.  I just need your cock deep inside of me…like about five minutes ago.”

“How about you strip down and I will fuck you over the hood of my car?  I know you are into kinky,”

In answer to his question, I reached down and tugged my shirt over my head, unfastened my bra and put them in the front seat of my Jeep followed by my jeans, thong, and sandals while Todd watched, his hands inside of his unzipped pants and underwear, stroking himself as he watched me strip.  As I walked toward him I held my breasts in my hands, my thumbs rubbing over and around the nipples.

Todd stood there watching me, his hand moving faster on his cock.  I got up to him, took his hand, and led him over to a grassy area when I got down on my knees.  I moved his hand and worked his cock out of its confinement, the tip of my tongue lightly touching the head, tasting his pre-cum.  I took some of it and rubbed it over the head before my mouth wrapped around him.  I ran my tongue down the back and up the front of his shaft.

As I stroked near the base my tongue was swirling around, up and down his shaft.  I could hear his moans and feel the tugs on my hair as he moved his cock in and out of my mouth.  I tightened my lips around him, like a vice grip, sucking hard and deep, drawing him closer and closer to the edge, his pre-cum dripping into my mouth.  I could tell he was trying to hold back and not cum, that he wanted to unload inside of my waiting pussy but soon he lost the battle and I could feel him shooting down my throat, his hands entangling in my hair, tugging hard.

Stepping back, he said, “Now it is your turn and then I will be ready to send you to the moon,”

He went over to my Jeep and retrieved the blanket I kept there, bringing it back and spreading it out.  It felt weird to be making love just inside the fence of my property with my Jeep nosed into a pole and Todd’s police car in my drive but the road was never busy at this time so we did not have to worry about being caught. At the time all I cared about was Todd and his cock.  I lay down and Todd quickly undressed, his cock already semi-erect again.  Straddling my hips, he leaned forward and drew a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard while his hand worked on the other.  I was so horny it did not take long for me to start to squirm on the blanket.  Todd kissed his way down my body as his fingertips lightly grazed over my pussy, rubbing the juice all over down there.

Todd worked his way down one thigh to my toes and back up the other side, spreading my legs wide as his tongue went to work on my pussy, nipping at the sides, moving up and down the slit taking me to the edge and then stopping before starting all over again.  Todd slowly worked three fingers inside as he captured my clit, tugging on it gently, his tongue licking it.  At the edge again, Todd stopped and said, “On your knees,”

I quickly scrambled to my knees, Todd to the right side of me.  Slowly he started to run a finger up and down my soaked slit while settling down on his heels.  Without any warning, I found myself across his lap, his hand caressing my ass.

“Did that spanking turn you on?” Todd asked me, patting my ass.

“No,” I said quickly trying to wiggle off his lap.

“Let’s find out,” Todd said, bringing his hand down hard.

After several hard spanks, I felt his fingers running up and down my slit, then three fingers pushing deep inside of me, his thumb rubbing my clit hard.

“I do believe it does as you are dripping and you weren’t before,” Todd said delivering three more smacks, and then back to finger fucking me sending me closer and closer to the edge.

He continued to alternate until I let out a scream as my orgasm hit like a runaway freight train that had no intention of stopping, my juices squirting out and covering his thigh, my body trembling and shaking. It was so powerful it sent me into a state of unconsciousness for a couple of minutes.

When I finally regained my senses I could still feel my pussy throbbing, his hard cock pressing against me.

“Get on your knees,”

While I was getting into position, Todd grabbed a condom from his pants and knelt behind me.  Spreading me wide, he pushed himself deep inside of me.  Holding me by my hips he began to fuck me hard and deep, almost pushing me to the ground, our bodies soon slick with sweat.  Reaching under us, he started to rub my clit, sending me toward another orgasm.  Just as I reached the peak, Todd pulled out and flopped on his back.  I immediately straddled him, slipping down on his cock, gripping him tight with my inner muscles.  I leaned forward, riding him as hard and deep as I could while he started to pinch and pull at my nipples.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned. “Cum with me Todd,”

Suddenly Todd flipped me off him and stood up, pulling me up by the hand.  He took me over to the car, bent me over the hood, spreading my legs as he drove himself hard inside of me.  He continued to drive his cock hard into my throbbing pussy as he reached under me to pinch my nipples hard.  I started to squeeze him tight.  I let out a scream as my orgasm consumed my body, my juices squirting down my leg.  Todd pushed in deep as he found his release, leaning forward to bite my neck.

He leaned against me, pinning me to the side of his patrol car as his fingers played with my nipples, then one hand slipped down until it found my clit, rubbing it hard.

“Todd, there is no more left in me,” I moaned.  “Let’s go to the house and shower and relax some before we go for another round.

He stepped back, pulling off the condom and slapping my ass hard.  I grabbed my clothes from the Jeep and got in the front seat of his car.

“Consider your ticket for drunk driving and speeding paid in full,” Todd told me as we drove toward my house.