Curt Hill was a software designer who had just finished his interview for a job with a new startup company in Las Vegas.  After a great meal, he decided to visit the casino for a few hands of blackjack.  Curt bought some chips and settled down at one of the tables.  Unbeknownst to him, he was being observed by a woman some men would refer to as “sex on legs.”  She was about five foot six inches, curvaceous body, auburn hair that fell just past her shoulders and flashing green eyes with a speck of gold.  She was sipping on a rum and coke as she observed the players from her position at the casino bar, trying to decide which one she should make a move on to give her a weekend of pleasure.

When Curt walked up to the blackjack table her inner sensors went into overdrive.  Could he possibly be her sex toy for the weekend? It didn’t hurt that he was a little over six foot tall, had black hair streaked with silver cut in a conservative business style.  He was dressed in business casual – dark slacks and a button-down grey shirt. The only drawback was that he was a bit older than she usually chose.   Ivy watched him for a few minutes, trying to decide if he was worth hitting on or if she should continue to shop around.  If she was going to get laid this weekend she knew she needed to decide before all the good prospects were gone.

Finishing up her drink, she put the glass on the bar and hopped off the stool, pulling down her leopard print dress until it reached mid-thigh.  Sauntering over to him, she gently placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Hey sexy, I am going to be your good luck charm tonight.”

Curt ignored her, concentrating on the cards in front of him.  When the hand ended Curt was ahead by fifty dollars.  Turning his head slightly he whispered, “Go away.  I don’t need a good luck charm.”

Ivy ignored him and continued to stand there with her hand placed gently on his shoulder. After winning several more hands she said, “See, I am good luck.  Aren’t you glad I stayed around and didn’t leave?”

Gathering his chips, he got up to go cash them in with her right behind him.  Stopping halfway across the floor, he turned to face her and said softly so only she could hear, “I don’t pay for it so go find some other John. And no, I am not glad you stayed. I don’t believe in good luck charms. I won because of my superb card skill. Now go away,”

“I am not a hooker,” she countered back.

“Then what are you?” Curt asked curiously.

“A bored housewife looking for some action,” she said calmly.  “So, are you interested?”

“A bored housewife and you expect me to believe that.  You are probably an undercover cop and as soon as I say yes you will arrest me.”

“Arrest you for what?” Ivy asked.  “No money has exchanged hands and you did not proposition me.  Get your facts straight mister,” as she waited to see if he was going to take her up on her offer or not. When he started to walk away, she called out, “Well, it is your loss,” as she turned away, looking for a new prospect.

To her surprise, she felt his hand on her forearm.  When she turned to face him, he said, “My name is Curt. Are you for real…a bored housewife?”

“Yes,” Ivy said without offering any more explanation.

Curt looked around the casino to see if there were any males watching them but everyone male seemed to be interested in the slots, their hand of cards, or the lady with them.  He still felt like she was an undercover cop or a mark for someone that was going to rob him.  Curt knew he had to be careful and stay under the radar if he wanted the job he had interviewed for.

“Are you here alone or is your ‘so-called husband’ going to come out of the crowd and beat me to a pulp and rob me?” Curt finally asked.

Ivy could not help laughing as she said, “In the middle of the casino in front of all these witnesses? You watch too much television.  I am alone and want a man who will rock my world tonight.  Are you the man?  If not, please let go of my arm.”

Eyeing her up and down, his hand slid down her arm to her hand, which he clasped in his and headed toward the cash-in window.     He exchanged in his chips for money, which put him ahead of the game by a couple of thousand dollars.    Once that was done they headed for the banks of elevators.

“Last chance to duck out,” Curt told her as he pushed the up button.

When the doors opened, they stepped inside and he pushed the button for the eighth floor.  Ivy had remained quiet but as soon as the doors shut, she backed him against the elevator wall, her lips claiming his in a deep hard kiss.  Just before the elevator hit his floor, Ivy pulled back and licked her lips, giving him a half smile.

“You never told me your name.” he said as they stepped off the elevator.

“It is Ivy,” she told him.

“May I ask why you are a bored housewife or is that just a cover you use?” Curt asked with a half-smile on his face.

“I am married to a rich workaholic and I don’t get the amount or type of sex I want or need.  I come to Las Vegas every other weekend to get my fix, so to speak,” she explained.

“Then he must be half dead to not give a beautiful woman what she wants and needs.  To tell you the truth, no matter how much I worked I would still be all over you every chance I got.”

“Thanks,” Ivy said as a blush came over her face.

Pulling her into his arms he planted a hard kiss on her lips, and then said, “By the time you leave my hotel room tomorrow you will be walking bowlegged.  So what time does Cinderella have to be home?”

“Sometime Sunday,” Ivy told him as she leaned into him, her arms around his waist.

Stopping in front of Room 843, he took the keycard out of his pocket and opened the door.  Stepping inside he went over to the desk to unlock his briefcase, which was secured to the desk by a bicycle chain.  He deposited his wallet and all valuables inside before relocking it.

Watching him Ivy said, “Looks like you are a bit paranoid someone is going to steal from you, Curt.”

“Sorry, cannot be too careful these days,” Curt told her as he started to unbutton his shirt.

Moving from where she had been standing by the door, Ivy stopped his hands and proceeded to unbutton his shirt herself the rest of the way, taking time to pull it out of his pants and helping him off with it, tossing it aside toward the dresser.  Ivy stood there for a few minutes, admiring his well-toned chest that was covered in a fine layer of hair. She ran her hands over his chest and down towards his belt.  Unbuckling it she unbuttoned his pants, and then unzipped them, pushing them down.

Ivy gently pushed him back on the bed, kneeling down to remove his shoes and socks, then pulling his pants off, tossing them to the side.  Pushing his legs apart, she leaned forward and kissed his semi-erection through his underwear, lightly running her tongue over it.  Curt moaned and pulled her head closer.  Ivy continued to administer to his now hard on through his briefs.  Moving back some, Ivy began to tug them down.  Balancing himself with his hands, Curt raised his buttocks so she could pull them down.  Soon they were tossed in the direction of his pants.

Once free, his erection sprung upwards like a jack-in-the-box.

Ivy smiled up at him and asked demurely, “Is that all for me?”

“Sure is, so why don’t you use your mouth first to see if it fits,” Curt suggested.

Wrapping her hand around it, Ivy leaned in and swiped the tip of her tongue across the head earning another moan from Curt.  Ivy continued to stroke and lick him for several more minutes, then she stood up. She leaned down and removed her heels and took them over to dresser and put them in front of it out of the way. Facing him she reached behind her and undid the strap around her neck and when she did so, her dress fell to the floor, leaving her standing there in just a leopard print thong.

Hooking her fingers in each side of her thong, Ivy slowly slid it down over her hips and then she turned around.  Getting them to mid-thigh, she bent over, giving him a perfect shot of her ass as she slid them the rest of the way down to the floor.  Ivy stepped out of them, leaving them in a puddle on the floor with her dress and walked over to him, lightly tweaking her nipples.

By this time Curt wanted her like he wanted no other woman.  When she got near enough he got off the bed and grabbed her in his arms, tossing her gently in the middle of the bed and then joined her.  Curt lay beside her, leaning in to kiss her, their tongues dancing frantically as their kisses became deeper.  After sharing kisses for many long minutes his hand finally moved from where it had been on her waist to her left breast, gently tweaking her nipple.  Ivy moaned into his mouth, kissing him harder, pressing her breast harder into his hand.

Curt rolled her on her back, pulling his mouth from hers as he latched onto one nipple, and licking and sucking one to hardness before switching to the other.  His hand soon slipped down to stroke her sex slit until she was moaning and wiggling all over the bed.  Curt began to kiss his way down her body until he was nestled between her legs, his tongue teasing her sex slit.  His finger worked its way inside until he found her clit.  At the first touch of it, Ivy squealed and almost jumped off the bed.  She was so sexually charged that it immediately sent her juices flowing as a powerful orgasm continued to build in her inner core.

As Curt continued his administrations, he inserted another two fingers, which were her undoing. As her intense orgasm ripped through her body, her thighs clamped themselves around Curt’s head, holding him tight against her pussy as her juices covered his face.  Her entire body continued shaking and trembling as her skin flushed.  The orgasm was so intense it almost felt like an out-of-body experience to Ivy – like she was floating and watching the orgasm take over her entire body from above the bed.  When she came down from her orgasmic high, her thighs slowly released their hold on Curt’s head.  He sat up between her legs and smiled down at her, his face wet with her juices.

“One down, many, many to go,” he teased her as he gently stroked himself.

Scooting to a sitting position, Ivy said smiling wickedly, “You know, there is no need to do that yourself when you have a willing woman in your bed to do it for you.”

Lying down beside her, Curt told her, “He is all yours to do with as you want,” putting his hands under his head.

Ivy did not need a second invitation as she kissed him quickly, tasting herself on his lips. Moving down she started with tweaking his nipples with her fingers and then replacing her fingers with her lips, her teeth lightly grazing his little hard buds.  Curt did not realize just how sensitive his nipples were until Ivy began work on them with her magic tongue and fingers.

After several minutes she continued her downward route, taking time to lick and place kisses down his chest, her fingers gently pulling the hair on his chest.  Getting to his naval she licked around the edges and then her tongue started to dart in and out of the little hole, sending pleasure signals to his cock and throughout his body.

Her hand reached up and began to play with his nipples at the same time, alternating between one and the other.  Curt found himself so turned on that he could almost cum without any stimulation to his engorged member.  As it was, he was leaking pre-cum, almost as if his cock had sprung a leak.  Ivy licked the drops off before she took the head into her mouth.

Reaching down, Ivy took his balls in her hand massaging them.  Tightening her lips around his member, she moved upward, like she was sucking on a lollipop.  Reaching the head, Ivy relaxed her throat as she took him all the way in her mouth.

Curt grabbed the sheet in his fists, willing himself not to come too soon.  He wanted to enjoy this as long as he could.  Closing his eyes, he gave himself up to the passionate feeling surging through his body, from the tip of his erection to his balls. No matter how much he tried to control it, Curt could feel his balls tightening and knew the end was near if she did not stop soon.

“I want you,” Curt moaned as he tried to move her mouth from his cock.  “Ride me, baby,”

“In time,” Ivy replied, not allowing him to hurry her along.

Not showing him any mercy, she encircled his member with her mouth again, her hot moist tongue licking across the head causing him to jerk and push his way farther into her mouth. Stroking half of his shaft, Ivy licked the other half like it was a melting Popsicle.  Curt had had blowjobs in the past but none like Ivy was giving him. He could feel his balls becoming tighter, a sign that coming was about to happen and there was going to be no stopping it.

“Ivy, I am ready to explode,” he warned her.

Stopping a moment, she told him, “Then explode because we have plenty of time for lots of action unless you are a one trick pony.”

With her permission Curt let himself enjoy the orgasm that had built up in his balls as they began to tighten even more until he could hold back no more.  He gave a loud moan as he shot his seed into her waiting mouth and down her throat.  Ivy continued to swallow his seed, her lips gripping his member tight as she pulled it all out of him, leaving him totally drained.   Ivy moved up and laid down beside him, kissing him, her tongue seeking entrance to his mouth.  After several minutes of kissing, they flopped on their backs, their fingers entwining.

Curt was the first to move as he asked, “Would you like to order anything from room service?”

“Thank you but I am not hungry,” Ivy told him smiling. “I just ate but am thinking about a shower, if that is okay with you?”

“Only if I can join you,” Curt told her as he sat up, putting his feet on the floor.

“If you promise to behave yourself,” she teased as she got up and headed for the bathroom, Curt right behind her.

As Ivy leaned in to adjust the water, Curt grabbed her by the hips and rubbed himself against her butt, his member slipping between her cheeks.  Automatically she clenched her cheeks tight, capturing him and squeezing him, enjoying the feeling of him getting harder.

“Keep that up girl and all bets are off about me behaving myself in the shower,” he growled in her ear.

Wiggling out of his grasp, Ivy grabbed two extra-large fluffy towels and put them on the towel rack near the shower for easy access when they were finished.  She grabbed the hotel size bottle of shampoo and small bars of soap along with two wash clothes and stepped into the shower, turning her back to it to get her hair wet.  Curt grabbed the shampoo and squeezed some in his hands preparing to wash her hair for her. Putting her back toward him he began to wash her hair, listening to her purr in pure enjoyment as his hands massaged her scalp.  Once he was done he helped her rinse the shampoo out.

Taking one of the bars of soap he started to run it sensuously over her breasts and down her stomach, and then he turned her around to do the same to her back, taking extra time with her butt.  Although Curt loved to look at a woman’s breasts, their butt was his downfall.  He was an ass man first and foremost.  The more “junk-in-the-trunk” the better – and Ivy had just the right amount.  Kneeling down he proceeded to wash each leg, and then he turned his attention back to her butt.

Placing his hands on her hips he began to lick and kiss her butt, his tongue snaking its way up and down the slit while his fingers kneaded her butt cheeks.  Bracing herself against the wall with her hands, her legs spread wide, all she could do was moan as waves of pleasure surged through her body, the shower raining down on them.  Moving between legs, his tongue found its way into her pussy, seeking her clit while his hand roamed upward to cup and play with her nipples.

As his tongue found its mark, he started to tongue her clit, occasionally sucking on it gently, slowly helping build up her orgasm.  Getting her to just the brink, Curt stopped and stood up, taking his hard on and guiding it toward her entrance, rubbing it up and down her slit, her juices flowing on his erection.

“Be right back,” he said, stepping out of the shower and padding barefoot back into the bedroom, not caring that he was dripping all over the carpet.

Ivy just stood there, her pussy aching to be filled. Soon he came back into the bedroom, his erection covered with a condom.  Ivy smiled, glad that he had the sense to do that.  He had her so turned on that her brain shut off on what was practical.  All she had wanted was him to be buried deep inside of her.

“Now where were we,” he teased joining her back in the shower and turning her to face the wall at the rear of the shower.

Curt spread her legs, guiding himself inside, pushing her up against the wall.  He slowly began to move in and out, and then he slammed into her hard, holding her against the wall with his body as he pounded her hard, his hands on either side of her hips.  As he pushed her against the wall the friction from the tiles made her nipples harder.  Ivy managed to get a hand between her and the wall, finding her clit and rubbing hard as he drove his cock in hard and deep, each thrust pushing her against the shower wall.

Her pussy began to clench and unclench his cock, drawing him closer and closer to the edge. Just when she was on the verge of toppling over the edge, Curt slowed down, reducing his strokes to deep and easy.

“Yes,” she moaned, “give it to me hard and deep Curt.  Make me cum hard.”

Ignoring her he continued his slow methodical thrusts into her dripping pussy that felt as if it was on fire, along with intense waves of pleasure shooting every which way in her body.  Ivy tried to push back at him to get to go deeper and faster but to no avail.  Curt smacked her ass as a punishment for her efforts, and then he smacked the other side.

“Curt, I need you,” she begged.  “Give me some hard sex…now.”

Very slowly Curt increased the speed, and depth, each a bit deeper and harder than the last one until Ivy was withering against the shower wall. Grabbing her wet hair, he pulled her head back, planting a deep kiss on her lips, his tongue ramming its way into her mouth the same time as he rammed his cock deep inside of her pussy.   Curt then began to thrust in and out as hard and deep as he could, still holding a fistful of her hair in his hand.

Suddenly Ivy screamed as her body started to convulse and made her feel that if Curt was not holding her body tight against the shower wall, she would collapse into a heap on the floor.  Ivy continued to convulse and purr as she rode the waves of pleasure. Curt gave out a primal growl, pinning her tighter to the shower wall as he filled her with his seed.  Both were breathing heavy as he leaned against her back, kissing her neck as he slowly deflated inside of her.

Backing up, he took the condom off and stepped out of the shower to dispose of it.  He got back in and washed off and then took a clean washcloth and cleaned Ivy up.   It was when she turned around that he noticed that she had some red marks on her breasts and stomach from the way he had pushed her against the tiles.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to get so rough,” he apologized as he leaned down and kissed each one.

“No apologies Curt,” Ivy told him.  “That was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had,” as she reached up and turned off the now cooling water.

Curt opened the shower door, grabbed one towel and handed it to her, and then grabbed the other one for himself.    They took turns drying each other off, and when done, headed back to bed.

“I think we need some nourishment to keep our strength up. What would you like?  A meal, dessert, or both?” he inquired pulling a menu from the bedside table drawer.

“I would like a juicy cheeseburger with just bacon and mayo plus a big slice of cheesecake,” Ivy told him.  “I seem to have worked up quite an appetite.  But I will pay for mine.”

“No you will not,” Curt said. “Argue with me and you might find yourself over my knee, your breasts not the only thing red,”

Smiling wickedly Ivy asked teasingly, “Will it be on my bare bottom? Will you make me cry?”

Curt looked at her, a puzzled look on his face as he tried to figure out if she was serious or just joking.  He had to admit to himself that her butt was perfect for spanking and in his mind, he could see it jiggling as his hand landed on each cheek.    Deciding the only way to know for sure was to ask her straight out.

“Ah…ah… Ivy…can I ask you a…personal…question?” Curt asked, deciding to take that approach instead of asking straight out.

Ivy had an idea of what Curt wanted to ask her so instead of saying just yes she said, “Yes, Curt, I like to be spanked but not to the point of extensive bruising.  Be kind of hard to explain a totally bruised butt in the off chance he would want sex.”

Feeling his face flush a bit, Curt asked, “How did you know what I was going to ask Ivy?”

“I saw the light in your eyes when I asked if it would be bare bottomed.“ Ivy explained.  “And you had better make me cry.  Now, will you order room service please?”

Curt laughed and picked up the phone, ordering their food and having it charged to his room.   While waiting for room service, they sat there leaning against the headboard just relaxing, both comfortable with the silence in the room.

Thirty minutes later they heard a knock on the door and a voice call out, “Room service.”

Curt slipped his pants on while Ivy scooted under the covers, pulling the sheet up to her neck.  He unlocked the door and the busboy pushed the cart inside the room and placed the dishes on the small table, removing the lids.  Curt signed the bill and gave him a generous tip from some money he found in his pants pocket.   He quickly removed his pants and sat down at the table, where Ivy soon joined them.

While they ate, they shared small talk, then when finished they put the dishes back on the cart and Curt pushed it out into the hall to be picked up.

“I think we should nap for a bit to let our late night snack settle before we engage in any more sexual activity” he suggested.

“I agree,” Ivy told him.  “That was so good, especially the cheesecake.”

They walked over to the bed and laid down, Ivy snuggling back into his arms, her back against his chest while his flaccid cock nestled between her butt cheeks.    As he draped his right arm over her side, his fingers began to absently play with her nipples, earning a light moan out of her.  Ivy was amazed that she could still be horny after the two great orgasms she had but she was soon feeling that familiar itch in her groin.

Turning her head slightly Curt managed to capture her lips with his, kissing her gently, and nibbling on her lower lip as he tweaked her nipple.  Ivy began to wiggle her butt against his cock, feeling it start to come to life. Moving his hand down he rubbed her sex slit, enjoying how wet she was becoming.  Ivy continued her administrations with her butt against his cock until she felt him poking at her pussy with the head.

Taking her right leg, Ivy draped it over his hip, giving him room to guide himself inside of her.  Before doing that, he grabbed a condom he had put on the nightstand earlier when he got out of the shower to get the first one. Once he was covered, he pulled her back against him, pushing his cock deep inside of her.  Enjoying the feel of him inside of her they lay together like that for a few minutes.

Soon Curt began to move back and forth, managing to rub her clit with his shaft each time he slid deep in her, her inner muscles squeezing him tight.  Soon their breathing started to quicken as they were reaching the pinnacle, his thrusts a bit harder and deeper until he felt her juices covering his cock, her body jerking and trembling as her orgasm rocked her body.  A few more thrusts Curt shot his seed inside of her.  They kissed and soon both dozed off, intertwined.

When Ivy woke several hours later Curt’s side of the bed was empty, all the lights were off except for the bathroom.  A few minutes later she heard the commode flush, then the shower start up.  Stumbling out of bed she got her purse and dug out her phone, turning it on to see the time, which was one in the morning.  She thought about joining Curt in the shower but decided she was too tired and went back to bed, sprawling on her stomach.  It did not take long before she was back asleep.  When Curt came out of the bathroom after taking a quick shower and seeing  how she was laying he was tempted to smack her inviting ass but decided to let her rest.  There was still tomorrow to play and part of Sunday before she had to leave.

Crawling in bed, he placed a kiss in the middle of her back and on each of her butt cheeks earning a moan and an “I want to sleep some more but later we will, I promise.”

Curt chuckled and laid down beside her, soon falling into a deep sleep.  The next time Ivy woke,  the sun was shining in the widow, Curt beside her snoring lightly.  Ivy slowly sat up so she did not wake him up and slipped out of bed, padding softly to the bathroom.  She took a quick shower and came back out with the towel wrapped around her finding Curt sitting up in bed with the sheet around his waist.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Food or you?” she asked teasingly as she dropped her towel to the middle of the floor.

“Both but think you first,” Curt said as he got up and came toward him, his member half awake.  “You know, you have been a bad girl.”

“And what have I done?” she asked playing little Miss Innocent

“For one thing, you picked up a strange man in the casino and went to his hotel room.  He could have been a serial killer for all you know.”

“But you aren’t and you seemed to be having a good time last night,” Ivy said.  “I know I sure did.  I hope that the next trip I make to Vegas you are here so we can have a repeat performance.”

“Maybe,” Curt said as he sat down on the bed, pulling her across his lap so she was laying half on the bed.   Holding her down with his hand on her waist he brought his hand down first on one butt cheek and then the other until she was wiggling all over and her butt was red and stinging.

Suddenly Curt could feel her body start to tense up and she began to shake and moan as her juices poured down his leg.  Sticking his hand between her legs, he found her clit with two fingers and began to massage it making her breathing quicken as her thighs clamped around his fingers, her pelvis rubbing over his semi-erection.

Taking her to just the edge, Curt nudged her from his lap and said, “Bend over the bed, butt in the air Ivy,”

While she got in position, he got another condom and put it on.  “We keep this up and I may have to go get more condoms,”

Ivy just laughed and wiggled her ass.   Curt got behind her and rubbed himself against her sex slit.  Ivy spread her legs more to give him better access.  Positioning the head of his erection at her entrance he slowly push inward until all seven inches was deep inside of her.  Taking her by the hips Curt began to push in and out, slow and deep. Reaching under her Ivy began to rub her clit.

Together they began to build toward the final release.  Having cum once during the spanking Ivy knew she could hold back until they came together.  The closer Curt got the harder and deeper he pushed in.

“Oh yes,” Ivy moaned. “Give it to me Curt.  Want to feel you shoot your seed deep in me,” as she used muscles to clench him tight.

Finally, Ivy could hold back no longer as it seemed as if every nerve ending in her body was on fire and her body began to shake and tremor, her juices covering his cock, running down both their legs.  As her orgasm took over her body the tremors seemed to affect his body too as his balls tightened and he shot his seed deep in her.  Ivy squeezed him dry and then collapsed on the bed, Curt on top of her. They lay like that for a few moments until his flaccid cock slipped out of her pussy.

Getting up Curt helped her up and they went in to take a quick shower.

“How about going out for breakfast?” she suggested.  “I know an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet that is open until three in the afternoon,” as Ivy grabbed her phone to check the time, surprised it was only ten in the morning.

They quickly dressed and headed out for breakfast.  After breakfast, they decided to stop by the casino and play some slots giving themselves some time to digest breakfast and build up the lust between them. They knew they had all day and part of Sunday to satisfy the lust so there was no rush.  Two hours later both of them were about fifty dollars ahead so they decided to quit and head back to their room for more fun.