As I put the insulated pizza delivery bag in the back seat, I found myself wondering why in the hell am I delivering pizzas.  This is not a job for a fifty-year-old man.  I should be out cruising the bars, picking up a woman for some fun between the sheets but instead, I am delivering pizza.  Shit!  The tips are lousy so why do these teenagers do it?  I buckled my seat belt and turned the car on, pulling out of the lot and heading to my last delivery to Allison Grant on State Road 4.  That is about two miles on the other side of town.  I am delivering a ten dollar pizza and probably no tip for my service.

I continued to mumble to myself, glad that this was the last delivery of the night.  I did not mind helping my buddy out in the pizza joint when he was short-handed but this is the first…and last…time I do delivery.  As I got closer to State Road 4, I turned on my signal and turned right, heading for the fifth house on the left.

I was expecting to see a ramshackle house with kid’s toys strewn all over the uncut yard but to my surprise, it was a well-kept small ranch-style house.  I got out of my car and grabbed the pizza out of the bag, anxious to deliver it, and go home.  I had been working since two this afternoon and it was now midnight.  I walked up and rang the doorbell, waiting for her to answer.  A few minutes went by and when the door opened, I could not help but stare at the vision in front of me like some sex-starved kid in high school.

She had her platinum blond hair in a messy bun, was barefoot with her toenails painted a bright shade of purple, and wearing a robe that while it covered her body, it was almost see-through.  I could see her nipples sticking out against the purple fabric and the v-shape of her mound.

I quickly put those thoughts away and managed to say, “Pizza.  That will be $10.70”

“I am sorry to make you come out here for nothing but I have no cash on me,” she said quickly.  “I thought I had the cash.”

At first, I was furious that I had made the trip for nothing but then hey, I got a free pizza.  “That is okay.  I had to come this way to get home,” as I turned on my heel, ready to get back to my car and head home.  I would let him know tomorrow that the last order was shit

“Excuse me, but I still want that pizza,” she said softly with a hint of southern charm in her voice.

“I am sorry but it has to be paid for.  If it is not paid for it comes out of my check,” I said as I continued to walk off the porch without looking back.

“I may not have money but I have this,” she told me.  “I do believe it is worth way more than a ten-dollar pizza but I am hungry and willing to barter.”

Part of me wanted to turn around and see what she was offering but another part said to keep on trucking to the car.  Three more steps and curiosity got the better of me and as I turned around, the sight in the doorway almost made me drop the pizza.  I was at a loss for words, which is unusual for me. She was standing there, naked as the day she was born.  I watched her run finger up her slit and then put it in her mouth, moaning as she sucked her juices from her finger.  My cock gave a twitch and pressed against the zipper of my jeans, making me wish that was me sucking her finger.

“Interested?” she asked. “Hot sex for pizza?”

I knew she was younger than me and that I should just leave but it seemed as if a magnet was pulling me toward her, inch by inch until I was on the porch, standing face to face with her, the pizza held in my left hand.  Taking my hand she pulled me in the house shutting the door behind me. Allison took the pizza from me and took it to the kitchen.  As she walked away, I watched the sexy sway of her ass, my cock pushing hard against my zipper, wanting to be set free.  When she didn’t return after a couple of minutes I figured that I had been tricked out of a pizza and pussy.

Damn, I am old enough to know you do not think with your little head.  I am acting like a horny teenager.

As I turned to leave I hear her ask, “Where are you going?  Don’t you want payment?”

She crooked her index finger, motioning for me to follow her.  As if I was a dog in heat, I was right on her heels, my cock twitching, anxious to bury it deep in her pussy.  When we got in her bedroom, Allison turned to face me as she reached out to unfasten my jeans.  Grabbing my jeans on each side, she pushed everything down as she sunk to her knees in front me, her hand reaching out to stroke my cock.  Feeling her nails lightly run up and down my cock sent waves of pleasure pulsating through my body.  I watched her head lean in and I anxiously waited to feel her lips wrapping around my throbbing cock but instead I felt hot air.

I stood there, waiting to see what she would do next and I did not have to wait long as I felt her tongue swirling around on the head, the tip of her tongue dipping in and out of the little slit, her fingernails still lightly scratching my cock.  I could feel her lips lightly moving down my cock, her hot breath causing me to shiver.  I reached out, my fingers finding the messy bun, and slowly worked out the band until her hair came loose, draping over her shoulders and down her back, some rubbing against my cock.

As I tried to push more of me into her warm inviting mouth, Allison put her hands on my hips, indicating that I was not to move.  I felt her hands massaging my balls as her lips tightened around my cock.  As she took me in I could feel the head hitting the back of her throat and then to my surprise I felt it slip farther down her throat.  As she pulled her head back, I could feel the skin tighten.  She continued to suck and lick my cock, her hands squeezing my balls. I was running my hands through her hair, trying to hold back as long as I could but knew the end was almost near.  Apparently, she knew it too because she started working my cock harder and deeper until I felt my balls tighten as my cum worked its way up and then down her throat.  Allison continued to suck until she had my balls empty and my cock started to soften in her mouth.

Giving my cock one last swipe with her tongue she sat back on her heels, looking up at me.  “I think that pays for the pizza in full plus a great tip.  Do you usually work on Friday nights?  I have never had you deliver it to me before.”

“This is my first night.  I was doing a favor for the owner because he was short-handed,” I explained. But if this is an every Friday night delivery I might just have to see if Jackson can use me for a Friday night delivery driver.

“That’s a shame,” Allison told me.  “I was hoping you were the new delivery driver.  I was getting bored with the little shit that usually delivers.  He has a hair-trigger and cums almost as soon as my mouth touches his cock.  Are you a one-trick pony,” as she reached up to stroke me, causing my cock to twitch and jump.

It had been so long since I had sex that I could feel myself becoming hard again with just her touch. Suddenly she leaned forward, clamping her lips around it sucking hard until I was hard again.  I felt like I was seventeen again.  Allison got to her feet and turned to face the bed, leaning forward, her legs spread, resting her upper half on the bed.  She wiggled her ass and that was all the invitation I needed.  I  quickly stripped and walked over to her and reached between her legs, finding her dripping wet.

“Condom on the nightstand,” she said.

I grabbed it and quickly rolled it on.  Very slowly I sunk my cock deep inside of her pussy.  As I felt her pussy grip me, I grabbed her by the hips, shoving my cock in hard and deep.  It did not take long before she let out a scream as her pussy contracted around my cock, her juices squirting out and down my legs.  I gave a few more thrusts and then found my release.

Slowly I pulled out and took the condom off, dropping it in the trash can by her nightstand.  I gathered my clothes, dressing while saying, “The pizza is paid in full, and thanks for the tip.  See you next Friday.”

She walked me to the door and as soon as I stepped on the porch she shut the door behind me.  I headed to the car, whistling and looking forward to next Friday.