“Are you sure you will be okay alone?” Ruth his wife asked as she flitted around the bedroom while Tony sat on the bed trying to read.  “Are you sure it is okay I go?  I promise not to get drunk or gamble too much,”

Tony rolled his eyes back into his head, fighting the urge to tell Ruth to just shut up and go, that he had plans for this weekend but he didn’t.  Instead, he said, “Yes dear, I will be fine.  You go ahead and enjoy yourself.  It is great that you and your friends are finally going to be able to have a reunion.  It has been a few years,”  Too damn long as a matter of fact.

“Alright,” she told him she looked in the suitcase one more time before she shut the lid and fastened it.    “Deanna should be here in about ten minutes.”

Tony laid his book on the nightstand and stood up so he could carry his wife’s suitcase down the stairs.  Deanna cannot get here fast enough.  I am so glad she volunteered to have her driver take them instead of Eric.  Would have been a lonely weekend without him.

Checking her purse one more time, she tilted her head back for a kiss, which Tony gave her; a light kiss on the lips that had no passion in it.  With Eric, all kisses were passionate.   Thinking about Eric made his shaft harden in his jeans. He knew he should clear his mind of thoughts of Eric before he had a problem but then, Ruth never noticed anything about him so why should he worry. They heard the car pulling up the driveway so Tony grabbed the suitcase and followed Ruth out the door.

“Good morning Mr. Rutland,” the chauffeur said opening the trunk to put the suitcase in.

“Good morning,” Tony answered back giving the chauffeur the suitcase before he opened the door and helped his wife inside   “Have fun,” as he shut the door.

When he walked back into the foyer, Eric was coming out of the kitchen, a big smile crossing his face.  Tony took one look at his shirtless body and the way his jeans hung low on his hips and he knew he could not wait to have him.

“I thought she would never leave,” Eric said before his lips claimed Tony’s in a passionate kiss.  “I love you and plan to ravish your body all weekend,” as he kissed him lightly on the lips, his tongue gliding over Tony’s bottom lip before he nipped at it.

“Then let’s get the party started,” as he headed to the back of the mansion where Eric had his bedroom.

That was their special place and where they always made love.  Tony did not want to spoil what they had by taking Eric in the bed he shared with Ruth. Although they loved each other and had been “together” since the second year of college, they had never gone past oral sex. Both were happy with that arrangement.

Once in Eric’s room, they turned to each other, Eric pulling Tony in for a tight hug, his hands cupping his ass as they kissed. Tony’s arms went around Eric’s neck, his hands playing with his hair, letting their feelings be told in a kiss.

When they broke apart, Eric grabbed them a beer out of the refrigerator and handed one to Tony.  They each took a long drink as if to cool down their lust down.  Tony sat down at the table, expecting Eric to join him but instead, he just stood there shifting from one foot to the other. Tony swallowed hard, sure he was not going to like to hear what was on his mind.

What if he is tired of pretending there is nothing between?  What if he wants to leave? Will I have the courage to leave Ruth and admit my love for Eric?  I cannot lose him.  That would kill me.

“Earth to Tony,” Eris said waving his hand in front of Tony’s face.

Tony jerked and brought his focus back to the situation at hand.  “Eric, what is wrong?  Why are you acting so nervous?  Talk to me.”

“I would if you would ever shut up and let me get in a word edgewise,” he teased as he pulled the chair closer before he sat down and took Tony’s hand in his.  He took a big drink of his beer before saying, “I love you Tony with every fiber in my body.   You know that and our lovemaking has been great…but…I want a…little more,”

“Little more?” Tony asked in a questionable voice. “What do you mean?”

“I want us to have real sex.  I want to feel your cock inside of me,” Eric said, his face flushing.  “Now before you answer me, understand that I am not expecting you to want me to return the favor but I would if you want me to that is,”

Tony did not know what to say.  That thought never entered his mind.  Can I do it? Can I put my cock inside of Eric? The more he thought about what Eric had requested the more excited he became; even the thought of putting it in Ruth never made him this damn horny.

“Just forget it, Tony.  Oral sex is great between us and I don’t need the other stuff.  I was just wondering what it felt like,” as he picked up his beer and drained it.

“We need to go get some lube,” Tony said.  “You would have to go get it.  I can’t you know. Sorry to put you through that.

“I bought some…you know…just in case you said yes,” Eric admitted. “Are you sure?  I don’t want you to...”

Tony leaned forward, silencing him with a kiss. “We will not rush it.  We will let it happen naturally.  We have the entire weekend. Ruth won’t be back until Sunday evening.”  Tony stood up and took Eric’s hand, pulling him to his feet.  “I think we have done enough talking for now,” as he pulled Eric into his arms.

Standing together by the table, they began to undress each other, touching and kissing.  Dropping to his knees, Tony took Eric’s cock in his hand, planting little kisses up and down it before saying, “I love you, Eric,”  His tongue began to make little circles on the tip of Eric’s cock moving under the rim causing Eric to moan and grab his hair, pulling gently.

As Tony lavished attention on Eric’s shaft he could feel it starting to swell and jerk in his hands.  His hand reach out and grabbed his balls, massaging them gently. He pulled back, letting Eric’s shaft dangling in front of him as he stuck his index finger in his mouth, getting it wet with his saliva.  As he took him back in his mouth, Tony reached behind Eric and slowly worked his finger into his anus, causing Eric to let out a little gasp at the strange feeling.

Tony soon was able to get in a rhythm until he started to taste Eric’s pre-cum coating his tongue and he knew that it was only a matter of time before he got his reward.  He tightened his lips around Eric’s cock pulling the skin taut as he drew back to the head and then took him back to the edge of his throat.

“Oh fuck, I am about ready to cum,” Eric warned Tony.

Tony moved his finger around in his anus, hitting his prostrate sending him over the edge, giving Tony his delicious reward as he let out a scream.  Tony continued to lick and suck Eric until he was drained.  Sitting back on his heels, Tony looked up at Eric and smiled.

“Are you okay?”

“Better than okay,” Eric said, sinking on the floor in front of Tony, leaning forward to kiss him.  “That was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced,”

“You were okay with…you know…” Tony began, unsure how to phrase what was on his mind but as usual Eric knew exactly what he was asking.

“Yes, I was more than okay with it,” Eric told him, giving him another kiss.  “I cannot wait to feel you inside of me,” a small smile coming across his face.

Tony got up off the floor and headed over to the bed.  Eric followed a few minutes later carrying a tube of lube.  Tony looked at them, cocking his eyebrow, and then smiled. “You really want it, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I sense you are not okay with it so just forget it,” Eric told him, trying to hide the disappointment in his voice. Over the years since they had started their ‘closet’ relationship as Eric called it he had given up just about everything to be with Tony whenever he could spare the time for Eric.   Eric knew he should have walked years ago when Tony didn’t have the balls to stand up to his family and tell them the truth but he loved him and still did.

“Eric, are you okay?” Tony asked breaking into his thoughts.  “You have been kind of out there a lot today?”

“I am fine,” Eric said opening the nightstand drawer, throwing the lube in it, and shutting it.

Tony watched Eric, wondering what was going on in his mind.  They were always able to talk but now, he seemed kind of distant.

“Now look at who is in la-la land,” Eric teased as he crawled into bed, his tongue flicking over Tony’s nipple while his hand reached out and squeezed his shaft, his thumb gliding over the head lightly. “Now, it is my turn for some fun,” as he scooted down the bed and spread Tony’s legs. Sucking one and then the other of his balls into his mouth, his hand gripped his shaft, stroking him.

Eric kissed and nipped his way down one thigh and back up the other one as he continued stroking him.  When he finally closed his lips on Tony’s cock and ran his tongue over the head, Tony almost jumped off the bed, letting out a loud moan. Eric started to suck and lick his way down the back of his shaft and up the front, each time he took him deeper and deeper into his throat.

Eric relaxed his throat so he could take him down his throat until his lips were against Tony’s pelvis and then he slowly moved his lips back up his cock, pulling the skin taut until he was at the head. Holding just the head in his mouth, he worked his magic on it with his tongue, his hands flat on the bed to support himself.  By the third time Eric did that, Tony was a mess; he was wiggling all over the bed, making little moaning noises, and dripping pre-cum.

“Oh fuck Eric, make me cum,” Tony begged, not sure how much more of the exquisite sexual torture he could handle.

Eric ignored his pleads and did it another time, loving the taste of Tony’s pre-cum soaking his tongue.  Finally, after he did it again he took pity on Tony and began to work him with his tongue and lips, deep throating until Tony lost control and filled Eric with his cum, streams of it sliding down his throat.

When it was over, Tony laid there like a limp dishrag, his breathing deep and heavy, his eyes closed.  Eric scooted up the bed and pulled Tony close to him, his semi-erection pushing against Tony’s ass.  He threw his arm around his waist, hugging him.

“You are the best,” Eric whispered as he peppered his shoulder blade with tiny kisses.  “Making love with you is just as good, if not better than it was the first time.”

Tony laughed and said, “Anything would be an improvement over the first time,”

Eric laughed, remember their first attempt at oral sex.  Poor Tony had no idea what to do but damn, he sure knew now what to do. They lay there in silence, basking in the afterglow of their sexual encounter, knowing that they did not have to rush and get dressed before they got caught.  Soon their breathing evened out and they fell into a light sleep.

Several hours later Tony jerked away, his heart feeling like it was going to explode out of his chest.  Oh shit, we fell asleep.  Hope Ruth has not been looking for me.  That is all I need to do is get caught cheating on her, especially with a man.  Wiggling away from Eric, he put his feet on the floor and stood up stretching.

“Tony, what is wrong?” Eric muttered, still half asleep.

“We fell asleep.  I need to get dressed and get out there in case Ruth is looking for me,”

“Tony, relax,” Eric said.  “Ruth is gone for the weekend.  We have the house to ourselves, remember?”

Blinking several times, it finally started to come back to him; they were alone and having one of their rare weekends together while Ruth was in Las Vegas with her friends.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up,” Tony apologized as he laid back down, his heart finally beating normal again.

“Show me you are sorry,” Eric said teasingly

Tony rolled into his arms, and they started kissing, each one a bit more passionate than the other, their hands fondling each other.  As Eric went to turn around, Tony put his hand on his shoulder stopping him. Getting on his knees, he leaned over Eric and retrieved the lube from the nightstand drawer.

“Are you sure?” he asked Eric

“Only if you are sure,” Eric asked back, anticipation making his cock harder than it had ever been.  He sure wished that Tony would let him do him but he knew that wish was as far off as the moon.

“Then roll over and put some pillows under your belly,” Tony instructed, trying to remember what he should do from the old porn videos he used to watch before he was married.  I just hope I don’t hurt him.

Putting some lube on his finger and Eric’s anus, Tony began to work a finger inside, then two as he widen him up.  Eric had his hand under him trying to stroke his cock. When Tony thought he was ready, he generously lubed up his shaft and gently pushed inside of Eric.  He took it slow to give Eric time to get adjusted to something being there until he was all the way in and Eric was moaning.

Very slowly he began to move in and out, loving how Eric tightened himself around his cock.  It felt so much different than what he did with Ruth; she mostly laid there like a lump of coal just waiting for him to finish.  With Eric, only one word described it; WOW!  The way he was milking him was unlike an anything he had ever felt before.  Below him, Eric had given up trying to stoke himself and was trying to rub himself off on the pillow instead.

“Oh yes, damn that feels so good,” Eric moaned as he pushed himself deeper in the pillows.  Finding that he was not getting the friction that he needed to get off, he said, “Stop just a minute. I need to move these pillows so I can reach my cock.”

When Tony stopped Eric quickly worked the pillows out from under him and then Tony resumed.  Eric was now able to reach his cock and began to stroke himself.  Soon they were in rhythm and as Tony got closer he increased his speed causing Eric to wiggle and moan under him.

Tony grabbed Eric by the hips and pushed in deep as he could as he came hard, Erick following a few seconds later, shooting his load on the bed.  Eric collapsed on the bed, Tony on top of him as they caught their breath.  Tony planted little kisses on the back of Eric’s neck, nipping at his earlobe before he pulled out and rolled over, leaving Eric lying on his stomach.

“Are you okay?” Tony asked softly.  “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“It hurt a little at first but the little bit of pain I felt was washed away by the intense pleasure I got,” Eric said.  “How about you? Are you okay?” hoping that he had not pushed his lover into something that he really didn’t want to do but did it for him.

“I am fine and I must say, you know how to work those muscles and milk my cock,” Tony told him.  “I am glad we did it.  I just wish…”

“Don’t say it,” Eric interrupted him.  “We will just enjoy it from this day forward…and maybe one day you will want me to fuck you.  Now then let’s change these sticky sheets, shower together, and see about supper. I have a feeling it is going to be a long night,”

“I think so,” Tony agreed. “And maybe someday I will but for now, let’s enjoy the here and now.  I love you,”

“And I love you,”

They rolled out of bed and stripped the bed, remade, and went to take a leisurely shower together before raiding Eric’s fridge to see what there was to eat, preparing for a long night of loving ahead.