“I have had it!” I screamed throwing my phone in the direction of the couch, watching it bounce off the back and tumble to the carpeted floor.  I had to fight the urge to go over and stomp it to pieces but knew that would not put out the sexual fire that was smoldering inside of me.

He promised me this weekend but at the last minute something came up at work and he claimed he could not get away.  Probably that whore of a secretary is what came up…or rather his cock.  Granted Derrick was the district manager of a large group of business managers but we had planned this get-away for over a month.  It was our tenth anniversary.  Derrick had been working long hours for the past couple of weeks to get a new acquisition up and running so we barely saw each other and our sex life were non-existence. This was the purpose of us going away this weekend; to reconnect.  Well, if he won’t reconnect his cock with my pussy, then I will find someone who will…and I know just the place to find that connection.

I stormed up the stairs to change out of my sensible sweater for something with a bit more sex appeal.  I found a navy blue camisole with lace around the scooped neckline and thin spaghetti straps.  I threw my bra on the bed with my sweater and headed down to grab my phone.  I did not want to worry about my purse so I put a credit card, some cash, and driver’s license in my front pocket and my phone in my back pocket.  When the Uber driver honked, I took one last look in the mirror by the front door, and left, ready to make that all-important connection.

I had never been to The Silver Horseshoe but my best friend, Lana, who also has a workaholic husband like Derrick, was telling me about it one night when we were drinking wine and consoling each other about our husbands and lack of sex. The next morning, when we were sober, I asked her about it and if it was real and she said yes, that she had been there several times.  She had never lied to me so I hope this was not the time she starts.  I would have called and invited her to go but she and her husband were on a two-week cruise so I am going solo.

The Silver Horseshoe, from the outside, appeared to be a loud, rowdy, redneck type country bar, especially on the weekends.  Inside, it was quite easy to find the right connection for sex-starved men and women.  You just have to look.   I paid the driver and got out, hoping that Lana was not blowing smoke.  I really needed that connection.  As I walked along the well-lit sidewalk, I could see what looked like hotel rooms behind the club plus it also looked as if there was a second floor to the club.

When I opened the door to the club, I stood there a moment, letting my eyes adjust to the smoky interior.  The jukebox was currently blasting out slow country songs.  In front of me was a small booth-type structure that was collecting cover charges.

“Connection or not?” the young woman asked behind the counter as she took my credit card and rang up the cover charge.

“Now what do you mean by a connection?  This is my first time here.”

Holding up a small pin, she explained, “Wearing a pin will let everyone know you are looking just for a connection.  That way those that just want to drink, listen to the music and dance are not hit on.  So, is it a connection or not?”

“It is a connection,” I said with only a moment’s hesitation.

She handed me a little pin and said, “Pin it to your shirt somewhere it can be seen.  Anytime you change your mind, just take it off.”

I fastened it on my left spaghetti strap and headed into the club to find my connection.  I glanced around as I made my way to the bar, checking out to see which ones were wearing the pin and was looking for a connection.  I parked my ass on an empty barstool and when the bartender came over I ordered a beer. I almost ordered a glass of wine but then thought that sounded too preppy for this type of bar.

When I got my mug of beer, I turned around on the barstool, surveying the room.  Then I saw my connection or at least hoped he was looking for a connection.  He was the total opposite of Derrick.  This cowboy hunk was about six foot three, dark hair that curled at his collar, a chambray blue shirt opened at the neck, and blue jeans that looked like they were painted on.  The only drawback was that he was appeared to be at least ten years younger than me.  I swallowed hard, took a drink of my beer, trying to build up the courage to make the first move.

This is harder than it was back in high school.  Then all I had to do was smile and the boys practically fell at my feet.  Girl, just because Derrick doesn’t want it doesn’t mean someone else won’t.  You still have an all-natural body.  Go seduce him before someone else snaps him up.  I hopped off the barstool, took my beer, and casually strolled over toward him, looking for that connection pin.  Seeing it, a smile crossed my face.

He was standing at the edge of the dance floor, sipping a beer when he felt eyes on him.  He slowly turned his head and saw this brunette with legs that seemed to go on forever walking toward him.  He eyed her up and down, taking in her designer jeans and heels and knew immediately that she was a rich bitch that was married to a workaholic and was sexually frustrated looking for a connection.  He had several dealings with them in the past but they were a delight to fuck.

Sliding up to him, I saw the pin on his shirt so I said, “Hi sexy.  Want to connect.  I got a hungry pussy that needs a good workout.  Interested?” as soon as I said that, I could feel my face turning slightly red.  Oh shit, I cannot believe I was that brazen.  I turned and started to walk away and go back home to my trusty vibrator.  This was a bad idea.  I have never cheated on Derrick.

I felt a hand on my upper arm and a deep voice say, “Let’s connect,” as he leaned down and kissed me. “I am Frank and you are…?”

Without thinking I said, “Raven,” not bothering to give a false name.

“Then let’s go, Raven.  I am ready to rock your world,” as he took their mugs and went over to place them on the bar.  Taking her by the hand Frank led her down a hallway and out the backdoor toward the cabins outback.

As if a daze, I followed him, not even taking into consideration that this man could be a serial killer and I could be his next victim.  Walking up to one of the lit cabins, he fished a key out of his pocket, unlocking the door, standing back to let me walk in first.  Once inside, before I had time to react, I heard the door click and found myself pressed against the closed door, his hands in my hair as he kissed me hard, his pelvis grinding against mine.  We kissed for several minutes, our tongues tangling and dancing with each other.  When we finally came up for air, we were breathing heavily.

Resting his forehead against mine, his lips lightly touched mine.  “Are you ready for your pussy workout?”

I felt my face redden, unsure of what to say.  Frank stepped back, giving me the option to leave if I wanted to.  I thought a minute before I pulled my camisole over my head, leaving me standing there in nothing but my jeans and heels.   I tossed my camisole at Frank, and headed toward the bed, putting a little more swagger in my walk. Before I reached the bed, I felt his arms snake around me and grab my boobs, pinching the nipples hard. I leaned my head back against his chest as he leaned down, nipping at my bottom lip.

He continued to pinch and pull at my nipples while kissing the side of my neck. Turning me around, Frank leaned down and started sucking on my nipples while his hands went to work on unfastening my jeans and pushing them down over my hips.  As Frank worked them down my hips, he knelt on the floor in front of me, tonguing my belly button as his hands squeezed my ass so hard I was sure there would be a bruise.

I braced my hands on his shoulders as he worked my shoes off and then my jeans.  Pulling me toward him, Frank pushed his face against my pussy, inhaling my scent.  Taking two fingers, he ran them up and down my pussy before slipping one finger inside, tracing the outline of my sex before pushing his finger inside.  Frank wiggled it around inside of me, stirring my juices.

Suddenly he pulled his finger out, grabbed my panties, and gave them a yank, ripping them off me.  Frank stood up, grabbed me, and threw me in the middle of the bed.  He quickly stripped out of his clothes and lay down beside me.  Grabbing my leg, he pulled me closer, my leg over his shoulder as his tongue licked me from the top of my slit to the bottom.  When I was turned on my side, I found his cock right in my face.

Damn, he is big and thick.  He is really going to stretch me.  At least this time I should actually feel like a cock is inside of me as I swirled my tongue around the head, the tip of my tongue darting in and out of the slit while I worked my hand up and down his cock, gripping it tightly.  I immediately felt him hardening in my hand with each stroke.

I felt Frank slide two fingers inside as the tip of his tongue flicked across my clit, sending shivers up and down my body.  That feels so good as I let out a loud moan, my juices starting to leak out.  Using his fingers, Frank spread my lips wide as his tongue went to work, darting in and out as far as he could.  I tried to concentrate on what I was doing to Frank but from the way my body was starting to twitch and respond to his ministrations, it made it hard.

Frank pushed me on my back, straddling my body, his cock pressed against my lips.  Frank spread my legs and shoved three fingers deep inside me, fucking me hard as he started to suck on my clit.  My body started to heat up as I climbed toward the top, my orgasm ready to explode any minute.  I played with his balls as my tongue working over his cock.  As he worked on my pussy, he began to fuck my mouth.  I held back as long as I could before I let out a muffled scream, squirting all over his face as my orgasm ripped through my body.  I could feel his balls tighten and I knew it was just a matter of minutes before he found his release.

To my surprise, he pulled out and moved down between my legs.  Grabbing a condom from the box on the nightstand, he quickly covered his cock and shoved in hard and deep.  Frank was much wider than Derrick and it felt like I was being ripped in half but then he started to move in and out, slow and deep.  Frank leaned forward to kiss me and I could taste myself on his lips.  Pulling almost all the way out, Frank would then shove back in hard and deep.  The next time he pulled almost all the way out, I found my legs thrown over his shoulders.  His thrusts became harder and deeper.

My breathing quickened as he kissed me.  My body started to tremble, my heart racing, my juices pouring from my body as my orgasm hit full force, momentarily making me unconscious as lights flashed behind my eyes. When I came back to reality I realized that Frank was still hard inside of me.

“Okay?” he asked as he started to move in and out making sure that he was brushing against my clit.  To my shock, I could feel that itch again.  Rolling on his back, he pulled me on top of him saying, “Make me cum.”

As I started to work my pussy against his cock, his hand reached down to rub my clit. I started to move up and down on him squeezing him like a vise grip, working his cum out.  Frank started to raise his hips upward as he rubbed harder on my clit.

“Oh yes babe, ride me hard.  Take it; cum with me.  Cover me with your juices.”

To my surprise I felt my inner core, tightening up, a fine flush creeping up my body.  Using his free hand he started to pinch my nipples.

“Yes!” Frank moaned as he worked hard to get me to cum with him.

I did not feel I had anything left in me after those two hard orgasms but I was wrong.  I screamed as my third orgasm hit me without any warning.  Frank grabbed my hips as he pushed deep and hard as he could, growling as he cum.  He held me close to his pelvis until he had no more cum left.  Reaching up, he pulled my head down to his, lightly kissing my lips.

“Damn babe, I wanted to rock your world but think you rocked mine instead.  That was awesome.  If you have time, give me a little bit to rest and we can go for round two.”

I rolled over on my side, settling in next to him, my head on his shoulder.  “I have nothing left in me for another round and besides, I got to go.  I was just looking for the right connection and you sure delivered,” as I kissed him.

“Well, when you want another connection, I will be right here,”

“So you are a regular of the club?”

“Sort of…I own half of it.  My brother owns the other half.  Next time you come in looking for a connection, maybe we three can connect.  Have you ever been part of a sandwich?”

“Ah, no,” I said as I stood up and started to gather my clothes.  “Can I take a shower real quick?”

“Go ahead; you don’t want to smell like sex for your husband.”

I took a quick shower, dressed, and Frank walked me out wait for the Uber driver.  We kissed good night and I got into the car.

You are right Lana; this is a great place to find that right connection.