I am a submissive…or a soon-to-be one.  I have been in training for the past two months and tonight is the night I earn my collar.

“Ruby, get down here now,” my Master ordered from the bottom of the stairs.  “Todd will be here shortly.  I will be in the den.  You know what you have to do so do it, or you will be punished,”

Do I want to do this?  Will it affect our relationship?  Yes, it will because if I cannot do this, I will have to leave because we cannot just go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend.

Taking a deep breath, I stood up and grabbed my deep purple silk robe that was lying at the foot of the bed.  I slipped it on and belted it around the waist.  I fluffed my hair with my fingertips.  Just as I stepped out into the hall, I heard the doorbell ring.  I knew it was my duty to answer the door and offer them a drink but tonight it was to be much more.

Reaching the door, I loosened the belt a little on my robe to give Todd a little preview of what was to come.  I had no idea if Todd knew what this evening would entail or not. My Master did not share that with me.  All I knew was what I had been ordered to do to get my collar.

“Hello Todd, come on in.  Greg is held up at the office and will be home shortly,” I said, opening the door and stepping back so he could come in.

As he stepped inside I noticed his eyes looking me up and down, a slight smile crossing his face.  I followed him into the living room and over to the bar where I got him a beer.  As I stood there with my back to him I knew that I had two choices; walk away or do as Greg asked and earn my collar.  I knew that once I put on the collar I would be marked as Greg’s submissive.  Thinking a moment I made my decision and turned around after untying my belt and letting my robe fall open.

“Not that I don’t mind the show Ruby but I am sure that Greg would not appreciate me seeing what is his,” Todd said taking the beer from my outstretched hand, his eyes never leaving my naked body.

“I can do whatever I want with my body and if I want to show it to you I can,” I said dropping to my knees in front of him.  I reached up to rub my hands over his crotch, feeling him harden under my palm.  I slowly curved my hand over his cock, giving him a little squeeze.

When I looked up at him under hooded eyes, he was just sitting there, holding his beer but had not even taken the first drink.  I reached up and gently took it out of his hand, not wanting beer spilled on the couch.  Sitting it on a coaster on the end table, I resumed my position between his legs.  Leaning forward I kissed his crotch and then slowly pulled his zipper down.

A smile crossed my face as I said, “Do you always go commando, or were you expecting something to happen?”

“I always go commando Ruby and no, I was not expecting anything to happen.  Should I have been?  Is something going on Ruby?”

“What is going on is me tasting this cock,” I said as I worked his cock out, my tongue swirling over the head, dipping into the slit on top as I wrapped my hand around him, gently squeezing him.

I sucked gently on the head, slowly working my way down until I had him fully in my mouth, my lips touching the metal of his zipper.  I bobbed my head up and down, my tongue and hand working him up.  I could hear Todd moaning in the background as his hand ran through my hair, giving little tugs now and then.  I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue and knew that I had pushed him as far as I could without him shooting off into my mouth.

I stood up and said, “Sit on the middle cushion,”

He did as I asked, his hard cock resting on his thigh, Todd’s eyes never leaving mine.  Once he was settled, I dropped my robe to the floor and straddled his lap sinking down on his cock. He was a lot bigger than Greg so it took me a moment to adjust to his width.  I sat there, my muscles were squeezing his cock as I leaned forward and kissed Todd, our tongues mating.  I could taste the faint taste of mint toothpaste as our tongues danced.

Todd reached out and rubbed his palms over my nipples before he pinched and pulled on them.  I leaned back, offering them to him.  As with Greg, Todd did not hesitate to latch on to my large nipples, sucking and licking while his hand slipped between us.  I raised up slightly, giving him access to my pussy.  His finger slipped inside, soon finding my clit.  He alternated between moving his finger in and out and rubbing my clit while he sucked on my breasts.

And then I felt it; that unmistakable burn in my nether region, slowly working its way up, my body turning a light shade of pink as my orgasm built. What the hell?  This is just supposed to be an act of seduction.  He is supposed to get off, not me.  That is Greg’s job; to make me cum, not Todd, as I felt my body began to twitch, my juices starting to flow.  I began to moan and move up and down on Todd’s cock,  Suddenly my body stiffened and it felt like my world exploded as I came hard, squirting all over his thigh and down on the couch. Shit, I hope I have not stained the couch, as I rested my head against his chest, breathing hard.

I could feel that Todd was still hard inside of me so I started to move up and down, massaging his cock with my inner muscles.  Todd grabbed my hips, raising me up and down as he thrust hard inside of me.

“Oh fuck,” Todd moaned as he grabbed my nipples, pinching and pulling as he worked his way toward his release.  As his body stilled, he grabbed my head and pulled me down to kiss me as he found his release.  When he was finished, I collapsed again him, leaning my head against his chest.

I felt his lips against my head as he said softly, “I hate to disturb you Ruby but we need to make ourselves presentable before Greg gets home.  I will tell him what happened and take all the blame.”  Todd said. “I don’t want to ruin things between you two.”

“I am already here and you don’t have to tell me anything.  I saw the entire thing.” Greg said from the entranceway to the living room.  “And don’t freak Todd.  No one is in any trouble because she had to seduce you to earn her collar.  Her hard orgasm was an added bonus,” as he walked over to us, fastening a black velvet collar around my neck.

I untangled myself from Todd’s embrace and turned around to kiss Greg, totally forgetting that free kisses were not allowed unless Greg wanted them.   Realizing what I had done, I quickly bowed my head and said, “Sorry Sir.  I was just happy I earned my collar and wanted to say thank you, Sir,”

“That is okay.  Now go get a shower and then take your place,” Greg told me.

I scampered off just as Todd made it to his feet, tucking himself back in and zipping up his jeans.  “I know you ordered Ruby to do this but I still feel bad.  Hell, she is your woman,”

“My submissive,” Greg corrected him.  “She was doing what I ordered her to do to earn her collar.  And I am glad you helped her enjoy it.  Tell me, Todd, have you ever had a threesome; where two men enjoyed a woman but were not into each other?”

“I can’t say I have.  Why do you ask?”

“Well, you are about too.  Let’s go double please Ruby and make her cum until she begs for mercy and asks for a break.  She also gives a wicked blow job; deep throat and all.  Are you up for it?”

“I sure am if you are sure and it won’t hurt our friendship,” Todd told Greg

“I am sure and it won’t hurt our friendship.”

As they went up the stairs, Greg called out, “Oh Ruby, I have a surprise for you.”

When they walked into the bedroom, I was sitting on my heels on the rug beside the bed, my head bowed and my hands folded in my lap.

“Look at me,”

I raised my head and saw Todd standing beside Greg.  A slight smile came across my face.

The weekend just got a lot more interesting.