“I don’t understand it,” a sleepy voice said from the bed.  “Why does anyone get up at the butt crack of dawn to go out and jog?  I would much rather stay in bed and sleep.”

Exactly; you could do with some exercise yourself.  On the other hand, if I got him up and going with me I could not have my special time with Ronnie I thought to myself as I finished tying my shoes.  “Enjoy your sleep.  See you after work,”

“Come back to bed,” he pleaded as he threw back the covers, revealing his morning woody to me.  “I got something special for you,”

I just looked away.  One way, get his rocks off, and he was done, leaving me stranded at the cusp of satisfaction. I wonder if sex with Ronnie would be any different.  Shaking my head, I admonished myself for having such thoughts.  I was a married woman and was at least fifteen years older than he was. Woman, get a grip.  Sex has never been a big deal from the first time to now.  Women are not supposed to enjoy it…or at least that is what my mom said.  Shit, I need to quit reading all those magazine articles about mind-blowing sex because there is no such thing.

As I stood up, I could hear Sam’s loud snores, all thoughts of anything but more sleep went from his mind.  I tucked my keys and cell phone in my pocket and headed out.  When I got to the jogging trail, I saw Ronnie leaning against the front of his pickup truck.  Just looking at the way his tee-shirt hugged his sculpted chest made my heart beat faster.

As I walked up to him, a big smile crossed his face.  “Thought maybe you were going to stand me up today,” he said giving me a light hug.  “Jogging is no fun without you.  Are you busy after our jog?  Would you like to come to my condo for breakfast?”

I stared at him for a moment and blurted out as I held up my hand, “I am married, Ronnie,”

“Hey, I just asked you to breakfast, not to my bed…but that would not be a bad idea,”

I could feel my face redden and quickly occupied myself by stretching my muscles. He wants to have breakfast with me.  It is not going to hurt anything.  I have nothing pressing to do at home.  Sam will be at work.  As we started down the path I quickly said, “Thank you, I would love to have breakfast with you.”


After our jog, Ronnie gave me his address and said he would meet me there.  As I sat in the car cooling off, I looked at the address in my hand, trying to argue myself out of going but finally decided to go.  He was just being a smart ass when he said that about getting me in his bed.  I am old enough to be his mom…a very young teenage mom.

When I pulled up in front of the condominiums where Ronnie lived I thought about turning around and leaving but my feet had other ideas.  Arriving at his door, I rang the doorbell, waiting for him to answer.  When he answered the door, I could not help but stare.  He still had on the same tight-fitting tee-shirt but he had changed into jeans and was barefoot.  You are a married woman.  Women do not enjoy sex.  All those articles about mind-blowing sex are fake I kept reminding myself as I stepped in the front foyer.

He shut the door behind me and then stood there looking at me for a long moment, long enough to make me feel a bit uncomfortable.  “Oh hell, I have to do this or I am going to explode.  I don’t care if you are married or not,” as his arm reached out, encircling my waist and pulling me closer before his hand wrapped itself in my hair, tipping my head back as his lips claimed mine in a hard kiss, his tongue seeking entrance.

I stood there in shock but then I started to feel something I had never felt with Sam.  I could feel a tingling starting down there.  I opened my mouth slightly, not having any clue as to what he wanted but loved the way he was kissing me. Sam’s kisses never affected me like this. I felt like I was having an out-of-the-body experience and was observing from the sidelines as my arms went around his neck, kissing him back.  I could feel his hardness pressing against me through our clothes. I knew this was wrong; that I should pull back.  I was married and have never cheated on Sam.

Finally, Ronnie broke the kiss and took my hand in his, leading me to where I was not sure but figured his bedroom.  Once in there, he stopped and unzipped my jogging jacket, slipping it off my shoulders, and then he pulled off my tee-shirt and sports bra, leaning in to kiss both nipples before he sucked one in while playing with the other, then switching.  I had never felt such things before and I was enjoying it.  Stepping back, he yanked off his tee-shirt and worked at getting his jeans down.  As he pushed them down his hips, I thought Oh my gosh, he is not wearing underwear.  What man does that?

I wanted to turn away but I found myself unable to tear my eyes from his naked body.  Stepping toward me he lifted one foot and then the other, taking off my shoes and socks. Standing up, he hooked his fingers in my jogging pants and pulled them off.  I had the urge to cover myself with my hands but decided once he got a full view he would change his mind.  I did not have a model body and was on the chubby side.

Ronnie dropped to his knees, leaning forward to place light kisses on my mound while two fingers traveled up and down the slit, stopping now and then to dip inside.  And then his thumb hit it….I screamed and felt liquids pouring down my legs.   Oh shit!  I am not only chubby but now I have peed myself.

Ronnie picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bed.  Laying me down, he spread my legs and moved between them, his tongue licking me and darting in and out as far as he could get it.  I soon felt three fingers pushing in and out of me, his kisses moving up until he hit that spot again.  Ronnie kept flicking his tongue over and over it until he caught it between his lips and gave it a little tug.

I started to feel this burning sensation in my pussy, traveling up my body until I felt my body start to shiver and wiggle around on the bed.  I kept seeing bright lights and then darkness until I exploded as my first orgasm hit me like a run-away train.  I thought it would never end.  As I lay there, still half-dazed, I watched Ronnie move off the bed, open the nightstand, and pull something out.  When he moved back between my legs, I saw that he had slipped on a condom.  Very slowly he inched his way inside, stretching me until he was comfortably inside.

Ronnie began to move in and out, each thrust a little deeper, a little harder.  Putting my legs over his shoulder he leaned forward, kissing me.  This time he started out thrusting in hard and deep as my body bounced on the bed.  I felt those feelings starting again.  My body began to massage his cock and move in unison with his.  Our breathing deepening until we were gasping for air as he continued to fuck me hard.

I could hear Ronnie moaning, his hands on my ass to raise me up as he gave one hard last thrust, holding his cock still deep inside of me.  Taking his one hand, he found that special button and started to rub it frantically as I tumbled over the edge, my body contracting and jerking as I came hard, wave after wave of pleasure shooting through me.  When my body had settled down Ronnie pulled out and disposed of the condom in the trash.

Lying down beside me, he pulled me in close and kissed me, nipping at my bottom lip as he stroked my side.  “Damn, that was awesome.  You were even better than I imagined.”

I just stared into his chocolate brown eyes, words failing me as we went back to kissing.

Finally, he pulled back, looking down on me.  “Are you hungry?  Do you want breakfast?  Food this time and then me for desert,”

As the realization of what I had done hit me, I scrambled out of bed, quickly dressing.  “Ronnie, I never cheated on Sam,”

“Well, if he was giving you mind-blowing sex like I just did, you would not have been in my bed.  So get rid of the guilt complex and go along with the ride.”

“I will think about it,” as I headed for the bedroom door.  “I will see myself out,”

“See you tomorrow morning,” I heard him say as I let myself out and hurried to my car.

I knew that I should be racked with guilt but all I felt was anger at myself for not staying around and enjoying his body more.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow…and the next day…and the next day as I drove home.