I walked into the building, my heels clicking on the tile floor as I headed for the bank of elevators. I had just been promoted to the executive buyer for Andersonville Cookware Company and I was anxious to get started.  I know some would say that I got my position because my father owned the company but that is neither here or there.  The elderly security guard called a greeting and I answered with a nod of my head.  I did not have time for pleasantries this morning…or for any morning for that matter.  I made a mental note to ask my father why he kept such an ancient relic like him around.  There were better looking and better qualified men out there for his job.

When I got off the elevator on the sixth floor, I headed straight down the hallway to my office.  The only two offices on this floor were mine and my father’s but he was not in all that often.  He preferred to be on the golf course most of the day.  As I walked into my office, the man I had requested to be my secretary quickly jumped to his feet, nervously smoothing down his suit jacket and then straightening his tie.  I eyed him and up and down to make sure he would fit my requirements.

He was about 5’10”, medium built with sandy blond hair that was a bit shaggy, and sea-green eyes flecked with gold.  Well, at least they got most of my request right.  Now I need to check his demeanor.

“I assume you know how to run a computer, answer the phones, and talk to clients, correct?” I asked.

“Yes I do Ms. Harper,” he replied, fidgeting from one foot to the other.

“How long have you worked for Andersonville Cookware Company and in what department?”

“I have been here for ten years and worked in the shipping department,”

“And your name is?” I asked while trying to think of something I wanted him to do immediately.

“Derick Hammerstein,”

“Okay, Derick. Come into my office with me and I will show you the files you are going to be responsible for and what your job entails.  You are on a one month trial period.  If you do not make the cut, you will go back to shipping.  How much were you making an hour?” I asked although I already knew the answer to that and the other questions I had asked.  I had already looked at his personnel file before I chose him.

“Am I allowed to discuss that Ms. Harper?” Derick asked. “I was told I was not to discuss my salary with anyone,”

“Well, I am not just ‘anyone’ Derick.  I am the boss’s daughter,”

“I make $15 an hour,” he said quickly, fearing if he did not answer me he would be back in shipping.  He enjoyed working in shipping but he had always enjoyed working with computers but most of those jobs in the factory went to women.  He was shocked when his boss told him on Friday that he would be moving up to be Ms. Harper’s assistant on Monday.

“Okay,” I told him.  “As of now, you are making $20 an hour and if after thirty days you pass the trial period it will be $25 an hour plus bonuses.”

When he heard that his hourly rate jumped up five dollars an hour and could potentially go up ten, he was determined to make sure he passed the thirty-day trial period.  When she went into her office, he followed right behind her, making sure that he had a notebook and pen to take notes.  For the next two hours, I went over everything that he should know and what he was expected to do.  As I observed him, I thought that I had a good one; one that would do whatever I asked because I saw the light come on when I mentioned the wages he could make. He was also still young enough to be trainable.

“Do you think you have it down what I want and expect out of you?” I asked.

“Yes,” he told me standing up.

“Then go power up the computer and start getting the accounts in order and everything else I said needed to be done,” I told him. “Also, I will be here at 8 am sharp every morning.  You are to get here at 7:30 am and have me a large sweet ice tea on my desk when I arrive,”

“Do you want me to go get you one now?”

Glancing at my watch I said, “You will be going to get me lunch in two hours so I can wait.  Lunch is from noon to one o’clock.  During this hour you will get my lunch first and then the rest of the time is yours.  Feel free to get your lunch at the same time and eat at your desk if you want.  I will tell you my lunch order at 11:30 and you will call it in and have it ready at noon.  You can leave ten minutes early to get it,” and with that I walked back into my office, shutting the door behind me.

For the several days I just watched and observed Derick.  On Friday afternoon just before quitting time, I called him into the office.  When he walked in I motioned for him to shut the door.  He did it but had a quizzical look on his face as no one had come into the office the entire week.

“I want total privacy,” I said as I walked over and flipped the lock.  Turning I looked at him and simply stated, “I need to be serviced,”

Derick looked at me, his face turning ten shades of red; some shades I had never thought possible.

“You want what?” he finally managed to get out.

“You heard me. I need servicing,” I repeated. “Don’t tell me you are a virgin; that you have never dipped your cock into a pussy before.”

“Ah…no I know what to do but….

Not giving him a chance to say anything more, I started to unbutton my blouse, saying in a stern voice, “If you want to keep this cushy job you will do as I say,”   I slipped my blouse off and laid it on the chair and then removed my bra.  “Suck them,” as I held up my breasts…NOW! Surely you have to be good at something besides working on the computer.  Is your cock so puny that it cannot satisfy a woman?”

Derick quickly moved to me, latching on to first one and then the other, sucking hard, his tongue flicking over the tip until I was making little mew sounds.  Finally, I pulled back.

“Take off my skirt and put it with my blouse and then remove my panties,”

He quickly removed my skirt and panties, leaving me standing there in heels, a garter belt, and thigh-high stockings.

“On your knees and follow me,”

I strolled over to the love seat I had in the office and sat down, spreading my legs.  When I looked up, he was still standing where I had left him.  I snapped my fingers and pointed to my pussy. Derick hesitated another moment before he dropped to his knees and crawled over to me.

“Sit up and beg,” I told him.

Swallowing hard, Derick did as I asked him, earning a pat on the head and an invitation to my pussy.   Derick moved forward and pulled me to the edge of the loveseat, putting my legs over his shoulder before running his tongue up my slit and back down, nipping on my lips sending shivers up and down my spine.  Spreading my lips, Derick dipped his tongue in as deep as he could get it, licking up my juices.  Moving over he ran the tip of his tongue over my clit before capturing it with his lips, sucking on it.

Wiggling on the loveseat I dug my heels into his shoulder blades raising my hips, trying to get closer to his mouth but he managed to keep me in place. He slowly pushed his face against my pussy while moving his hand so he could push two, then three fingers deep inside of me, curling them until he hit my G spot, causing me to let out a loud squeal.  He continued his assault on my clit and G spot until I was starting to drip more.

I could feel my body heating up, the familiar twitches that I was nearing my orgasm.  Apparently, Derick could tell it too as he began to move his fingers in and out faster and harder until he sent me over the edge.  I could feel my eyes roll back as flashes of light went off, my body going stiff and then wiggling and twisting as I covered his face in my sweet nectar.  Finally, he sat back on his heels, letting my legs drop down to the floor.  I sat there, gasping in big gulps of air, recovering from that intense orgasm.

Slowly I sat up and scooted back on the couch, looking at Derick.  “That was good,” I commented, “but hope when we do it that it is better,” not wanting to heap too much praise on him. “Do you need relief?”

I saw the smile come over his face as he figured he would find relief in me but he had another thing coming.

“Yes I do,” he said standing up, his hand going to the belt of his trousers.

I watched him unbuckle his belt and then unfasten and unzip his trousers, slowly pushing them down until they were in a heap at his feet. As he started to shuffle towards me I held up my hand, indicating that he was to stop.

“If you want relief, start stroking,” I told him with a slight smile, wanting to see just how far I could push him.

Derick was no stranger to masturbation but he had never done it in front of anyone before. He hesitated a moment, weighing the pros and cons; which was better, the shipping department or working for Ms. Harper. As if his hand had a mind of its own, he reached down and wrapped it around his shaft, slowly moving his hand back and forth.  He looked above me at the far wall, concentrating on what he was doing, praying that he could get hard with an audience.

“Derick, look at me,” I ordered.

Slowly he moved his head until he was looking at my naked body.  He could feel his cock give a little jerk and started hardening almost immediately.  As he got closer and closer to his release he wondered where he was supposed to shoot his cum.  Derick looked at me and I crooked my finger, indicating that he come closer.  He moved closer until he was between my legs, up against the couch.  I pointed to my chest, indicating he should deposit his cum here.

Derick continued to stroke himself, gripping himself tighter, his hand moving faster as he felt his balls tightening. He gave out a cry as he came all over my chest and stomach.  When he was done, Derick just stood there, still dripping a little on the edge of the couch.

“Get dressed and finish your work.  It is almost time to go home,”

Derick reached down and pull up his underwear and trousers, tucking himself inside before he went out to his desk, leaving me sitting on the couch.

I reached out and grabbed a towel I had tucked into the corner of the couch before yelling, “Derick, you need to come back in and clean up your mess,”

As he came back into the room, I held the towel up, waving it at him.  He came over and took the towel out of my hand and proceeded to wipe me off.  I stood up and removed my garter belt and hose, leaving them on the couch and my heels on the floor.

“Turn on the shower. I like the water warm and then you can leave.  Put the towel in the hamper in the bathroom.”

After he had turned on the water and left the bathroom, I went in,  I opened the shower door and climbed in, fighting the urge to call him back and have him wash my back but decided that I had had enough fun for the afternoon.  Next week would be soon enough to have him waiting on me hand and foot.

Once I was finished with my shower, I pulled out the hairdryer, drying my hair before I got redressed.  When I stepped out into the outer office, I saw that Derick was still sitting at his desk.

“Everything done?” I asked.

“Yes Ms. Harper,” he told me standing up.

I walked out of the office, leaving Derick to lock up behind us.

When I arrived at the office on Monday, to my surprise the office was still locked. I dug out my keys and let myself in, wondering why Derick was not there.  Well, should I let this one-time lateness go or address it, as I sat down in my chair, scooting back and putting my feet up on the desk, crossing them at the ankles.  Fifteen minutes later I heard the outer door open and shut quietly, then Derick appeared in the doorframe to my office, holding my ice tea in his left hand.

“Well….?” I asked, waiting to hear his excuse.  “It had better be good why you are late,”

“I had a flat tire,” he explained bringing the tea over to me.

I moved my feet off the desk, making sure that he got a good look up my skirt.  I stood up and stuck out my hand, in which he placed my tea.  “And you never bothered to text me? You have my private number,”

Derick just stood there, not saying a word.  We looked at each other, waiting for the other to speak.

Finally, I spoke up and said, “Lock the door,”   When Derick turned back around, I was standing there with a ruler in my hand. “You need to learn that when you break rules you will be punished.  Come over here and brace your hands on the desk.  The first offense is five,” waiting to see what he would do.  If he decided to leave, I would let him.  There were always others that would be glad to move out of shipping to the big office.   I picked up my tea and took a drink, watching him closely.  I set my tea to the side and moved to the edge of the desk.

I should tell her to go to hell; that I am a grown man, not a child.  I should just go back to shipping or better yet look for another job.  She tries to blackball me from other jobs I will slap her with a sexual harassment suit.  But then this is kind of exciting and a turn on, he thought as he could feel himself starting to harden.  After another moment, Derick moved into position, bracing himself.

“Thought you would make that decision,” I told him.  “You love to be my bitch, my submissive.  I bet if I reach down there I will find you have a hard-on.”  I moved into position and delivered five hard slaps to his butt in rapid succession.  “Now get to work.”

I watched him leave and then sat down at my desk to get some work done.  At noon, Derick appeared in the doorway with my lunch. After giving it to me, he went out to his desk to eat his.  At one o’clock, I called him into the office.

I was standing at the front of my desk, naked.  “Dessert time.  Strip,”

Derick locked the door and quickly stripped, then walked over to me.  I knelt in front of him, wrapping my lips around his cock, my hand squeezing his balls as I went to work on him, one hand stroking him as my tongue worked the upper part of his cock.  I made sure that I paid special attention to the head, sucking and dipping my tongue in and out of the little slit.  It was not long before I was tasting his pre-cum and feeling his balls tighten.  I stopped and stood up, turning around to face the desk, bracing myself with my hands.

“Sheath and give it to me fast and hard.”

Derick looked around and saw a foil packet on the desk by my right hand so he grabbed it and quickly sheathed himself.  Positioning himself behind me, he took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my pussy, lubricating the condom before he plunged himself deep inside of me. I let out a loud puff of air as he was a bit thicker than most of the men I had been with.  Derick grabbed me by the hips and began to plunge in and out hard and deep.

“Harder,” I begged.

Derick complied, pushing me hard against the desk as he moved his hands up and under my body to grab my nipples, pinching them hard as he pounded my pussy. I could feel my body heating up, my juices starting to pour out of me, covering his shaft.  I tightened myself around his cock, pushing him toward his relief. Soon the room was filled with nothing but heavy breathing, grunts, and the smell of sex as we both neared our orgasm.

Suddenly it felt like my body exploded as my orgasm tore through my body, my pussy squirting my juices down my legs and onto the floor.  I saw flashes of bright light as it hit me harder than I had ever been hit.  Derick grabbed my butt, squeezing as he let loose, a low growl coming from inside of him. When he was spent, he collapsed on my back, both of us breathing heavily.  Finally, he pulled out and took the used condom to the bathroom to dispose of it.

As I went to grab a quick shower, Derick got dressed and went back to his desk.  I knew at that moment I had the right submissive and things could only get better.