I stood on deck waving goodbye to my two daughters as the ship made its way out of port to sea for a ten-day cruise.  This cruise was a birthday gift from my daughters. They decided that I had grieved long enough for their mother and it was time to get out and mingle, maybe find someone to spend the rest of my life with.  They were young and not many years of married life under their belts.  After being married 40years, maybe I did not want to start over.  But they were romantics, like their mother, and they thought this cruise was just what I needed.  I tried to talk them out of it but they were having none of it.  So here I am, 60 years old and stuck on a ship full of other seniors that probably didn’t want to be here anymore than I did.

Ten days, what am I going to do for that long?  It would have been an ideal trip of Martha could have been here with me but she is not.  Guess I will get a lot of reading done, I thought as I turned, accidentally bumping into a woman on my left side.

I reached out to put my hands on her shoulders to steady her, saying apologetically, “I am so sorry.  Are you okay?”

When she looked up at me with those emerald green eyes, I felt like I had been shot with Cupid’s arrow.  Martha was the only one who made me feel this way.  What the hell is happening?

She smiled and said, “No harm, no foul.  I am Emma,” as she held out her hand.

I shook her hand but what I wanted to do was bring it to my lips and kiss the back of it.  Where that thought came from I am not sure.”Glad to meet you.  I am Jake. I hate to run but I want to unpack.  I will see you around.”

I thought that this was a trip for old people like me.  Why she is just a baby.  But she did have pretty eyes.  Sorry Martha, but you know I always liked to look at women’s eyes.  Getting to my stateroom, I let myself in, looking around at my new home for the next 10 days, my eyes traveling toward the bed.  Martha and I had a decent sex life and I sure do miss out Wednesday and Saturday nights but now it is gone and time to move on.  I locked the door behind me and moved on to the task I had come to the stateroom to do.  Well, that took all of twenty minutes.  What do I do now?  After much thought, I decided to go back on deck and take in some sun.

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Once on deck I found a lounge chair and sat down.  I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.  After what seemed like only minutes I sensed a shadow standing over me, blocking the sun.  I opened my eyes, finding a pair of emerald green ones staring back at me, her long brunette hair in a braid hanging over her left shoulder.

“Don’t you know it isn’t polite to stare? “

Emma laughed, her laughter sounding like music to my ears; it was almost like I was sharing a laugh with Martha again.  I knew I needed to stop making comparisons but it was hard when they looked and sounded so much alike.  Emma stepped back and then sat down on the vacant one by me.

“Want to go grab some lunch?” she asked me.  “I hate to eat alone,”

“Ah…sure,” I said as I got up and stretch, feeling my back making a popping sound.  During lunch we made small talk; I found out that she was in the entertainment business and was working for the cruise line.  After lunch, we decided to take a short walk around the ship.  As we stepped out on the deck, I felt Emma looping her arm around mine, her hand coming to rest on my forearm.

“Hope you do not mind,” Emma said, looking up at me and smiling.

There it is again…that little tingle that I haven’t felt since Martha died.  Sorry, Martha, I love you and I know I should not have these feelings. They died with you…or so I thought.  Listen to me; thinking someone young enough to be my daughter would be interested in me.

Penny for your thoughts,” Emma said, interrupting my thoughts.

“Oh, sorry; my mind was wandering which is nothing new.  It seems to happen a lot to old people.”

“You are not old,” she reassured me, hugging my arm, her breast pressed tight against it.

I glanced out of the corner of my eye but she did not realize it or didn’t care.  We walked for a while longer and then I walked her back to her stateroom, which was one floor below mine.

“Thank you for spending time with this old man,” I told her.  “I hope to see you at dinner tonight,”

“Oh you will,” she assured me.”Would you like to come inside?” She walked her fingers down the front of my shirt, her tongue rubbing over her bottom lip.

I could feel my cock getting a little hard so I quickly moved away, saying, “See you at supper,”

“Pick me up here at 6,” as she went into the room shutting the door behind her before I could even say anything back.

At 6 o’clock I was knocking on her door, a single rose in my hand. When she opened the door, I held it out to her.  She took it and stood on her tip-toes to kiss me on the lips.

“This is beautiful.  Please step inside while I put this in some water,”

I stepped inside and quietly shut the door.  Emma came back in a few minutes with the rose in a glass, setting it on the dresser.  As I turned to open the door, I felt a hand on my bicep, attempting to turn me around.  When I did, her arms went around my neck, her lips and body tightly together.  At first, I was too shocked to do anything but then my arms went around her waist and I was kissing her back.  We just stood there, kissing when I felt her pulling away from me.

I was ready to apologize when I saw her reach up to each should and unfasten a button, her dress dropping to the floor leaving her standing there in thigh-highs, heels, and a lacy navy blue thong.

“I would rather stay here and get to know you better,” as she reached up to slowly push my jacket off my shoulders, taking it and putting it on a chair before she flipped the lock on the door.

I just stood there, my cock hardening at this vision in front of me.  She walked back over to me and started unbuttoning my shirt.  Once we were both naked, Emma took me by the hand and led me over to the bed. Once we were settled on the bed, Emma got between my legs and took my cock into her mouth, licking and sucking, her hand squeezing my balls. When her mouth touched my cock, I almost came off the bed.  I had never had a woman do that to me, not even Martha.  We just had sex, plain and simple.

I could feel myself getting harder and harder and I was so afraid if she kept it much longer, I was going to shoot my load.  Emma let me slip from her mouth as she moved up my body, kissing and licking until our lips met.  We kissed for several minutes and then she offered me her nipples.  I latched onto one and then the other. Martha liked her nipples sucked so I was confident I could do that.

After a bit, I tried to gently push Emma on her back but she refused to budge.  Crawling out of bed she went over to the dresser, coming back with a condom in her hand.  Emma rolled it on me and then straddled me, sinking on my cock, her muscles tightening against me.

“Relax and let me do the work. I will make you cum so hard you will see stars Jake,” as she leaned forward and kissed me as she started to move up and down.

Getting me to just the brink, Emma stopped and then started again.  After a couple of times, she started to ride me as hard and deep as she could.  I watched her hand move down and one finger started to go in and out of her slit, her moans getting louder and louder.  I could feel it building up inside of me until I could hold back no longer and found my release as did Emma.   She rolled off, removing the condom and disposing of it before she snuggled into my arms.

“Wow, that was awesome,” I said as I leaned in to kiss her.

“There is more to come,” Emma said. “Let me order room service and then we can play all evening.”

“That sounds great but not sure how many times I can do it,”

“I think you have one more in you,” Emma told me.

She called room service and then we spent the rest of the night in bed, her teaching this old dog new tricks.