11 pm every night was the working hours for Linda. Her work was not your everyday conventional night shift. Linda worked in a local strip club as a professional pole dancer and was only 18 years old when she was introduced to this kind of life.

After both her parents died in a greasy road accident at the age of16, her world had collapsed. Having no siblings or any other immediate family members, she felt alone and empty and when this opportunity knocked on her door in the form of Pete, her soon to be manager, she did not hesitate.

In all the three years she was working in this club, Linda had vowed to never have any form of intimacy with the horny men and women who always visited the club. After finishing her work, she would go home at 4 am while minding her own business and keen enough to make sure none of the revelers were following her or had the opportunity to capture her identity.

This night was just like the other nights she had encountered. She had conducted her daily routine of putting on her makeup, wearing her lingerie, stilettos, and heavy camel jacket. The club was only blocks away from her apartment and that is why most times she opted to walk to her “office”.

Whenever she walked to the club, she would clear her mind as she remembered what having parents and a family was. That void she felt is what motivated her to continue working at this strip joint and use some hard drugs like cocaine to make her forget the loneliness that always ate her up.

When she got to the club, it was already packed, just as usual. She entered the changing room, removed her coat, and put her phone on silent. Taking the white sheet of paper where she had put her cocaine, she opened it, sniffed it, wiped her nose, and went up on stage.

Taking her position, she began her work. Dancing and touching herself seductively while her mind wandered off away.

She always put on a face mask so as to ensure her identity would never be known to anyone and even had a stage name, Angel.

The crowd loved her and men cheered so loudly when she came up on stage. She did her dancing with so much passion, anger, and vigor and that for sure drove the crowd more than wild. When it came to doing her signature concluding move she always felt relieved because she just wanted to go home.

None of the men or women who approached her ever interested her in any way. She always assumed that all they wanted to use her then dump her. “I am not a prostitute, I am a dancer”. She always consoled herself.

However, this night she felt out of control. Maybe it was because she had sniffed too much cocaine, more than her daily dose. She felt wild and in need. The only man she had ever been with was Frank, her high school sweetheart. They had only made love once then he broke up with her the next morning.

That experience made Linda feel worthless and useless. “Was I really that bad? I’m I ugly? Is my lady part that ugly?” She kept on asking herself. From that experience, she had decided to never get involved in any sexual or romantic activity with a man or a woman.

She had even learned how to tame her feelings and hormones. She hardly ever felt aroused or horny no matter what the circumstance was. But this night her body was in need. In need of love and embrace, in need of some heat and excitement.

Liam was a regular attendee at the Wet Strip Joint. For about a month now, he had found himself physically attracted to this one particular stripper called Angel. He normally had no feelings towards such women who operated in this kind of field but with Angel, he felt quite different. He knew Angel was definitely not her real name and that is why he had purposed to stalk her.

In one month, he had already known her real name and where she lived. He however found it hard to approach her because he feared rejection or worse make her quit working in this joint because her identity had been revealed.

But this particular night after seeing her leave the stage, he gathered up some courage and decided to follow her into the changing room.

Sitting in the changing room, Linda could not help it. She wanted someone, something, anything to just tour her. She wanted to feel loved and alive once more.

With one hand on her thigh, she began progressing up to her lady part. With legs apart, she was playing with her lips while slowly arousing herself. Using her thumb, she slowly started massaging her clit area as she let out small whimpers of satisfaction.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door.

“Go away. I’m busy.” She angrily shouted.

“Hey look Angel, sorry Linda. Can I talk to you for a while? My name is Liam and I would like to just have a word with you.”

How does he know my real name? Who told him? There is only one person in this club who knows my name and that is Pete, my manager and he agreed on never telling anyone my name.

“Come in the door is not locked.” She said in a suspicious tone.

“Who told you my name? How do you know me?” She asked

“May I just start off by saying how gorgeous your face is? I have never seen you without that face mask but this is exactly how I envisioned you to look.”

It was at that moment Linda realized she had taken her mask off and now someone from the club actually knew what she looked like.

“As I’ve said, my name is Liam and I would honestly want to take you out on a date. I know probably many men have asked you out and I do not stand a chance but I think I really like you. I will be honest and let you know I have been interested in you for a while now and that is why I have done my homework on you to an extent of knowing where you live, your last name, and some part of your history. Allow me to please take you out. I only have pure intentions towards you. Trust me.”

It was now that Linda probably realized that someone was actually interested in her and not just her body. She did not want to give in quickly but her body was so much in need now.

Liam was about 25 years old. He had short black hair and thin pink lips. He was not a heavily built man but had a sexy framework. Something about his statement sounded genuine. And adding the fact that he was stalking her and knew so much about her life was the icing on the cake.

At this time, she was not using her mind to think. It was her lady part with hunger and lust that was doing the thinking for her.

Standing up, she slowly walked towards him and was now only an inch away from this tall hunk man.

“Show me just how much interested you are in me Liam.” She said in a low sexy raspy voice.

Liam knew exactly what she wanted and did not hesitate.

Pulling her close to him, he slowly held the back of her head and kissed her so passionately. Linda offered no resistance. She knew she had the power to stop him but her body really wanted this.

Pressing his body against hers, he started exploring her body by traveling down onto her waist then to her bum. Cupping both of her cheeks, he managed to live her up from the ground and carry her to where the sofa in the dressing room was.

Laying her down softly on the sofa, he began unbuttoning his shirt while she slowly removed her lingerie.

When she had stripped naked, he could not help it but admire the sexiness of this goddess. “You are damn sexy love. Tell me, does your boyfriend ever remind you that?” He asked as he began sucking her breasts one by one.

“No. I don’t have one.” She said in a whisper.

“Then let me love you tonight.”

With that, he began leaving traces of kisses on her breasts and stomach then went back to her mouth.

With his left hand, he started massaging her inner right thigh as she let out small moans.

Giving her no chance to protest or change her mind, he used his thumb to slowly rub her clit before thrusting in three fingers. Some pure liquid fell on her fingers and this made him feel in charge and powerful.

She began moaning his name and that only made him more and more aroused.

Without thinking twice, he grabbed a condom from his trousers that were next to him, put it on and drove right into her.

“I’m coming to pick you up tomorrow at 4 pm.” Liam said after they had both climaxed.