“Hey Ethan, you got $20 I can borrow?” I asked barging into my step-brother’s room without knocking.

“Don’t you believe in knocking!” he yelled scrambling to grab his covers to throw over his lower body, his hand slippery with pre-cum that he was attempting to wipe on his thigh.

I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth open, staring at my step-brother frantically scrambling to cover up, his face turning red.  Suddenly I realized what I had just interrupted…my step-brother jacking off.  I started to laugh and asked, “Why did you cover it up?  Isn’t anything I haven’t seen unless…”

“Get out Ellie,” he demanded.  “Shit, I am going to have to get a lock for my door.  Don’t you have some Barbie dolls to play with or something?”

“I am eighteen years old asshole.  I quit playing with Barbie’s ten years ago. I play with real Ken dolls now,” I said reaching down to pull my tee-shirt over my head and throwing it on the floor.

“Let me help.  Johnny says I give good head,”

“You are my step-sister.  Mom and Dad would kill me if they caught me messing with my step-sister.  That is just wrong.”

“No one is here, remember?  They are gone for the weekend,” I said shimming out of my shorts and thong, walking to the bed naked.  “Are you a virgin?  Is that your problem?  My twenty-year-old step-brother has never had pussy.  Well, guess we will remedy that this weekend.”

“What the hell are you on?  Never saw you act this way before,” he said, hugging the blanket tighter as he watched me approach the bed. She only has mouthful breasts and she shaves down there feeling his cock coming alive again.  He knew that it was wrong, that it was taboo but fuck if he didn’t want his step-sister.  Shaking his head, he closed his eyes and then opened them when he felt a tug on the blanket.  His eyes flew open, hoping he was having some weird nightmare but it wasn’t.  I am going to fuck her and then go straight to hell. No, be strong.  Resist her.  She is your step-sister.

As if his hands had a mind of their own, he allowed me to pull the covers down, giving me my first good look at his cock.  Wow, he is thicker than Johnny.  Hope I can fit him in my mouth, as I crawled on the bed and up to his cock.  I put my hand on his chest and pushed him backward on the bed.  I reached out and wrapped my hand around him, hearing him let out a low gravely moan as his cock twitched in my hand.  Lowering my head, I swiped my tongue across the head, causing Ethan’s hips to raise upward.  I could taste the pre-cum and knew that he was not far from exploding.

Wrapping my lips around his cock, I licked my way down the back and up the front while I worked his balls with my other hand.  I tightened my lips against his cock, drawing them slowly and sensuously up his cock, pulling the skin as tight as I could before releasing him.  Scooting down, I kissed each ball before pulling it into my warm mouth, sucking and licking while stroking his cock.  His breathing deepened and he was bouncing on the bed.  I alternated between his balls and cock until I had him withering on the bed, begging for release but I turned a deaf ear to his pleas.

“Oh damn, I am going to cum,” Ethan moaned, trying to pull away but I squeezed his cock and sucked his right ball in my mouth.

As I felt his balls tightening, I quickly put my mouth on his cock, taking him I as far as I could, my movements increasing with each lick and suck until he could hold out no longer and he released his cum down my throat.  He could not believe that such a strong orgasm could be possible…and he was still semi-hard.  Letting his cock fall from my mouth, I began to stroke his cock with hard strokes.

“No more, I need to rest,” he told me but I just continued what I was doing, and soon I had him rock hard.  I was dripping and knew I had to find satisfaction soon so I straddled him.

I slowly lowered myself on his cock, taking in just a couple of inches, sinking downward as I leaned forward, my tongue circling the nipple before I captured, tugging hard, and then I did the other, my inner muscles just squeezing his cock without any other movement on my part.

Sitting back, balancing on my knees, I began to work on his cock, my muscles squeezing him taking him in deep with the up and down motions of my body.  Ethan’s hands reached toward me until he had me by the hips, trying to get me to move faster. I could feel the pressure starting to build; his cock hardening and my pussy dripping.  I started to move faster, our heavy breathing the only sounds in the room.  Soon the air began to smell of sweat and sex, such turn-ons.  I was getting closer and closer, trying to slow myself down some to cum together.

As my body started to rock with pleasure, I found his thumb rubbing my clit.  That was the push I needed to fall over the other side, screaming out as waves after waves of pleasure coursed through my body.  It was only minutes later that Ethan found his release, his entire body rigid as my pussy milked him dry.  I sighed as I tumbled down on the bed beside him

“Not bad for a beginner,” I teased as I pinched a nipple.

“Neither are you,” as he turned on his side, leaning in to kiss me as if was the most natural thing to do. “You know this is wrong, that we are going to hell?”

“But we will have fun doing it,” I told him, pulling his on top of me, kissing him hard, my tongue slipping into his mouth.

After a few minutes, he broke the kiss and scooted down till he could latch onto a nipple, drawing it in, flicking his tongue over it while he tweaked the other, and then he switched.  It was not long before I could feel the fire burning inside of me.  I could feel his cock pressing against me, getting hard.  He rolled on his side, reached down, and grabbed my leg, pulling it over his waist.  Scooting closer I could feel his cock nudging at my pussy.  I reached down and guided the head inside.  As we kissed, we played with each other’s nipples, his cock sliding in and out of me.  Grabbing my hip, he pulled me close; pushing in as far as he could before pulling almost all the way out before he slammed into me again.

Ethan rolled me on my back, putting my legs over his shoulders, almost bending me in half as he began to slam into me with hard deep thrusts, each one a bit harder than the last until I felt my body explode, lights flashing behind my eyes as my juices flowed down his cock and pool beneath us.  He continued to fuck me until I cum again as he found his release, kissing me hard.

Ethan gave out a sigh and rolled over beside me, on his back, both of us breathing hard.

“Fuck,” I moaned.

“Yes, we will but I need a rest,” he answered, earning a pinch on the arm.  “I am not a good role model.  Mom and Dad put me in charge this weekend and look what happened.”

“I…didn’t mean…for it…to happen,” I stammered.  “It won’t happen again,” as I scooted out of bed to gather my clothes.  “I seduced you,”

“Ellie, get your ass back in this bed.  We are not finished,” Ethan ordered.

I kept my back to him as I picked up the last piece of clothes.  “You are right, this is not right,”

Suddenly I felt myself being picked up and carried over to the bed.  “I am as much fault as you are,” as he laid me down before he joined me. Ethan started to stroke my pussy, his thumb finding my clit, pushing against it hard as he started to rub his thumb in a circular movement.  “You tasted my cock so it is only fair that I get to taste your pussy,” as he scooted down between my legs, his tongue licking my slit.

As his tongue licked over my slit and his thumb was working on my clit, he shoved two fingers as deep inside of me as he could.  I thought I had no more left in me but it was not long before I was squirming all over the bed, begging for release.  I gave out a yell as I cum hard, squirting on his face, my juices dripping down his arm.  Moving up beside me he held me close.

“Next session, the shower…in an hour”