When I arrived home after my first encounter with Brad I had a mixture of feelings and thoughts running through my mind.  I thought about coming clean when Alice came in from work but she was too busy complaining about her co-workers that I knew she would not even hear me if I told her.  For the next couple of months, Brad and I met a couple of times a week at his place.  After a couple of weeks, I decided to give him the same pleasure he was giving me but so far it had not progressed beyond the oral stage.

The morning after our run, I decided to invite Brad back to my house.  I knew Alice would not be home until around five in the evening.  Before he arrived I felt like a horny teenager inviting his girlfriend over when his parents were not home.  As soon as he stepped in the house and the door was closed, we were in each other’s arms, kissing passionately.

“Look Alex, I know you are married so are you sure you want to get funky when she could walk in any minute?” Brad asked stepping back a moment. “I want you, there is no doubt but if you just want to have coffee and talk, maybe make out a little, we can do that.”

I stepped closer and kissed him deeply, my hand going down to cup him and give him a little squeeze.  “I want you to,” I told him.  “She won’t be home until later so we have time,”

“In that case,” Brad said, his arms going around my waist and under my tee-shirt as he leaned in and kissed my neck.

I moved back, took his hand, and led him down to my man-cave in the basement.  The moment we walked in we started to undress each other, our hands and lips exploring each other’s body as if was the first time instead of the twenty-fifth or so time. I laid down on the couch and Brad moved on top, both of us licking, sucking, and playing with each other’s balls. I felt Brad’s mouth leave my cock and I was wondering why but did not have to wait long to find out.

As his lips went back around my cock, I felt the tip of his index finger working itself inside my anus.  I immediately felt myself tightening up; I was not quite ready to take that next step.

“Relax, I am not going to shove my shaft there. I just want you to feel how good it can be,” Brad told me before he resumed swirling his tongue around my shaft.

I tried to do what Brad suggested by concentrating on what I had in my hands and my mouth.  After a few minutes, it did not feel too bad.  I could feel his balls tightening in my hand and knew it would not be long now, or for me either.  I could hear his moans around my cock in his mouth.  I felt him tighten and then he pushed deep inside of my mouth, finding his release.  I soon found mine too.

When it was over, we maneuvered around until we were sitting next to each other on the couch kissing, enjoying the taste of each other on our lips and tongues.  I reached down and started to stroke him, my hand tight around his shaft. Pushing me back on the couch, Brad laid on top, rubbing our cocks together between us as we continued to kiss and touch. I could feel him getting harder against mine.  I moaned and pushed up against him, adding to the friction we were creating between us. Soon I felt our pre-cums mixing, making it easier and slipperier for us to grind ourselves together.  As we got closer to our release, the deeper our breathing became, our hands entangled in each other’s hair, kissing passionately.

I felt his body tensing and then the war feeling of his cum coating my stomach while I coated his.  After this bout, we snuggled as best as we could on the narrow couch.  Suddenly my eyes flew open.  I had not meant to fall asleep but I was so content it just happened. I raised my arm and noticed it was almost four o’clock so I wiggled out of Brad’s arms and headed for my little shower I had down there.  When I came out fifteen minutes later Brad was getting dressed.

“Sorry, I did not mean to fall asleep,” he apologized.

“Not all your fault.  Would you like to grab a shower first?”

“I can get one when I get home,”

I dressed and we went upstairs.  We stood in the kitchen holding each other when suddenly the backdoor swung open and Alice walked in. We quickly moved apart, hoping she had not seen anything.

“Who is he and why were you too kissing?” she asked looking from one to the other.  “And don’t deny it because I watched through the backdoor.  You have been kind of distant lately and thought you had a girlfriend. When I saw the strange car I knew I was right, you are having an affair but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be with a man,”

I looked first at Alice and then at Brad, unsure what to think or say.  I just felt my marriage was over.

“I think you two need to talk so I will see myself out,” Brad said easing to the front door.

“Wait,” Alice said before turning to me.  “Are you gay or whatever that other word is?”

I took a deep breath and whispered, “Bisexual. I like women and men,”

Alice looked at Brad and then at me before speaking, “Show me how that works,”

Brad and I looked at each other because neither of us knew exactly what she meant.

“” What do you mean?” I asked, not sure what answer she was looking for.

“Show me what you to do?” Alice said.  “Do you want to do it here or take it to the bedroom? I am curious how two men do it? And don’t look so shocked Alex.  I know how we were brought up but I am not so innocent anymore but that is something for later.  So, are you going to show me or not?”

I knew that we had both cum twice and I was not sure if I could even get it up again.  To my surprise, Brad reached out his hand and when I took it, he pulled me in his arms and kissed e, his hands squeezing my butt before he dropped down to his knees in front of me.  He tugged my zipper down, unfastened my jeans, and freed my cock.  I glanced over at Alice who was sitting on one of the kitchen chairs, her eyes glued to what was going on in front of her.  I figured any minute she would jump up and run off to the bathroom or someplace out of the kitchen away from us.

“Do you suck his?” she suddenly asked.

“Yes,” I admitted as I gave out a little moan, surprised to find myself getting hard but then it seemed as if Brad had a magical mouth and tongue and just the touch of them on my cock it would instantly rise.

“Let’s go to the bedroom so you can both get down to it and be a bit more comfortable.”

Brad released me and stood up, waiting to see what I wanted to do.  I refastened my jeans and headed toward the guest bedroom with both of them following me. Once in there Alice took a seat in the chair we had in the corner while Brad and I stripped off and got into bed. I immediately took him in hand, stroking him while my tongue toyed with the head.  I moved downward until I was even with his balls, which I began to lick and suck one at a time into my mouth.  It felt really weird to know that we were being watched but much more so since I knew it was my wife.

We continued to touch and lick each other until I could feel his balls tightening and soon I was rewarded with his seed; his mouth soon was filled with mine.  We wiggled around, laying there hugging and kissing as we normally would. Finally, Brad got up, dressed, came over, and kissed me before seeing himself out.

“That was interesting,” Alice said.  “Do you want a divorce to be with him?”

“No, I don’t Alice,” I told her, “but I don’t want to give him up either.  If you want a divorce then I will give it to you and whatever you want.”

“Then I guess I will have to learn to share,” she said as she walked out of the bedroom/

I watched her leave before I got up and went to get my shower, unsure if she meant what she said or not but only time would tell.