My wife Grace and I are exhibitionists and have been since we got married forty years ago. We even have an active sex life. I know what some people say and think; people in their sixties should not be acting like this and we should settle down and act our age.  Sorry, not going to happen.  Due to the lifestyle that we like to live, when we got married we bought five acres out in the country and built our home.

I was sitting out by our pool, enjoying the hot afternoon sun, drinking a glass of ice tea. I heard the sliding doors of our house open and a few minutes later Grace joined me.  For being sixty years old, to me, she was still a knockout and would give any twenty years old a run for their money. She stood at 5’5”, 36C hooters that were still perky, her once blond hair streaked from gray cut shoulder length, and a very huggable butt.  She noticed me watching her and rewarded me with a big smile.  I could feel my shaft hardening just at the sight of her.

“Do you need a tea refill babe?” she asked holding out the pitcher of tea in her right hand.

“Thanks,” I said holding my half-full glass out to her.

Once she refilled my glass, she put it down on the table between us and took a seat on the chaise lounge.  For several minutes we sat there enjoying the hot sun and cold glasses of tea, the only noise was the chirping of the birds.  Grace took another drink of her tea, set it on the table before she stood up and stretched, causing my shaft to immediately get hard at her taut hot body.  Turning she walked to the pool and dove in, swimming a couple of laps before making her way to the edge, crooking her finger at me.

I didn’t need any more of an invitation to join her as I knew where it would end…me buried deep inside of her as she milked me dry.  With the home being built in the middle of five acres and no trespassing signs around the property, we made love wherever we felt like with the pool being one of our favorite places.  Little did either of know that this time it would be different; we had a watcher.

I dove in the water, swam across the pool and back to her, pinning her to the wall with my body.  I rubbed myself against her, letting her know just how she affected me, causing her to giggle.

“I think someone is happy to see me,” Grace said leaning in for a kiss as she reached between us and grabbed my cock, squeezing it.

We kissed passionately; our tongues doing their form of mating while she played with my cock and I played with her nipples. Grace continued to stroke me, her grip tight but not hurtful as she pulled me tight before letting her hand slide down to the base, and then she did it all over again. Normally I can control my cock but when it comes to Grace, I am putty in her hand.  I could hear her moaning into my mouth.  Finally, we broke apart, panting as if we had just run a marathon.

I leaned down and latched onto her nipple, biting the nipple lightly before pulling it hard and then doing the same to the other one until I had her wiggling against the wall.  Kissing my way back up her chest to her neck, I sucked on her earlobe and then moving to her neck, leaving my mark on both sides. Slowly I moved my way back down to her breasts, sucking hard on each nipple.  I felt her hands entangle themselves in my hand, all thoughts of playing with my cock flowing right out the window as she worked her way towards her orgasm.

I put my hands around her waist and lifted her, slipping deep inside of her.  Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist, her muscles starting a pattern or squeezing and releasing like she was trying to milk a cow. We were so engrossed in our lovemaking that we were unaware two sets of eyes were looking in our direction right at the edge of our shrubbery fence.

“What are they doing Lee?”

“I am not sure Dolly. I just heard her squeal so whatever he is doing must hurt her,” he replied while holding his small cock in his hand, stroking it.

Lee and Dolly were only twelve years old and just discovering their sexuality, how their bodies worked, and how if they touched themselves in a certain way it felt great.  They were brother and sister and had moved in the house right on the right side of the edge of the property.  The two children watched in amazement as the woman was bounced against the wall, her shrieks filling the air.

Oh fuck, that feels so good,” Grace moaned as her body twisted and twitched in the throes of orgasmic bliss.

Holding her tight, I carried her out of the pool and over to another chaise lounge that was laid out flat.  I stood her on her feet and laid down.  Immediately Grace put herself between my outstretched legs, taking my cock in as deep as she could.  She pulled her lips back to the tip and then took me in deep again.

“Shit Grace, I don’t want to cum down your throat; I want to cum buried deep inside of you.”

Grace moved up and slowly straddled me, sinking on my cock inch by inch, until I was buried deep and she was sitting on my pelvis.

“Did you see that Lee?  She put his pee tube inside of her.  What if he has to pee?” Dolly asked, her eyes wide as saucers.  “I don’t think I want a pee thing in me,”

“You will change your mind when you get older I bet. That woman seems to like it is inside of her,” Lee said as he watched little drops of white stuff drip from the end of his shaft.

Grace increased her movements, bouncing up and down on my cock, causing her breasts to bounce up and down.  I reached out and found her clit, rubbing it with the pad of my thumb, causing her to shiver and grip me tighter.  I continued to rub her clit, feeling her juices starting to cover my fingers as her orgasm started to build up again.

Sensing she was close I said, “On your knees on the mat,”

Grace moved off me onto the mat in the grass, getting on her knees.  I moved behind her, running my fingers up and down her slit.  I rolled around, lying my back, pulling her pussy down on my mouths. I began to lick her slit, my lips tugging on her engorged clit, until she could hold back no longer and let out a scream, coming hard, and her juices squirting onto my face.  Once I felt her body relax I gave her butt a light tap so she moved off and got to her knees.

I got behind her, holding myself in hand as I rubbed it up and down her slit before I grabbed her hips and pushed deep and hard into her, causing her to moan.  Holding her by the hips I began to pound her hard, her body rocking back and forth on the mat.  Her muscles worked their magic on my cock, milking me until I could hold back no longer, and shoved in deep, emptying myself inside of her.  I leaned against her before I pulled out and laid beside her, pulling her close, kissing the back of her neck.

“Damn, that was awesome,” she moaned, her eyes suddenly feeling heavy.

“I think he killed her Lee,” Dolly said, her eyes big as saucers as she watched Grace collapse on the mat after they finished love.  “He did to her what the neighborhood dog did to ours,”

“Yeah, I wonder if she will have puppies.” Lee wondered out loud as he continued to stroke himself until his body trembled and the white stuff spewed out on the ground.

Dolly reached out and touched some that were still on the head.  She brought her fingers to her nose and then to her mouth taking a small taste, making a face.  “That tastes nasty,” as she leaned down and wiped her fingers on the grass.

They watched a few more minutes but when nothing else happened, Lee tucked himself inside and they headed home.

“Do you want some more tea?” I asked sitting up. “Might not be too cold now,”

“I don’t care.  I just need a drink.”

I got to my feet and refilled our glasses. As I turned around, Grace came up to me and took her glass before she sat back down on the chaise lounge.  I sat back down on mine drinking my tea and trying to regroup. After a few minutes, we finished our tea and put the glasses on the table.  We took another quick swim and then headed inside to continue our fun, neither of us aware that we had an audience.