I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and went out on my patio to drink it and, as my wife would call it, sulk.  I was not sulking; I was mad.  My wife and I had plans to go away for the weekend and then her mom called with some bullshit reason why Bree just had to come home. Bree and I’s marriage was kind of shaky so that is why we were going away for the weekend; to try and see if we could salvage it.  Her mother was one of the biggest reasons our marriage was so shaky. When we were dating, I knew that Bree and her mother were close but I had no idea how close. .I love Bree but after two years of always putting her mom first, I was ready to walk.

As I sat there sipping my beer I heard the back door of my neighbor open and shut.  I glanced to my left and saw her walking toward her shed. She was dressed in a pair of shorts that hugged her ass and a tee-shirt, tied up under her breasts.  Her auburn hair was pulled back in a ponytail.  I felt a twitch in my jeans as I watched her ass move back and forth under her tight shorts.  But I was married and would not cheat on Bree.  I watched her pull out her lawnmower and start it up.

I knew I should be a gentleman and offer to do her lawn but today I did not feel like being a gentleman; I just felt like getting drunk.  I quickly finished my beer and went back inside to grab a couple of more. I had just started on my third when she finished the yard and started toward the house.  I had not realized that she noticed I was sitting on my patio until she hollered over at me.

“Hey Carl, I am in the mood to grill out tonight so how about you and Bree come over for dinner?”

The invitation was not unusual because she and Bree were good friends and we had cookouts together all the time.

“Thanks for the invite but Bree had to go out of town to see her mom on some bullshit reason,” I told her, giving more information than I should have but it was the beer talking.

“Well, you have to eat so see you around six.  You are in charge of grilling the burgers.  No arguments,” Ashley said, giving me a little wave before heading inside.

By the time six o’clock rolled around, I had drunk a couple of more beers. What happened that evening I want to blame on the beer but it was not the beer.  That was just a lame excuse.  I could have stopped it but I guess a part of me didn’t want to stop it.

As I was walking across the yard to hers, I saw her coming out the back door with a plate of four burgers.  She was wearing a sundress that came to mid-thigh and from the way it hugged her chest, I was almost sure she was braless.

“Right on time,” she told me handing me the plate.  “Grill is already on and ready.”

I watched her walk back into her kitchen before I turned and put the burgers on the grill.  When everything was ready, we sat down to eat on her patio.  After we ate, she insisted on doing the cleanup while I finished my beer.  As she leaned over me to pick up my plate I felt her soft breast press into my shoulder and could smell her subtle perfume.  I felt my cock twitch but figured that it was because it had been a couple of weeks since my wife and I had sex.  I realize now that I should have gone home right after dinner but I didn’t.

When Ashley finished up inside, she came out carrying two beers.  As we sat there talking, I suddenly felt some bare toes against my bare leg, moving up and down. When I looked over at Ashley, I could see from the soft glow of the kitchen a slight smile on her face as her foot travel up my leg until it was near my crotch. I felt it press against me as she moved her foot in small circles.

“Would you like to go inside?” she asked standing up and coming over to me, leaning down gently kissing my neck.  “I want you.  No one will find out,”

I knew that I should just get up and go home but instead, I stood up and said, “Lead the way,”

Once we were in the kitchen, Ashley turned and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling my head down to kiss me, gently at first and then more passionately, nipping at my lower lip.  Ashley started to push me backward until my back hit the door.  She pressed her body against me, rubbing suggestively as she kissed me hard, her tongue tangling with mine.  I reached around, cupping her ass, holding her tightly as our kisses deepened.

Pulling back slightly, our breathing rapid, Ashley reached up and untied the straps to her sundress, leaving it to fall to the kitchen floor.  I just stared at her naked body before grabbing her and hauling her against me for another kiss.

“You have too many clothes on,” she said when we came up for air as she reached for the hem of my tee-shirt.

As I pulled it over my head, she went to work on the button and zipper of my jean shorts.  Getting them open, she shoved them and my underwear down to the floor, dropping to her knees in front of me, grabbing my cock, her nails traveling lightly up and down.  I could it harden as her tongue started doing its magic, her hand reaching down to squeeze my balls.  I put my hands on her head, pushing deeper into her mouth.

Damn, that feels so good.  It has been so long since I had a blow job, letting out a moan as her tongue moved up and down my shaft.

Standing up, Ashley offered me her hand. I stepped out of my clothes and pushed off my tennis shoes, and took her hand.  She led me to her bedroom, pushing me down on the bed before joining me. Getting between my legs, she resumed to suck and lick on my cock until I had reached the point of no return.  Suddenly she stopped and got off the bed to head to the bathroom.  A few minutes later she came back, carrying a foil packet.  After sheathing my cock Ashley straddled me, inching her way slowly on to it, taking me inch by inch inside of her.

Gripping my cock tight, Ashley leaned forward to kiss me.  I reached up and grabbed her nipples, pinching them. Ashley began to move up and down slowly at first and then increasing her speed.  Giving out a shout I could feel her juices coving me as she rode out her orgasm, squeezing me tight as she rested against my pelvis.

After recovering, Ashley started again, bringing me closer and closer until I grabbed her hips, holding her tight against me as I found my release.  Ashley lay on my chest for a few moments before she rolled off and sat up, gently taking the condom off and putting it in the trashcan by the bed.

Lying down beside me, I pulled her in close, hugging her as we kissed, my fingers teasing her taut nipples.  I moved down some so I could capture one of her nipples between my teeth, tugging gently before doing the same to the other. I continued kissing my way down her body until I reached her secret place. Spreading her legs I ran my tongue up and down her slit while my fingers tweaked her nipples.  I found her clit and ran my tongue over it before taking it between my lips, the tip of my tongue flicking over it.

As I licked her, I inserted two and then three fingers deep inside, almost causing her to buck off the bed from the intense pleasure. I continued until I felt her body tense, her hands pulling on my hair as her legs tighten on my head, pinning me in place as her fluids gushed out of her.  I could tell by the grip on my head and the thrashing of her body on the bed that I must have done something right. As Ashley came down from her orgasmic high, her grip on me eased up until I could move up and lie beside her.

“That was awesome,” she moaned as she kissed me.  “I must say it was better than I could ever imagine,” as she untangled herself from my arms.  “I am going to take a shower.  You can see your way out,” standing beside the bed before turning and heading to the shower.

I laid there a moment before getting up and going to the kitchen to retrieve my clothes, and then let myself out. Wonder if she would be willing for another go-round tomorrow night, as I headed for my backdoor.