Rose was a middle-aged woman in perfect shape. She looked great, went to yoga regularly, maintained herself - always with a perfect hairstyle and manicure. And everyone appreciated her refined taste for dress. Despite her busy daily life, she tried to spend as much time as possible with her family. She had two wonderful daughters who went to private schools and an even more successful husband.

They met with Tom at university - it was love at first sight. The moment their eyes met, they both felt an indescribable desire for each other. Their relationship began very violently, soon grew into an engagement, and not long after, little Katie appeared. Tom has always been supportive and understanding, and that has helped Rose keeps her career. However, to this day, the passion has not faded between them. Although they were both in their fifties, they lacked nothing in the couple's love life. There was romance, vacations, just the two of them, passion, understanding, common plans, and dreams … Of course, they had their little arguments, but they matched up so well, they were always one. They had already begun to think about their retirement and how they wanted to spend it. They had bought a caravan and a house in a small town, which they were repairing. A complete idyll!

As a business lady, Rose often had to be absent and spend a lot of time at airports. Ever since Maggie, their second daughter went to school, it seemed to Rose that she spent more time at airports than in a yoga studio.

When she was at the airport, she liked to sit in a cafe, listen to music and watch people at the airport. As a student, she sat in the park with her best friend and people discussed. Who is dressed, what the couples are talking about, they enjoyed the little carefree children and admired the older couples. They hoped that they, too, would grow old with the man of their lives and that things would remain simple in their surroundings. It was still interesting for her to imagine who was going where - whether on vacation or at work, whether to see relatives or on a secret trip with a lover. Ha, yes, she sometimes thought how easy it would be for her to have a lover, but she loved Tom so much that it seemed unreal to her. She was pretty sure he was completely loyal to her, too.

So she was now standing at the airport, waiting for the next flight. There were some delays, and she enjoyed her vacation there, drinking a glass of fragrant cappuccino. Suddenly he heard a pleasant male voice "Is the place vacant?" Rose turned and saw an attractive young man with a cup of coffee in his hand.

"Of course, welcome," she smiled.

"You look very thoughtful," the young man continued.

"I'm rather tired," she continued.

"I often see you at this airport, today I couldn't help but talk to you. I rarely see such an attractive woman," the young man continued calmly.

"Thank you for the compliment, but I'm not interested," Rose replied, slightly embarrassed.

"Oh no, don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to bother you"

"No problem. Have a nice waiting for your plane" Rose said, continuing to listen to music.

The man didn't say anything else, he drank his coffee and left.

Sitting next to him, however, Rose was not indifferent to his compliment. She looked at his big hands, and when he left she didn't miss his tight buttocks. He was tall, slender with broad shoulders … She wondered how such a young boy would fall for her, but that only made her smile. She knew she looked good and did not suffer from undue modesty. He knew very well that he was sexy for his age, and he tried to keep it that way. However, she had never imagined what it would be like to have a relationship or even one night with a younger man. Was it possible for a young boy to satisfy her like her own husband?!? And why was she even thinking about it at that moment?

He was just an assertive young man who was probably wondering how to kill his time at the airport. And yet doubt and lust remained … Wouldn't it be exciting to indulge in the moment and forget about Tom and the children? Pretend to be single for the last time in her life and indulge in that passion? Those stolen minutes at the airport gave her strength. Even in her hottest dreams, she had not allowed herself to imagine a man but Tom. With those hot thoughts, it was as if time had flown by for a moment and she had to head for her gate.

On the plane, Rose sat by the window as usual. She loved watching the clouds and the settlements they passed over. Suddenly she turned, and the boy from the cafe was already sitting next to her.

"Isn't that fate," the young man smiled.

She didn't answer that way. The plane took off, and no one else landed next to them. Rose felt the tension between them, but she didn't dare move. The boy felt the same. It wasn't long before he wrapped her in a blanket and smiled slightly at her. The chills that appeared on his cheeks drove Rose crazy for a moment. For a moment she wanted to continue flirting with the young man. She liked how open and straightforward he was. Suddenly their hands touched. She looked at him as if she had given him permission without saying a word. He later put his hand under the blanket and unbuttoned her pants slightly. He reached under her panties and began to rub her clit lightly.

God, what I am doing, Rose thought, but she knew there was no going back.

She tightened slightly, he withdrew his hand, but she returned it quickly. “Don’t stop!” She whispered in his ear. Then she put her hand on his cock and through his pants, began to massage him. He was getting bigger and harder. The thought of this wrongdoing and what the consequences would be made her even more aroused.

The boy stopped suddenly. She flinched, but kept her composure. "Come to the toilet"

Rose said nothing and immediately obeyed his words. They went one after the other and quickly entered together. He locked it and turned her back on him. They could be seen in the reflection of the mirror. He took off her pants, unbuttoned her shirt, and pulled out her breasts. Her nipples were bristling. He rubbed her juicy pots as he rubbed his cock into her ass. He lowered one hand to her thigh and began massaging her lightly again, then inserted two fingers into her.

At that moment, all Rose wanted was to feel his young hard cock inside her. She didn't care about anything else! It wasn't long before he inserted his penis into her vagina and began to fuck her. He did not stop massaging her nipples with his big young and strong hands. Rose felt young again. It was as if it was their first meeting with Tom. They were very casual and sexual with him then. It often happened to them to have sex in public. There was a special thrill in that. It made sex even more exciting and arousing.

Rose couldn't take her eyes off the young man. He hugged her to him and began to fuck her even harder. She didn't want him to cum. For a moment he pulled out his cock and inserted it again, as if he felt she wanted more. The next moment he pulled it out again, turned it over, and cum on her tight belly. There were splashes on her breasts too ... he licked them, sucked on her nipples and continued to satisfy her with his hand. She leaned against the sink, still unable to finish. Then he knelt in front of her and began massaging her clit with his tongue. She hadn't felt anything like this in years! The man seemed to be enjoying her taste. She began to press him with her legs and make a soft sound of pleasure. She finished! Then he stood up, holding her close for a moment. Then he got dressed and left.

The last thing he heard was "I wouldn't go in your place, he needs cleaning inside." Then he heard another voice say thank you, and she quickly locked the door. He got dressed, straightened his hair, and left. He returned to his seat. She and her husband did not say another word. She looked out the window and fell into a sweet slumber. When he woke up, they had already landed, and the young man was no more. Was that a dream or a reality? It didn't matter anymore. She got up and headed for her hotel. All she needed then was a hot tub and a glass of rose.