I sat on the side of the bed, naked as the day I was born holding a small black lacy apron in my left hand.  If anyone had told me ten years ago that I would be who I was now I would have laughed in their face and told them they were crazy.  I had always been one of those macho type men who went to college on a football scholarship.  I was a beer-drinking, love-them-and-leave-them type of man but all that changed when I went to work for a software computer company after graduation.  Kelly was my supervisor and she had this no sense attitude.  Things were done her way or you found yourself either out of a job or moved to another department.

Kelly was one that wore suits every day, her skirts knee-length, her ash blonde hair pulled back in a French Chignon, with very little makeup but then she did not need it.  She was beautiful without it but that was something you did not dare tell her.  I had been working for her for six months when she came up and said we were going out to lunch.  When I politely turned her down Kelly informed me that it was not a request but a statement so I went to lunch with her.  I liked my job and did not want to lose it or be moved to another department.  One lunch led to another and soon six months had passed.  As were per her nature Kelly told me that we were going to Las Vegas and get married.

I thought about turning her down and taking the consequences but I loved her, bossy quirks and all.  Fast forward nine years and the one thing I never saw coming had happened.  I was Kelly’s submissive…or bitch.  Take your choice but it meant the same thing.  I no longer worked at the company but worked at home, ready to be at Kelly’s beck and call, doing whatever she told me to do.  Today was something I never expected to happen.  I had the choice of continuing my submissive role or grow balls and tell her I had had enough and was leaving.  I knew if I walked out that door, it would not be long before she replaced me.  Yeah, I knew she loved me but she also loved to be the boss and needed a submissive to make her life complete.  If it was not me, then it would be someone else.

I took a deep breath and stood up.  I looked down at the apron in my hand for a moment before I tied it around my waist.  I had kept in shape and my cock was not anything to be ashamed up but this was the first time Kelly had paraded me around nude in front of her best friend Nicky or anyone for that matter. I had no idea what was going to happen today but to my surprise, I could feel a slight rise in my cock, making the front of the apron look like a tent.

“Jackson!” Kelly yelled up the stairs. “You need to stop playing with that pathetic cock of yours and get your ass down here.  Nicky will be here in a few minutes.  You need to put the cookies on the plate and fix coffee.”

“Yes mam, I will be right down,” I told her as I came out of the bedroom and headed down the stairs.  As I passed by Kelly, her hand came down hard on my bare ass, catching me off guard and almost causing me to stumble.

I had just set the cookies on a plate and had the coffee ready to pour when I heard the front doorbell peal.  I knew it was my job to answer the door so I hurried to do just that before Kelly could yell at me to get the door.  I knew I had to do as she asked because I did not want to have to wear a cock cage for punishment.

When I opened the door, Nicky just stood there staring at me, her eyes taking in my outfit and the fact that just the tip of my cock and my balls showed below the edge of the apron.

“Welcome Nicky, Kelly is in the living room,” I said standing back to let her step inside.

Once she was inside I shut the door behind her and went down the hallway to the kitchen.  I could feel her eyes watching my bare ass before I disappeared into the kitchen.  I quickly poured the coffee and took the tray into the two ladies.  After an hour of chatter and refilling of coffee cups, I stood off to the side, waiting to see what Kelly might want.  I did not have to wait long but as totally blown away by what Kelly requested.

She wants me to take off my apron and give Nicky a good view of my cock.  Can I do it?  No one has seen it except Kelly since we got married.  I am not ashamed of it but it seems weird.

“Jackson, do you hear me?  Show Nicky your cock…NOW”

I came out of my trance and reached around to untie my apron, letting it fall to the floor.  My cock sprang into view, already semi-hard, earning a gasp from Nicky as she stared at it, licking her lips like a cat about to get some milk.

“Can I touch it and play with it?” she asked Kelly.  “It has been a while since I had such a huge cock to play with.  I may even have to taste it…if that is okay with you.  I know we used to share toys all the time.”

Waving her hand in the air, Kelly picked up her coffee cup and settled back in her chair, “Enjoy him, Nicky.  He has the sweetest cream I have ever tasted and while you are at it, you have to try his tongue.”

I shot Kelly a weird look.  I could not believe she was permitting Nicky to give me a blow job and she was going to watch. I walked over to Nicky, wondering how her lips would feel around my cock and how far she could take me in her mouth.  I was so lost in my thoughts that I did not realize that Nicky had wiggled out of her panties and was sitting at the edge of her chair, legs spread wide, her pussy glistening with moisture, waiting to feel my tongue on her.

As I stopped in front of her, I looked down at her shaved pussy, my cock getting harder. I could not believe I was to service Nicky while Kelly watched.  I dropped to my knees, running a finger up and down her slit before pulling her a little closer, almost causing her to slide off the edge of her chair.  I leaned forward, my tongue replacing my finger as I started to push my tongue in as far as it could go.  I could hear Nicky starting to moan so I pushed three fingers deep inside as my tongue glided over her clit, sucking it gently into my mouth, tugging on it.  I heard Nicky give out a little squeal as I brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.

I continued to lick and suck on her clit as my fingers moved in and out as deep and hard as I could.  I could feel her tensing and then she started to shake and push against my face.

“Oh fuck,” Nicky moaned as a powerful orgasm exploded inside of her, squirting her nectar all over my face.  I continued to lap up her juices until I felt her body relax.  I slowly pulled back, watching her make her way to her feet shakily.  “Stand up,”

I stood up as she dropped to her knees in front of me, her hand grasping my cock, squeezing it tight.  I felt the light touch of her tongue on the head as the tip dipped in and out of the slit while she stroked me.  I could feel myself getting harder and harder, knowing that it would not take long for me to explode.  Slowly she took me in her mouth, her tongue swirling around my cock as her hand cupped my balls, squeezing them.  I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat and then I felt her relax and I slid farther into her throat.  The feeling was so sensual.  It was something that even Kelly had never done.

Nicky continued to stroke and suck my cock while her hands massaged my balls.  I could feel my balls getting tighter, my pre-cum dripping on her tongue.  I felt her squeeze my balls tighter, not enough to hurt but just tight enough to send me over the edge.  I let out a loud moan as I shot my load down the back of her throat.  Nicky kept sucking my cock and squeezing my balls until I had nothing left in there.  I was drained.  When I started to soften in her mouth, Nicky released me and stood up.

Looking at Kelly, she smiled and said, “You are right Kelly, he tastes so sweet and his tongue is magic.  You will have to share your toys with me next time.  And at that time, I want to see how his key fits in my treasure chest.  Now I need to get home,”

Nicky kissed me, gave a wave to Kelly, and took her leave.

“Clean up and meet me in the bedroom.  I need to play with my toy now.”  Kelly said leaving the room.

I hurriedly cleaned up, anxious to let Kelly play with her toys while played with mine.