I glanced up at the clock and saw it was almost five o’clock and Dr. Hunter was seeing his last patient of the day. Soon it would be time.

Once a week was not enough for us but that is all we could manage without raising suspicions.  And heaven forbid should Mrs. Hunter get suspicious.  I wanted so much over the past six months to give her a reason to be suspicious but knew if push came to shove, Owen would choose her. She had him by the balls.  I would be out of a job and have to move.  So I took the little morsel he gave me each week and forced myself to be happy with it.  I never in my life thought I would be a back alley mistress.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by the exam door opening and then closing.

“Casey, Dr. Hunter wants to see me back in a month,” she said. “I would like it about this same time.”

I pulled up the schedule and wrote her into a slot and then wrote it on an appointment card.  As she walked out the door, I calmly went over and locked the front door.  I straightened the magazines on the tables and put the toys back into the basket.

“Man, I cannot wait to get home and soak in a nice hot bubble bath.” Gloria, our nurse said as she came out from the back.  “I have never seen so many kids with runny noses I feel like a giant wad of snot,”

I laughed and went back to my computer, checking to see what notes I needed to add to the charts and anything else I needed to do.   “Enjoy your bubble bath.  Get your husband to join you,”

Gloria laughed and said, “It is not Saturday night,” as she got her purse from our locked cabinet.”You really should go out on Friday instead of burying your nose in your computer,”

“I am fine so go enjoy your weekend off; see you Monday,” as I waved her away, wanting her to leave because Owen and I only had a few hours on Friday night and I didn’t want to share them talking to her. I followed her to the door so I could lock it.

Once she left, I made it back to the exam rooms, my body tingling with excitement at the thought of a few hours of sexual bliss.

“Owen, where are you?” I called out.

“Right here,” he said stepping out of his office, grabbing me around the waist and pulling me in for a deep kiss, each devouring the other’s lips, making up for the time apart. Leave your wife Owen and we can have this every day; no more sneaking around, but the words stayed in my mind instead of coming out of my mouth.  I did not want to ruin what time we had talking about his wife and why he couldn’t leave her.

Owen slowly backed me toward an exam room, neither of us wanting to break the kiss but we did once we were in the room, our hands anxiously taking our clothes off. The first time was always hot and fast but then we made love.  Once naked, I climbed onto an exam table, my insides a quivering mass of sexual need that only Owen could satisfy. I watched him grab a condom out of his pants pocket before dropping them and his underwear to the floor.  I brought my feet up to the edge of the table, bending my knees, letting my legs fall open as I reach down to stroke myself.   As he sheathed himself, my fingers stroked my clit, my juices flowing in anticipation of what was to come.

Walking over to me Owen had a big smile on his face. He put my legs over his shoulders as he drove himself deep inside, causing me to moan in pleasure.  I threw my arm over my head as he pounded me hard and deep, my juices acting like lube as he continued to give me what I needed.  My inner muscles squeezed and gripped his cock as we both raced to what we needed; a heart-stopping, mind-blowing orgasm.  Our breathing deepened as we neared the finish.

“Harder,” I managed to say as I reached down to play with my nipples, pinching and pulling them.  I could feel the heat rushing down my body, twitching and gripping him tight as waves after waves of sexual pleasure ripped through me, causing me to scream. Within seconds, Owen let out his primal howl as he found release.  After a minute or two, Owen mustered the energy to raise his head and offer his lips to me.  We kissed and slowly he pulled out, taking off the condom and putting it in a small bag on the counter.

I scooted back up on the examining table, sitting on the side with my legs hanging off.  Owen walked over to me and stood between my legs, his hands around my waist as he pulled me closer to kiss me.

Pushing the hair back from my forehead, he rested his head against mine, whispering, “I love you, babe,” as he kissed me again.

I wanted so much to tell him that he needs to grow some balls and tell his wife that he is leaving but all I could say was, “I love you too,” as my heart was breaking.

Leaning down he kissed each of my breasts, sucking gently on my nipples, his hand reaching down to stroke me.  I leaned back, resting on my elbows, pushing my breasts out to give him better access.  I tried to get into it but my mind kept going back to these awful thoughts, I need to break this off, find another job because it is never going to be more than a Friday night fling.  Owen is not going to leave her. Why should he if he has his cake times two?  I should throw in the towel but I love him

“Casey, what is wrong?” Owen asked breaking into my thoughts.

“Ah…nothing,” I said quickly before my thoughts spilled out.  “Come love me, Owen.  I need you.”

Without a second thought, Owen scooped me up in his arms and laid me down on the blanket he had spread on the floor.  It was hard but the exam table was not big enough for two and we didn’t want to have anything that would make anyone suspicious but what matters was that we were together.  We lay there side by side, his hands playing with my nipples as I stroked him, our tongues dancing.

I pulled away and turned my body around, straddling his head, offering myself to him as my mouth took him in.  I felt him pull my lips apart before his tongue began darting in and out and over my clit.  I licked my way down the back of his cock and if the front and then I moved to his balls, sucking and licking.  I felt him slide two fingers deep inside, slowly moving in and out, his tongue flicking over my clit.

I moaned around his cock, my juices starting to flow.  As I continued to alternate between his cock and balls, I soon tasted his pre-cum.  I wiggled away and went over to his pants, digging a condom out of his pocket.  After sheathing him, I slowly lowered myself on his cock; just taking the head inside, working my muscles on it.  As I moved down his cock my inner muscles gripped him tight until he was buried deep inside of me, my butt resting on his pelvis.  I started to move up and down, gradually increasing my speed as he reached down to rub against my clit.   I leaned forward, capturing his lips with mine.  As my orgasm started to build I bent my head backward, gulping in breaths of fresh air.  I could feel him getting harder inside of me.

“Oh damn,” I moaned “I need to cum,” as my body started to twitch as my orgasm took over my body.

Owen grabbed my hips, holding me down tight as he found his release. I collapsed on his chest, listening to his rapidly beating heart.  After a few minutes, I rolled off him and stood up.   Owen got to his feet and rolled off his condom putting it with the other one.  Without saying a word we both started getting dressed.  I folded the blanket and took it back to his office, putting it in the bottom file drawer.  When I came back to the exam room, Owen was straightening it up.

Hugging each other, I said, “I love you, Owen,”

“And I love you.  I will leave first tonight, okay?”  Owen asked. “See you Monday.  Have a great weekend,” and with that, he was gone.

I heard the back door open and then close.  I checked to make sure that everything was okay.  I grabbed the small plastic bag that the condoms were in and put it in my purse to dispose of at home.  I took another look around and then left, heading home to an empty condo and my cat while he went home to his family.