After leaving Julie, Emily went back out to the bonfire, only to find that the families had all left.  The only ones who were sitting around the fire now were her sons and Troy Hendricks, their foreman.  He had been Jason’s best friend since kindergarten and when Jason decided to buy a ranch, Troy went to work for him.  Troy has always had a crush on Emily but when she chose Jason, he never crossed the line of friendship.

Seeing Emily step into the firelight, Troy jumped up and asked, “Want a soda?”

“No, I think I will have a beer if you three have not drunk them all,” she said shocking all three of them.  After being in an abusive relationship with a man who drank heavily, Emily usually shied away from anything alcoholic but occasionally she would drink a beer.

Troy got her one out of the cooler, took the cap off, and handed it to her.  She tipped it up and took a long drink.

“That tastes good for a change,” Emily commented.

“Everything okay mom?” Parker asked.  “First Julie runs off and then you go after her, and when you come back you ask for a beer.  So, what gives?”

“Everything is fine Parker,” Emily reassured him.  “A beer just sounded good.  Is there a crime in that?”

All three shook their heads no and went back to discussing the next group of guests that were due to arrive later on Sunday afternoon.  Most guests arrived on Sunday afternoon and left the following Sunday morning but they also had smaller packages of two to four days.

“Well, we have a lot to do tomorrow to get ready for our next guests so I am going to call it a night,” Brett said standing up.  “See you bright and early in the morning,” as he went over, leaned down, and kissed his mother’s cheek.  “Goodnight everyone,”

Parker got up and began to douse the fire, which was now down to just a pile of glowing logs.  Once he was done, he bid Troy and Emily goodnight and headed to his room.

“Alone at last,” Troy said softly.  “I thought they would never leave,” causing Emily to laugh.  “You know Emily, that sooner or later you are going to have to tell Brett and Parker that you have a crush on me and want to ask me out,”

Emily reached over and smacked him on the thigh before saying, “You are the one that has the crush on me Troy Hendricks.  And you are the one that wants to ask me out, not the other way around,”

“I did ask you to go out with me about six months ago and you said it was too soon, that you were still mourning Jason.  But it has been a year and knowing Jason as I do, he would not want you to spend the rest of your life alone Emily,” Troy told her reaching out to take her hand in his.  “And I was his best friend so who else would he want to make the rest of your life happy?  Me or some stranger?”

Emily laughed and after much thought said, “Okay, ask me out again and I will say yes, but I want to tell the boys first.  Granted Jason was not their real dad but he was the only dad they remember.”

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Standing up, Troy pulled Emily to her feet and into his arms, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  “The county fair starts next weekend and I would like to take you to the dance Saturday so get talking to the boys.”

He took the empty bottle from her hand and put it in the trash bag with the rest of the trash, then walked her to the house.  Troy hugged her and headed down to his cabin, whistling a happy tune.  As Emily turned to step up on the porch, a figure stepped out of the shadows.

“Something you want to share mom?” Parker asked smiling.

“We will talk tomorrow,” she said passing her son and going into the house, humming to herself.



Frank sat there, looking over at Maria, who was doing her best to ignore him.  In the five years, they had worked for Mr. Hartfield, they had only gone out a handful of times.  Maria always used the excuse that she did not have time to date, that she had to concentrate on becoming a U.S. citizen, saving money, and getting herself a better job.  Most would say that just going on a handful of dates there was no way you could fall in love but Frank knew different.

He had fallen in love with Maria over the years of working together and had told her as much but she just said he was being silly.  The question now was did he assert his authority and tell her that she was not leaving, that she was going to marry him, or let her go.  He knew in his heart that Derrick was the cause of her bruises and cuts as he had seen the same evidence on Lacy many time.

As he sat there weighing the pros and cons, he heard, “Bus for Miami now boarding,”

He looked up and saw her getting ready to go out the door to the platform.  Frank knew his time was almost up and if he didn’t do something, Maria was going to be gone for good.  He quickly jumped up and sprinted for the door.

“Wait!” he said gently grabbing her by the arm.  “I cannot let you go.  We need to talk.  I love you, Maria,”

“I already have my ticket and as I told you, I do not love you, Frank,”

As she tried to pull her arm free, Frank held on a little tighter, to prevent her from leaving.  He gently pulled her away from the open door so others could get on the bus.

“I will pay for another ticket if you will just give me tonight so we can talk,” he begged.  “Please do not throw our future away,”

Before Maria could say anything, the security guard walked up to them, asking her, “Is this man bothering you?  Do you need me to call the police,” taking in the bruising around her neck and the condition of her face.

“No, everything is okay.  He did not cause what you see,” Maria assured him.

“Okay, but I will be right over there so just holler if you need me miss,” as he walked away to stand by the bus so he could watch them.

“If you love me, Frank, you will let me go and make a life for yourself without me.  You have a great job and don’t need my drama messing it up,” Maria said pulling her arm free to use her hand to gently caress his cheek before she stood on her toes to kiss it.  “Thank you for caring but I need to go.  I cannot miss this bus,”

“If you won’t stay, then I am going with you?” he said heading over to the driver to ask him to wait while he went inside to get a ticket.



Sitting in his truck for a few moments, he finally decided that he would spend the evening alone with a couple of beers instead of calling Regan.  So much was running through his mind he was not even sure if he could get it up, and that is nothing something he wanted to chance.  After all, I have a reputation to uphold with the ladies. Just as he started to climb out of his truck, he noticed a dust cloud coming down his driveway.  Wonder who that can be?  I sure ain’t expecting anyone.  It had better not be Mr. Hartfield as I am sure in the hell not in the mood for any more of his shit today.

As the car got closer he could see it was a red Honda Civic and it appeared to be a woman driving but he could not make out who it was.  When the car pulled to a stop behind the truck, Kota was not sure if he should be happy or not.  Slowly the door opened and Regan stepped out.

She was wearing a pair of Daisy Duke jean shorts and a tank top that was molded to her body so there wasn’t much left to the imagination. Seeing her, a big smile crossed Kota’s face.

Regan smiled, saying, “Good evening,”

“What brings you out here?” Kota asked.

“Well, to put it simply, I am horny and thought you could scratch my itch,” as she walked over to him, running her hand down the zipper of his jeans before giving him a light squeeze.

“No one can call you shy,” Kota teased her as he pulled her in for a hug.

“I didn’t get where I am today by being shy,”

Entangling his hand in her ponytail, he pulled her head back as he leaned down, kissing her hard, nipping at her bottom lip before his tongue tangled with hers.  Regan pressed her body against his, grinding her pelvis against his hardening erection as her arms went around his waist. Guess I am in the mood after all.

Stepping back, Kota took her by the hand and led her inside his cabin.  Once inside, they began to shed their clothes as they made their way to his bedroom.  Scooping her up in his arms he dropped her in the middle of his king-size bed.  Regan spread her legs wide, crooking her index finger at Kota.

Kota joined her on the bed between her legs, grabbing her ankles and put them over his shoulder.  Leaning down, he lightly ran his tongue up and down her sex slit, earning a moan from Regan.  Sliding his hands under her ass, he raised her closer to his mouth.  Gripping her ass, Kota buried his face in her pussy, pushing his tongue as far inside as he could get.  Regan gave out a squeal, digging her heels in his shoulders as the pleasure started to build inside of her.

Regan gripped the cover in her hands, moaning as he expertly brought her closer and closer to an orgasm.  Just as she reached the peak, Kota stopped and let her legs fall back to the bed as he sat back on his heels.

“Damn you,” she moaned.  “You tease.  I was almost there,”

Kota chuckled and leaned forward, capturing a nipple between his teeth, sucking hard while his other hand pinched and pulled the other one.  Moving his body forward, he rubbed his cock against her dripping slit.  Bracing himself with his hands on both sides of her body, Kota continued rubbing against her as he suckled first one and then the other nipple.

As she tried to wrap her legs around his waist, Kota muttered, “No, just lay there and enjoy,”

Regan groaned and tried to relax her body, closing her eyes and Kota continued his pleasurable assault on her body.

“Kota,” she whispered, “I need you in me,”

“You need this inside of you?” he asked sitting back on his heels, taking himself in hand to rub up and down her wet slit and against her clit.

“Yes,” she begged, trying to reach down and guide him inside only to have him gently smack her hands away

“In due time,” he told her as he leaned toward her to capture her lips in a hard kiss.

After a few minutes of intense kissing and tongue mating, Kota guided himself inside of Regan.  She hooked her ankles behind his waist, trying to pull him in deeper and harder but Kota continued to slowly make love to her.  With each gentle thrust, Regan felt her orgasm building once again.  Without warning, Kota pulled out and flipped her on her stomach.  Pulling her to her knees, he pushed himself as deep as he could inside of her, causing her to squeal in pleasure.

Holding on to her hips, Kota began to push as hard and deep as he could, driving her upper body into the bed.  Reaching under her, he found her clit, rubbing it hard.  He could feel her juices starting to drip out and down his upper thigh.  Soon both were at the point of no return.  Regan came first, screaming as her inner muscles gripped his cock tight, her body trembling and shaking.  Her orgasm was so intense that she momentarily passed out.

Her juices poured out, running down his thighs to make a puddle on the bed.  Kota soon followed, unloading deep inside of her.  Regan collapsed on the bed, her legs no longer able to hold her.  Kota followed, lying on her back, his cock softening inside of her until it slipped out.

After a few seconds, Kota rolled off and to his side, pulling Regan against his as he nuzzled her neck.

“What a way to spend the rest of the weekend,” she mumbled.

“And the best is yet to come,” Kota told her, nipping her shoulder.



Sunday morning found Julie climbing out of bed before the sun had fully risen.  She stood up and stretch, then went to grab a shower.  After much deliberation, she decided that she would take the job helping Jenna in the kitchen.  Although she did not have that much experience cooking, she knew she could get by.  She even had some serving experience when her father indulged her fantasy of working as a waitress one summer between eleventh and twelfth grade.  Waitressing was not easy work but she enjoyed it.

Once she was dressed, Julie headed downstairs to find Jenna to let her know that Emily had offered her a job working with her.  Walking into the kitchen, she felt her stomach starting to rumble and become queasy from the smells of bacon frying and coffee brewing.  Taking several deep breaths to try and settle her stomach, Julie slowly backed out of the kitchen hoping that Jenna had not spotted her.  Once she was out of the kitchen, Julie turned and ran down the hall to her room, barely making it to the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, she went over and flopped in the middle of the bed, her stomach finally settling down.  Think I had better rethink my job selection…or at least until I get over this stomach bug.  I think I can get the hang of cleaning the cabins.  If I can manage to get waitressing down then I can get cleaning a room and making the bed down.

Just as she was thinking about getting up, Julie heard a light knocking on the door.  “Just a minute,”

Standing up, she slowly made her way over to the door.  When she opened it, Julie saw Emily on the other side.  She stood back and motioned for her to come in.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Emily asked as she took in Julie’s pale complexion.

“I am okay,” she told her, not wanting to worry Emily.

Emily stared at Julie for several seconds, trying to decide if she should talk to her about her suspicions or wait until she figured it out for herself.  Taking a deep breath, Emily asked. “Did you decide which job you want to take?”

“Well, without going into too many details, I will say that I have not had much experience in either one but I think if you are patient with me I can get the hang of cleaning the rooms.  I am ready to start today,”

“Great.  McKenzie, who is in charge of the women who clean the cabins, will be glad to show you what your job will be.  The two families are leaving today so she will start to clean those rooms around noon.  After breakfast, I will take you down there and introduce you two.  Now sometimes you will also have to clean the rooms here,”

“Sounds great.  I will pack up my stuff and move into the Hacienda before we meet her,”

“You don’t have to do that Julie.  You can stay in the room you are already in,”

“I will be an employee and want to stay where they stay Emily but I thank you for the offer,” Julie said.

Realizing she was not going to win the argument, Emily just nodded her head in agreement.  “If that is what you want but want you to know you can always change your mind.  Once you are packed, I will take you there.  But before that, come to breakfast.  You cannot afford to miss breakfast…and be able to work all day,” Emily finished when she wanted to say something else.  It was not up to her to tell Julie what was wrong.

“Ah, I do feel okay but still have a bit of a queasy stomach so I was wondering if you had anything for it,”  Julie asked.

“Sure, come with me to my room and I will give you something,”

Julie followed Emily out, closing the door behind her, hoping that whatever Emily had would take care of the issue.  It would not look great if I had to run and get sick every few minutes.



As Frank turned to go back into the bus station, Maria grabbed his arm.  “It is not necessary for you to do that Frank.  I am a big girl and will be okay on my own,”

“Your choice.  I either go with you or you stay here with me for one night,”

“You have one minute and the bus leaves.  We have a schedule to keep.  No exceptions,” the bus driver told her.  “And we need to put your bag on the bus,”

Not wanting Frank to give up his job for her, Maria said quietly, “Okay, one night,” as she bent to grab the handle of her suitcase but Frank grabbed it first.

“Thank you,” he told her.  “You won’t be sorry,”

“We are going to a motel and not back to your place.  Is that understood?” she asked before she took a step toward the door.  Just the thought of going back to his house on Derrick’s land made her want to throw up.  She did not want to be anywhere near where he could grab her.

“Yes, I promise,”

In the background, she could hear the bus starting and then backing up.  Maria knew that she had lost her chance to leave and her fate was resting in Frank’s hands.  She only hoped that Frank was not lying to her and that he was not going to deliver her back to the devil in disguise.

Frank took her suitcase with one hand and her hand gently in his other hand leading her back into the terminal, her legs shaking with fear.  It was taking a lot for her to trust him, especially since he was a man but something in her heart told her that she could trust him.  After getting the ticket straightened out, Frank led her out to his car.  Once settled, he drove them to a wonderful hotel in the next town over, registering them under a false name.



As they laid thereafter another round of hot sex, Kota asked softly, “Regan, do you know anything about Lacy?  Like where she might have gone or what happened that night that she disappeared?  Were you there that night she left?”

Regan sighed, wondering what to tell him.  “I am not sure when she disappeared Kota.  I just know that the last night I saw her was at their Memorial Day barbeque.  It was an annual event that they hold every year for their employees,” choosing her words carefully.

“How did she seem that night?  Was she talking to any one particular person for a long time?”

Shit, he is asking an awful lot of questions I cannot answer considering that Derrick and I snuck off for some playtime.  I had better distract him.  Rolling over to face him, Regan reached down and began to stroke him.  “I can think of more fun things to do besides talk,” as she kissed him, tightening her grip as she nipped and sucked his lower lip.

Kota knew then that she knew more than she let on by her distraction techniques.  He did not want to fall under her spell but his cock was telling him something else as Regan began to kiss her way down his body until her tongue was flicking gently over the head of his cock.  Kota groaned and rolled on his back, figuring the questions could wait until they were out of bed and enjoying a late supper at the table.

When Kota rolled on his back, Regan knew she had won and she was going to make sure that he did not regret it.  Derrick always told her that she had a mouth made for pleasuring a man and she was going to show Kota some magic as her lips wrapped themselves around his cock as her hand went to his balls.  Wiggling around, she got between his legs, taking him into her mouth as far as she could before pulling her lips back, bringing his skin taut, then repeating her movements.

Taking him to the edge, she let him flop out of her mouth as she ran her tongue up and down the backside of his cock, finally taking his balls in her mouth, licking and sucking while she stroked him, her grip tight.  Kota could feel his eyes rolling back in his head as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his body, unlike any blow job he had ever had.

He opened his mouth, taking in deep gulps of air as she continued administering to his cock and balls.  Kota tried to slow down the intense urge to come but finally, it became too much to bear as his balls started to tighten, pushing his cum closer to the top with each stroke and suck with her mouth.

Regan could sense that Kota was close so she increased the pressure until he let out a howl, filling her mouth and throat, so much he felt like he would never stop unloading.  Sucking him dry, Regan crawled back up the bed, curling against his heaving body as she gently kissed him.

“Rest Kota and then we can have some more fun.  You can show me what other tricks you can do,”

After such an intense orgasm, all he could do was nod as his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.  When he woke up, Regan was not in bed beside him.  He slowly got up and went out to the kitchen and then the main room but she was nowhere to be found.  Looking out the window, he saw that her car was gone.

That woman is hiding something because if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have snuck off.  Since no one is wanting to talk, I think it is time to get Levi involved.  I know she can find me some answers, as he went to grab a quick shower and get dressed first.



When Emily and Julie walked into the dining room, both her sons stopped eating and look at their mom with a smile on their face, causing Emily to blush.  Julie looked from her to her sons, trying to figure out what was going on but felt it was not her place to ask.

Ignoring her son's questioning look, Emily told them, “I have offered Julie a position of cleaning the cabins.  After breakfast, I will take her out to meet McKenzie.”

“And I will be moving out to the hacienda later this morning,” Julie informed them.  “I thank you all for allowing me to use one of the guest rooms.”

“Okay,” Parker said.  “Now, what is going on mom?”

“Nothing,” Emily said as she poured herself a cup of coffee, sitting down at her place at the table.

“Bull,” Parker told her.  “I saw you walking up to the house holding hands with Troy,”

Taking a deep breath, she said, “I loved Jason very much.  He was a big part of my life and showed me more love than I ever had from a man.  No man can take his part in my heart,”

“We know that mom,” Brett interrupted.  “What we want to know is his intentions honorable or not toward you,”

Emily’s mouth dropped open before saying, “I cannot believe you would ask that of Troy.  You have grown up around Troy.  He does not have a dishonorable bone in his body.  He has asked me to go to the dance next Saturday.”

“I hope you said yes,” Parker and Brett said together, causing their mom to laugh.

“Not yet,” she told them.  “I wanted to talk to you two before I said yes.  I wanted to make sure it was okay,”

“Of course it is,” Brett said coming over to her, kissing her cheek.  “Tell him yes before he changes his mind.”

“If you had seen them last night and the way he went off whistling, he is not going to change his mind, Brett,” Parker said smiling as he came over to kiss his mom.

The two boys left and headed to the office to make sure that everything was ready for the next guests.  After Emily finished breakfast, she and Julie headed out to find McKenzie.



Sitting down at his desk, he picked up his phone and put in a call to Levi, who was a whiz finding things on their computer.

“Hey big brother, who do you want me to help you find,” she asked

“Can’t you just say hello instead of asking what I want when I call and you answer the phone?” he asked smiling.

“I could but you never call to chat, to ask how I am.  You always call to ask me to use my awesome computer skills,”

Kota laughed and asked, “So how are you, Levinia?”

“Fine and thanks for asking.  And don’t call me that or I won’t help you,” she warned

“Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way I do need your help,” he told Levi, ignoring her idle threat.

Levi sighed before asking, “Name?”

“Lacy Hartfield but she is most likely not using that name now,” he told her.

“Okay, give me a bit and I will see what I can find out,” Levi said.

“Before you run off sis, how is your ex?  Is he still with Carl or has he moved on?  He is not bugging you for anything, is he?”

Levi sighed, her mind thinking back a couple of years when she thought her husband Doug was having an affair, which he was.  But it was not with a woman but with another man. When she had confronted him, her ex threatened her physically and verbally but eventually, Levi got her divorce.  Lately, he had started to call her and beg her to take him back.  Shaking her head to rid herself of her memories, Levi said, “Things are cool.  I guess he is still with Carl but I don’t ask.  He begged me to take him back a couple of weeks ago but I pulled out my trump card so he backed off,”

Kota laughed and said, “Good job sis.  And thanks for trying to find out what I need,”

As they got ready to hang up, Levi suddenly blurted out, “Holy shit, she is the wife of Derrick Hartfield, the owner of that software company.  I remember seeing a poster saying she was missing,”

“Yes, she is but that is all I can say,”

“Okay, bro.  I will call you when I have something,”

They hung up and Kota went to the kitchen to grab some lunch before he settled down for the evening watching some television.



After leaving Kota, Regan drove to the nearest fast-food restaurant to grab her a milkshake.  Pulling into an open parking spot, she took a deep breath before picking up her phone, looking up a number on her contact list, and hit call.

“Why the hell are you calling me?  I told you not to call me,” said an angry voice on the other end.

In the background, Regan could hear the clink of ice in a glass as the person took a drink.  Nervously, Regan cleared her throat, finally managing to say, “He is starting to ask a lot of questions,”

He laughed and asked,  “So, what did you tell him?”

“Nothing, I swear.  I played innocent,”

“Innocent?  That is funny Regan,” he said.  “Innocent is something you can never claim to be,”

“So what do you want me to do Derrick?” she asked softly.

“There is nothing to worry about.  He is just fishing.” Derrick assured her.  “Lacy left on her own after the party and I just want to find her.  You know I always told you that I would never divorce her when our affair started.”

“But then why did you hire a private investigator to find her?” Regan asked.  “Why not let her go?”

“I never let go of what is mine,” he stated matter-of-factly.  “And that includes you, Regan,”

“I am not owned by any man,” Regan said angrily.

“That is where you are wrong because I own you,” Derrick said with a hint of anger in his voice.  “Now go away.  I will see you tomorrow at work and come in an hour early,” as he hung up the phone.

Regan stared at the silent phone before putting it away and headed home.