Wow, has it really been twenty-five years since I walked across that stage to get my diploma?  I wonder how much everyone has changed and what they are doing.  I wonder…will she be there?  Is she still married?  Is she happy?  I shook my head, trying to get those thoughts out of my head.  Why should I be concerned if she would be there and if she is happy?  She deserves to be miserable after the way she treated me.  I have a beautiful wife, two children, and a great job.  I am…happy…

“Ethan, are you about ready?” my wife, Cathy’s voice, broke into my thoughts.

“I am coming,” I hollered back taking one last look in the mirror.  “Yeah, I have changed for sure.  A few grey streaks in my hair, more like a four-pack now instead of a six-pack, little bit of a paunch but then I am not 18 any longer.”

When I walked into the living room, Cathy came over, straightened my tie, and kissed me.  “I am so sorry I cannot attend your reunion with you Ethan but…”

“I know…I know…the children are sick and need you,” I finished for her giving her a fake smile, thinking to myself, but what about what I need.  They are not sick enough that a babysitter could not watch them.  I wonder if I am anything more than a paycheck to you.

“Enjoy yourself, Ethan.  I will leave the living room light on for you,” Cathy told me as she walked me to the door.

I heard the door close softly behind me as I walked down the sidewalk to my car sitting in the drive; a BMW that was my pride and job.  It may be ten years old but was my first real expense for myself when I got my promotion to Homicide Detective in the police department.

Our twenty-fifth high school reunion was being held in the ballroom of the new Bellaire Resort that was built a year ago on the outskirts of town.  It was a great income booster for our town.  I pulled into the parking lot and found a spot near the back.  Stepping out, I took a deep breath and headed for the entrance.  I followed the signs to the ballroom and when I stepped inside, I saw her at the check-in table.

My mouth dropped open and I could feel my cock start to rise, pushing against the zipper of my black suit pants.  She had not changed a bit…well maybe she had gained a couple of pounds but she was still hot as hell, especially in that red dress, which as I recall, was her favorite color

Desiree was my high school sweetheart and we planned to marry after I got out of boot camp and settled into a base but suddenly she decided she didn’t want to marry, she wanted to go to college and become a psychiatrist.  I encouraged her to get her degree.  We tried to keep our love alive via long distance but it ended when she wrote me a ‘Dear John’ letter saying she was getting married.  I did not realize seeing her would still stir my cock.

I stepped farther into the room and over to the table where we signed in, trying to play it cool.  When Desiree saw me approaching the table, it took her a few minutes to recognize who I was.  She let out a squeal and flew around the table, throwing herself in my arms, not carrying who saw her.  We hugged and as I attempted to give her a polite kiss on the cheek, she turned her head so my lips landed against hers.

“Wow Ethan, you look super,” Desiree told me as she stepped out of my arms.  “I was wondering if you would be here.  I mean I saw your name on the list of attendees but you know how that goes.  Saying and doing are two different things.”

I laughed and asked, “How are you doing?  Where is that lucky man who managed to steal you away from me?” trying to sound like I didn’t care but at the same time I found myself wanting to drag her off to a dark corner and kiss her silly and take what was mine that he had stolen but restrained myself.  I had never cheated on Cathy and was not going to start now…famous last words.

“I am doing great,” Desiree said.  “And he could not get away. Are you married?”

“Yes, but she had to stay home because the kids are sick.”

Desiree nodded her head and told me, “I need to help out here for about another hour.  I will find you after that.”

After signing in, I started to mingle and catch up with my former classmates, figuring that despite Desiree’s exuberant greeting, she had dismissed me once I mentioned I was married.  Oh well, best this way.  Don’t need to open that can of worms.

The band was just starting up when I felt an arm loop around mine and a head pressing against it.  I turned my head and saw Desiree hanging on to my arm, looking up and smiling at me.

“Sorry I am a bit late getting to you but I stopped and talked to several former classmates.  Want to ditch the lame party and go to my room?  We have some unfinished business Ethan,” as the tip of her tongue ran over her bottom lip.

I felt the stirring again and wanted nothing more than to follow her but then Cathy’s face flashed before my eyes and I immediately felt the guilt strings and the deflation of my cock.  True, Desiree and I never had sex as we wanted to wait, and now here was a chance to have what we missed out on but can I do that to Cathy?  Desiree is married also.  I want her.  Cathy will never know. We were both here…alone…so why not take advantage of it?  We might never get this chance again?  But will one night satisfy my hunger for her?  And then it hit me…I was still in love with Desiree and would be willing to give up my wife, my marriage, my kids for her if she would just say the word.

Her arm slipped off mine and reached around to pat my ass.  About that time, my brain shut off and my cock took over.  I would follow Desiree anywhere.  I need this closure to the past and see if there is a future.

“Give me five minutes,” as I excused myself and walked over to a corner to make a phone call.  Once I was done, I went back to where Desiree was waiting.


“What is your room number?  You go ahead and I will join you in a couple of minutes,” I told her, not wanting any of the ones that still lived in our hometown to see me and Desiree to leave together and it got back to Cathy.

“Room 795,” she whispered as she walked away, stopping to talk to a few people as she made her way out of the ballroom.

I also talked to a few people and then made my excuses to leave.  I was not worried about my cover being blown as all of my male friends lived out of town and would never run into Cathy.  As the elevator moved slowly upwards, I could feel the excitement building inside of me.  Finally, we would have the time we should have long ago.  Gosh, I hope I can perform and satisfy her.

I got off on the seventh floor and made my way down to Room 795.  I took another deep breath and lightly tapped on the door.  Suddenly the door opened, with just her head peeking around, motioning for me to come in.  The room was dimly lit with just the bathroom light on and when she shut the door, I saw why I only saw her head.  Desiree was already naked.  I stood there taking her in from the top of her red hair to her shaven pussy and perky 38C’s.

“I think someone is overly dressed,” as she came over and started to unbutton my shirt, her head tilted back, offering me her lips.

I grabbed a handful of hair and kissed her hard, our tongues doing their form of a mating dance.  I gently pushed her back and finished undressing while she watched.  I scooped her up in my arms, dumping her on the bed.

“I want you,” I murmured as I joined her in bed, pulling her close as I squeezed her ass with my hand, my mouth devouring her lips.

Desiree began to wiggle and rub against me, almost driving me over the edge.  My cock was so hard it hurt as I pushed her back on the bed, spreading her legs, and pushing myself deep inside, taking her hard and fast.  Her legs wrapped around my waist, her heels digging into my ass, her pussy working my cock, squeezing it like a vice grip.  I moved my hand between our bodies, finding her nipple, pinching it hard as I fucked her as hard and deep as I could.  It was like we were trying to make up for 22 years all in one sexual encounter.

I could soon feel her muscles tightening on my cock, her body twitching, breathing deepening as her eyes seemed to glaze over as her orgasm swept over her, her moans echoing in my ears.  I could feel her juices coating my cock, dripping down on the bed.  I gave one hard thrust and emptied myself inside of her.  It was only when we were lying side by side, taking in deep gulps of air that I realized I had not used a condom.  I didn’t have any on me as I was not planning on cheating on Cathy.

“Damn,” I muttered.

Almost as if she could read my mind, Desiree said, “Don’t worry, no diseases and I cannot get pregnant.”

“Sorry it was kind of rough and so fast but I just had to have you,”

“Next time will be better,” her hand already reaching for me, her fingers lighting stroking the shaft, sending waves of pleasure shooting through me.

I watched her wiggle down the bed and then I felt her tongue licking up and down my cock, the tip of her tongue going in and out of that little slit on the head.  Desiree worked her way down to my balls, taking one and then the other into her mouth, sucking gently as her hand played with the other.  I could feel him coming back to life.

“Turn around,”

She maneuvered around without stopping what she was doing, offering herself to me.  I pulled her on top of me, spreading her pussy lips, pushing my tongue deep inside as my hands found her nipples, pinching and pulling hard as my tongue worked her pussy, finding her clit and sucking on it.  I found myself on the edge but did not want to cum again too soon.  I wanted to enjoy it so I gently pushed her off and onto her back on the bed.

Straddling her, I caught a nipple between my lips, tugging gently, licking the tip, moving to the other one.  Her hands reached up, finding my nipples, playing with them.  I never knew they were so sensitive until then.  After several minutes I knew I needed to have her again.  As I went to move between her legs, Desiree gave me a gentle push.

“My turn,” as she pushed me to my back, straddling me.

Very slowly, she sunk down on my cock until the head was just barely inside.  Bracing herself on each side of me with her hands, she began to just ride the head, her lips latching on to the first one and then the other nipple.  Slowly she lowered herself on my cock, stopping to work on what was inside until I was buried deep.  She sat on my pelvis, her inner muscle squeezing and massaging me to the edge, stopping, and then starting over until I was not sure which way was up.  I reached between our bodies, finding her clit, rubbing it with my thumb, hearing her moan, her pussy clenching my cock tight.

Rising up until my cock was barely inside, she clenched and unclenched her muscles, slowly taking me deep inside.  I put my hands on her hips trying to speed up the movement but Desiree refused to be hurried.  I could feel her juices starting to cover my thumb, running down my arm as her clit was being worked on with one hand, her nipples pulled and tweaked with the other.

When I was at the point of no return with an erection so hard I thought would not subside Desiree started to move faster, riding me hard, slamming her pussy against my pelvis as she worked me to the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.  It seemed like I was going to keep on cumming.  Soon I could feel my cock softening but then she started her squeezing again and I found myself cumming again but not as hard.

Desiree collapsed on top of me, her juices flowing out and onto the bed from the three orgasms she had had.  We just laid there; both too spent to even move.  Raising her head, she kissed me gently and rolled to the side, out hands intertwining.

We made love several more times during the night, neither of us wanting to waste the time we were given.  As the sun started to rise, I got up and headed for the shower.  I did not want to go home to Cathy smelling of sex.  When I came out of the shower dressed, Desiree was asleep.  I tip-toed over and kissed her cheek, trying not to wake her but her eyes fluttered open.

“Do you have to leave?”

“Yes, I have to get home and know you have to get home to your husband.  Desiree, last night was unbelievable.  I...”

“Don’t say it, Ethan.  It was not meant for us to be.  You have your own family and I have ….”

“Your what Desiree; your career and husband?  That is what you want you wanted.” I said as I sat down on the bed, leaning down to kiss her.  “Desiree, I still love you.  Do you think there is a chance for us?”

“This was just a reunion Ethan; nothing more.  Goodbye Ethan.  Maybe we can meet at the fiftieth and have another special reunion,”

We kissed once more, and I took my leave, feeling that there was something Desiree was not telling me but I respected her privacy.  Desiree listened through the closed door as his footsteps faded out.

Oh, Ethan, you would be surprised if you knew that my career was not as a psychiatrist but was really a high paid escort and I have no husband to go home to. I do still love you but will not give up my high-paid lifestyle for any man.