My name is Abby, I am 60 years old, a wife of 40 years, and was a stay-at-home mom to four children, all now grown and on their own.  I was raised by a mother that taught myself and three sisters that sex was a chore; something to be tolerated and not enjoyed.  It was for procreation and nothing more.  I married Jacob right after we graduated high school. Within the first year of marriage, I had my first child.  Jacob had a little more liberal idea about sex than me so we were mismatched when it came to sex.  He traveled a lot for his job and I am sure he had several women on the side but I was okay with that.  But then that all seemed to change after I went through menopause; instead of my sex drive completely going away it seemed to amp up.  Unfortunately, by this time Jacob and I had settled into a routine of having sex maybe once or twice a month and I did not know how to change it.

Tracy, my best friend since Kindergarten, was more like Jacob when it came to sex; she seemed to enjoy it.  She knew how I had been raised and early in my marriage she tried to get me to ‘loosen’ up but when I threatened to no longer be her friend she quit trying to change me.  By the time we hit sixty she had already been married and divorced twice but was now happily single.  When my sexual drive changed I wanted to talk to her but felt embarrassed to discuss something so intimate with her, especially after I threatened to not be her friend back in the early days of my marriage for trying to talk to me about sex.  But that all changed one Friday night when we got together for supper while Jacob was out of town on one of his many business trips.  Neither of us was a drinker but that night we were celebrating her birthday and between us, we drank an entire bottle of wine.

That conversation we had that night led up to us having another girl’s night a month later when Jacob was out of town on a two-week business trip.  As I looked in the mirror at my reflection I found myself wanting to call Tracy and plead a headache or something to get out of this girl’s night but knowing Tracy as I do, she would have rescheduled it.  She was bound and determined to get me in touch with my sexuality and for me to learn after all these years that it was okay to enjoy sex.  Yes, she was setting me up to have a one-night stand with a friend of hers, even more than one night if we desired to do so. I could not believe that I was going to commit two cardinal sins; learning to enjoy sex and cheating on my husband, which I am sure my husband has cheated on me many times over.

As I looked into the full-length mirror I took in my no-nonsense ‘house dress’ as my momma would call it.  It was a navy blue with a lacy collar and a hemline that reached to the middle of my knees.  The only fancy things were the lingerie that Tracy picked out for me.  Well, Tracy, sorry but I could not bring myself to wear that black sheath you wanted me to wear.  It was too short and showed too much of my cleavage.  You should be thankful I put on that scrap of underwear you called a thong.  It feels weird to have my ass not covered and something barely covering my do-dad in the front.  And that damn bra, it is barely big enough to hold my boobs in.  What in the world am I doing?  This is not me.  Momma must be flipping over in her grave to see her daughter dressing like a hussy under her dress.  I need to call and cancel.  I cannot do this.

As I picked up my phone to call Tracy and cancel out on tonight I heard the doorbell pealing throughout the house.  I was not expecting anyone and knew if it was Tracy or Jacob they would just let themselves in.  I took one last look in the mirror and wobbled my way to the front door.  Although they were just three-inch heels, they were something I did not wear except to church on Sundays’ so I was a bit unsteady on them.  I looked through the peephole and saw a man standing there that I did not recognize holding a bouquet in one hand.

I opened the front door, making sure the storm door was securely locked.  “Yes, may I help you?”

“Good evening Abby.  I am George.  I am your date for this evening.  Tracy sent me over to get you,” he explained, nervously moving from one foot to another.  “These are for you,” as he held out the flowers.

Oh great, another nervous Nellie.  This is not going to be good for either one of us.  I can see it now, both sitting on the couch, feet apart, waiting for the other one to make the first move.  And even if we do make it to the bedroom it will be just another encounter like I have with Jacob when we have sex.  What in the hell is Tracy thinking?  She is not helping matters to set me up with someone just like Jacob.  Suddenly it hit me that I had gone off in a tangent in my mind and George was still standing nervously on my front porch.  I quickly unlocked the storm door and motioned for him to come in.  “I will be ready to go in a second,” as I took the bouquet from his hand.  “I want to put them in a vase first.”

When I returned a few minutes later, George was still standing where I left him, by the front door.  I grabbed my purse off the table by the front door and we headed out.  When we walked into Tracy’s kitchen, she and another older gentleman were engaged in kissing.  They quickly broke apart when they saw us.  As Tracy turned back to the stove to take care of supper, the man smacked her on the ass.  She quickly turned and playfully slapped his arm, laughing.

“Supper will be ready soon.  Do either of you two want a drink?” Tracy asked looking at both of us.

“I will have a beer, Tracy.  How about you Abby; what would you like to drink?” he asked turning to face me.

“Ah…a beer would be okay,” figuring that I could easily sip on it all night without worry about a refill.

“Here you two go,” the man who had been kissing Tracy said.  “My name is Phil, by the way.”  Turning toward Tracy, he commented, “Wow, you never said that your friend was so hot Tracy.  If I had known that I would have taken the date and left you with George.”

“Keep it up mister and you will be totally dateless,”

I took a sip of beer and looked over at George who was also sipping his beer.

“Can I help you with anything Tracy?”

“No thanks.  As soon as the garlic bread is done we will be ready to eat.  I just fixed a simple meal of spaghetti and meatballs with a salad and garlic bread,” Tracy said pulling the tray of garlic bread from the oven and putting it in a breadbasket.  “This way we can get to the desert quicker.”

“I cannot wait to have a piece of pussy ala mode,” Phil said grabbing Tracy around the waist and kissing her on the neck.  “How about you George; are you in a hurry for dessert?”

Smiling, George said, “If I had my way, I would just go straight for dessert.”

At his comment, my head whipped around, staring at him.  I did not expect that type of answer from him.  Hmmm, maybe looks are deceiving and there is a wolf under that sheepish exterior.  Maybe tonight won’t be such a bust after all.

We all sat down, talking, and enjoying the food and conversation.  As soon as dinner was over, I helped Tracy put things away while the men sat in the living room chatting.

“You two can use the guest bedroom, Abby,” Tracy told me.  “Relax and enjoy yourself.  And next time, wear that black sheath I talked you into buying.  Right now you look like someone either going or coming from a church.  Did you even wear that sexy lingerie or do you have your old lady standard white panties and no-nonsense bra on.”

“I have on the sexy lingerie you made me buy and judging from the nervous way George has been acting, it will go unseen,” I commented.

Tracy laughed and said, “Oh I guarantee that George will see it and teach you how to enjoy sex.”

“OMG, you slept with George too?” I asked in horror.  “You are giving me your hand-me-downs?  I cannot believe you, Tracy.  This is too weird.  I am going home. Please make my excuses and no more trying to set me up.  I am content with my lot in life.”

Unbeknownst to me, George and Phil were standing in the doorway between the kitchen and living room, checking to see what was taking us so long to do a simple chore.  They both cleared their throats, causing us to turn our heads.  I was not sure just how much George had heard but I felt my face starting to turn red.

“I hope you don’t mind Tracy but I am ready for dessert now.  And ignore the screams because I am not going to hurt her.  She is just going to scream in sheer pleasure from my cock and tongue working her pussy over,” as he walked toward me.

I stood there, too shocked at what he said to be able to do or say anything.  I watched him walk over to me and before I knew it, he had me over his shoulder, carrying me down the hallway to what I assumed was the guest bedroom.  Once in the room, he put me on my feet, turned and shut and locked the door.

“Just what the hell do you think you are doing?” I asked angrily.  “I am not someone you can treat like that.”

“Oh, I can and will,” as he pulled me toward him, his hands grabbing my ass as his lips came down hard on mine, his tongue demanding entrance, which I denied.

Maneuvering me around, George pressed me up against the closed door, kissing me hard as he pressed himself against me.  Oh, is that….oh it is….it is his….thing.  Wow!  It seems huge compared to Jacobs but then I have never really seen or touched Jacob’s so I cannot do any comparisons. I was brought back to reality when I felt his hands working the buttons on the front of my dress out of the buttonholes, and then he suddenly stopped and stepped back.

“Look, Abby, Tracy has told me the basics of your marriage and how you were raised.  I find you very attractive and sexy…even in that outfit, you are wearing.  I want to take you to bed and make love to you, show you what you have been missing, but I will not force you.  Your choice,” as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, giving me time to decide if I wanted to stay or go.

I stood there, my mind arguing with itself.  One part telling me to go home and back to my boring life just like momma lived or stay and know what all the buzz is that Tracy has talked about.  Finally, I bent over and removed my heels, turned my back to George as I reached up and tugged my pantyhose down and off my feet, leaving them in a pile by my heels.  All this time George sat on the edge of the bed, watching me, a smile finally coming over his face as he watched me, realizing that by what I did I was going to stay.

Finally, he got up and walked over to me, resuming unbuttoning my dress, slipping if off my shoulders, past my hips, until it lay in a puddle on the floor.  I automatically crossed my hands in front of me to try and cover as much as I could but he gently reached out and pulled my hands down.

“The light…it needs to go out,” I whispered.

“I want to see your sexy body Abby so please, let’s leave it on,”

I swallowed hard, knowing that my body was riddled with stretch marks and I still had some of the baby fat that I just could not seem to get rid of.  I figured that once George got a look, he would be more than ready to flip off the bedside light.  Pulling me in his arms, he began to gently kiss me as his hands moved up and down my back, occasionally stopping to cup my ass and bring me closer to him.  His tongue kept trying to works its way between my lips and finally, I parted them enough for his tongue to slip through.  As his tongue teased mine I found myself attempting to kiss him back the way he was kissing me.

My hands reached up and pulled his head closer to mine, our kisses turning harder and deeper.  Sometime while were kissing George manage to unfasten my bra, his hands cupping my breasts, his thumbs rubbing over the tips, making them harden into little pebbles.  It was such a unique feeling that I could not help but gasp and then moan in pleasure as new feelings flowed over my body.

Breaking the kiss, he took a step back and pulled my bra completely off.  Before I could bring my hands up to cover myself, he gripped my wrists in his hands, leaning down to swipe his tongue across the nipples.  The sensation was so strong it almost caused my knees to buckle.  Taking my hand he led me over to sit on the edge of the bed, putting his body between my legs as he knelt.  George hefted my breasts in his hand as he leaned forward, drawing one and then the other nipple between his lips, tugging and sucking on them as his tongue flickered over and around the end.  I had never felt such a feeling, and then it happened.  I felt my panties becoming damp and it started itching down there.

What is happening?  Did I just pee some?  Why is it sort of itchy down there?  Damn, that feels so erotic.  Is what I am feeling due to his kisses and attention to my nipples?

I felt him release my nipples and then he was gently pushing me back on the bed, his hands hooking themselves in the waistband of that excuse for panties that Tracy talked me into buying.  Very slowly he tugged them off and threw them aside.  Spreading my legs slightly I felt a fingertip slide up between my slit and then slide in, moving slowly in and out as his other hand started to pull on my nipples, alternating between them.  When he pushed back in after several minutes I realized it was more than one finger and before I had time to react he had three fingers deep inside of me.

As he drew his hand in and out, the sensations down there were getting stronger.  I let out a moan and clasped my legs tight around his wrist, momentarily stopping his movements.  Since he could not move his hand, George just wiggled his fingers and continued to play with my breasts, squeezing my nipples a little harder.  I forced myself to relax, allowing him to remove his hand.  Holding my legs wide apart, I felt hot air down there, and then I felt his tongue licking me, darting in and out.

Oh shit, he is going to taste my pee, still thinking that I had peed some, not knowing that it was only natural to have your juices flow.  He continued lapping at me until he had me wiggling on the bed.  Just when I thought that I could take no more, I felt his tongue on a part of my body down there that sent shock waves clear through me.  Then he began to lick me, driving his tongue inside while his thumb rubbed over and over that sensual spot.  I felt my body heating up, my entire body started to tremble and I was wiggling all over the bed as I became wetter and wetter.

Pulling back for a moment, George told me,”Let your body go do what it is supposed to do.  Cover my faces with your juices as I rub your clit and tongue fuck you,”

All of a sudden it seemed as if the devil had taken over my body as I flopped, twitched, and trembled, lights flashing behind my eyes, and temporarily losing consciousness for several seconds as I later found out was my first orgasm, but not the last of the night.  When I finally came down off my high, George stood up, worked his tennis shoes off, and tugged off his tee-shirt.  He then went to work on unbuckling his belt and lowering the zipper on his jeans.  Very slowly he worked his jeans and underwear down his hips until they were on the floor, where he stepped out of them.

I knew it was not right to stare nor to see what a man had down there but I could not help but stare.  To someone that had never seen a naked man before, including my husband, I was mesmerized.  Part of me wanted to sit up and reach out and touch him but I knew that was wrong…but then so was what was happening.

Standing back between my legs, George pulled me to a sitting position and placed my hand on him.  “Please touch my cock, make him hard,”

I lightly stroked him, surprised at the velvety touch of his skin and how he just seemed to grow by me touching him.  George wrapped my hand around him and with one hand on top of mine, he moved my hand up and down, indicating how it was to be done.  Soon I had the idea and it was amazing how with each stroke, he seemed to get harder and harder.

Putting his hand on the back of my head, George pushed it forward, indicating that he wanted to put his cock in my mouth.  I may never have a chance to put my mouth on one again because I sure cannot do that to Jacob.  He would wonder what I have been up too.  I leaned forward and gently wrapped my lips around it, being careful not to hurt him.  With George guiding my head I soon had a rhythm going and it was not bad.  Damn, and to think of all the years I have wasted.  This is one time momma did not know what she was talking about.  I then tasted something salty on the tip of my tongue and I immediately pulled back.

“Relax Abby, that is just my fluid, my cum, like what I lapped up from your pussy when you had that orgasm from my tongue licking you and my thumb massaging your clit.  Oh, baby, I have so much to teach you about sex and how enjoyable it can be.  Now scoot up and lay down.  I want to sink my cock deep in your pussy and make you scream out in pleasure.”

Reaching down, George picked up his jeans and removed a foil packet.  I watched him tear it open and cover his cock with it.  Then he got on the bed beside me, pulling me to face him, his lips claiming me.  I could taste a bit of saltiness on his lips and tongue, which I figured was from me.  He took my hand and placed it on his cock and then he started to use his fingers on me, especially what he called my clit.  We kissed and played until I was dripping again and his cock was straining against what it was covered with.

As he started to push me on my back I said, “Wait, I need to turn out the light,” but he ignored me as he crawled between my knees, his cock pushing against my opening.

We kissed for several more seconds before he pushed inside of me, causing me to gasp as he stretched me to fit his girth.  George slowly moved in and out, each stroke getting harder and deeper as he leaned down to suck on my nipples, licking and nipping at them.  Backing up, George put my legs over his shoulders before he pushed back in almost folding me in half.  I could feel him rubbing against my clit, sending pleasure signals deep inside my core.  I could feel my body heating up, the twitching starting as I got closer and closer to that proverbial edge that I had experienced earlier.  George started to move faster until I gave out a light scream as I came again, juices flowing down to the bed.

“That scream was pathetic,” George told me as he pulled out.  “Get on your stomach, now.”

When I didn’t move, George flipped me over and got me on my knees.  Gripping my right hip, George pushed himself deep inside of me.  He started with slow even strokes while his hand reached under me to stroke my clit, and then I felt his hand on mine, bringing it under me.

“Touch yourself here,” he said, showing me how to rub my clit.  I had never touched myself before.  Oh well, I am going to hell anyway for learning to enjoy sex and cheating on Jacob so I might as well touch myself and just add more coal to hell’s fire.

Once George was sure I had it down how to pleasure myself, he grabbed my hips and began to shove it deep and hard, so hard the bed started to shake.

I immediately froze, afraid that Tracy would hear us but it did not seem to bother George as he continued to do what he had been doing.  I soon felt that familiar ache in my pussy and body.  As if my hand had a mind of its own, I found myself rubbing my clit, my juices running down my hand as I neared what I knew now was an orgasm.  I pushed my face into the pillow, trying to stifle my scream that was building up right along with my orgasm.

“Don’t bury your face, Abby.  Let it out.  I want to hear you scream, and don’t worry about disturbing Tracy and Phil.  I know she is a screamer, and I am surprised we have not heard her yet.”

Without warning, my orgasm took over my body and I screamed as my left hand bunched up the corner of the pillow.  Soon, George pulled me tight to him as he let out a growl, finding his release.  When George released me, I collapsed on the bed, feeling like nothing more than a pile of jello, George lying on my back, planting kisses on my shoulders.

Slowly he rolled off me, saying, “Be right back.  I need to get rid of the condom,”

When he came back to bed a few minutes later, he pulled me back into his arms, my back against his chest as he draped an arm over my hip, his fingertips teasing the hair around my pussy.  I snuggled against him and gave a little sigh, ready to drop off into a light sleep.

“Sorry but I need a nap,” I mumbled as my eyes closed.

After what seemed like only minutes but had been a couple of hours, I felt lips tugging hard at my nipple while the other hand was tugging on the other one.

“No more,” I moaned.

“Oh yes, at least one more.  I want you to ride me,” George said as he continued what he was doing with his lips as his hand worked its way down until he was teasing my clit with his index finger.

I tried to ignore what his mouth and fingers were doing but my mind and body would not let me do that.  I finally gave up and wiggled around until I was facing him.  I gently reached down to stroke him, shocked to find he was already rock hard.

After several minutes, George got up and got another foil pack out of his jeans, covering his cock.  He sat back down on the bed, bracing his back against the headboard.  He took my arm and gently pulled me toward him, indicating that he wanted me to straddle his lap.  After some manipulating and maneuvering around, I was straddling his lap, lowering myself on his cock.

“Now just move up and down, grip him with your inner muscles.  Milk me dry,” he instructed as he leaned in to kiss me,   His hands went to work on my nipples, pinching and pulling on them as we kissed.

Slowly I moved up and down, feeling him getting harder and harder with each thrust. I finally managed to get my pussy to clench and unclench him until I heard his breathing change.  I decided to see if his nipples were as sensitive as mind and as soon as I touched George’s nipples, he gave out a little gasp.

“Damn,” he muttered.  “So good,”

We continued to touch and kiss while I slowly and methodically moved up and down on him working both of us toward a mutual goal.  Our breathing began to get heavier; my juices flowed as I got nearer to the edge.  As I started to cum, George pinched my nipples hard, causing my entire body to spasm as I tumbled over the edge, lights flashing behind my eyes, my pussy tightening around his cock.  I threw back my head, emitting a small howl.  When George came just after me he let out a low growl.  Tightening his arms around my waist, I laid my head on his shoulder, trying to get my breathing under control as was George.

I flopped on the bed, too exhausted to move or care.  I felt the bed dip as George got up but I went into a deep sleep before he came back.  When I awoke the next morning, George and I lay in a tangle of arms and legs.  At first, I was confused and unsure where I was but when I did manage to move, the soreness down there reminded me what had transpired and where I was.

“Morning,” George said.

“Morning,” I answered back as I went to get up but found myself unable to due to his hand on my thigh.

“Where are you going?”

“Bathroom,” I whispered

George let me go and I hurried to the bathroom.  I decided that while I was in there I would take a quick shower before I got dressed and headed home.  I was unsure how I was going to face Tracy if she was up when I left.  As I stood there soaping up, the shower curtain was pulled back and George stepped in.

“Thought you might need your back…or front washed,” he told me smiling as he eyed my body.

“Thanks but I have been showering alone for too many years to count.”

He took the washcloth from me and turned me around so he could wash my back and then he proceeded to do my front, lightly pinching my nipples as he kissed me.  He backed me against the wall and pressed against me, letting me feel that he wanted another round of sex.

How in the world does he still want or need more?  I know we woke up sometime during the night and made love so that should have been enough to last him at least a month or two.  Shit, as I realized my body was responding to his touch and kisses and it also wanted more.  We hurriedly rinsed off, turned off the water, and got out.  As we dried off, George suddenly took the towels and pushed them both against my stomach.

“Don’t move.  I will be right back,” as he rushed into the bedroom. A few seconds later he was back, wearing a condom.  Turning me toward the bathroom counter, he pushed me against it and down on it.  Spreading my legs, he worked his way inside.  This time it was nothing but pure animalistic instinct as he took me hard and fast until we came together, his growl and my scream intermingling.

George pulled out, removed the condom, and dumped it in the bathroom trash can with the others we had already used.  When we got back to the bedroom, I picked up my clothes and got dressed, wadding my pantyhose up in my hand.

“Go change and then come back.  I will start breakfast.  I know that Phil and Tracy will spend most of the day in bed, which I want us to do.  There is so much more I want to teach you, Abby,” George told me as he took my face in his hands, kissing me deeply.

Without thinking, I agreed to come back and spend the day with him.  I knew that Jacob would not be back until next weekend…and most likely he had someone warming his bed.  I had lost count of the times that his clothes smelled of a strange perfume when he came back from his business trips.  I knew that I needed to thank Tracy for the introduction to George and allowing me to learn to enjoy sex, but that could wait until later.