I watched Charles shuffle into the kitchen and take his seat at the table, picking up the morning newspaper and open it to the sports section.  I came behind him, reaching over to put his breakfast of toast and coffee in front of him although I knew he did not like me to get in the way of him and his sports section.

“Beth, you know I do not like you doing that,” he said glaring at me before turning back to the newspaper.

Man, he sure has been grumpy the past few days.  Hope I am not that way when I turn forty in two years.  He is acting like his life is about to end or something, I thought to myself.  “Charles, is something wrong?”

“No, nothing is wrong.  Whatever gave you that idea?” he asked as he folded the newspaper and laid it beside him on the table.

“Well…you have been a bit grumpy lately,”

“Just wait until you turn forty and see how grumpy you are,” Charles told me, saying exactly what I was thinking was wrong.

Maybe I should forgo the big party at The Golden Horseshoe Steak House and just celebrate with the two of us.  Maybe we can get away for the weekend.  It has been a while since we did that.

“Beth,” he said breaking into my thoughts, “don’t you be getting no idea for some big shindig with friends and family just because I am turning forty.”

“How about just the two of us taking off for the weekend; maybe go to the cabin?” I suggested.

“Sounds good but we need to see if Caleb is off first,”

“What has Caleb got to do with it?” I demanded. “I thought you would want to get away for a romantic weekend, not make it a fishing weekend with your buddy.  If that is what you want, go ahead with him and I will stay home.”

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Realizing what he had said, Charles wondered if he should let Beth think that or if he should explain to me that he wanted more…he wanted to watch Caleb and Beth have sex.  It was an idea that had been brewing in his mind for several months after he had caught Caleb ogling Beth in her bikini when they had their pool party.  He knew Caleb was into Beth but would never cross the line unless he was told he could.  It had always been a fantasy of his to watch his wife have sex with another man ever since he was a teen and discovered porn.  It seemed so erotic and sexual to observe another man with your wife as long as it was consensual.  When he and Beth married he had filed that fantasy away because he was positive Beth would never go for it.

“Charles, where the hell did you mind go?

“Ah…just thinking babe,” he told me but I could tell that something was on his mind.  I knew he would tell me in his own time.  Now we just had to get plans finalized for his birthday.

Looking at his watch, Charles pulled out his cell phone and dialed the office.  “Yeah Mary, this is Charles.  Do I have any meetings this morning?  Okay, I will be in late but will be there for the eleven o’clock meeting.”

I sat there, nursing my coffee, sure now that something was wrong because he never went into work late.  I got up and poured him another cup of coffee.  Once he clicked his phone off, he just stared at me for a long minute.

“Okay Charles, what is going on?”  I demanded.  “You never go into the office late?”

“Maybe I just want to spend the morning with my beautiful wife,”

Okay, something is definitely wrong.  He has never been that interested in sex.  Wait a minute?  Who said anything about sex?  He just wants to spend time with me.  That is all.

“What are your thoughts on Caleb?  Do you find him attractive?”

I thought a minute, figuring it was some sort of trick question.  I am going to get him in to see Dr. Calloway.  Something is wrong. “What do you ask?”

“Just wondering, that is all.  I happen to know that Caleb thinks you are hot,” Charles commented.  When he saw Beth just staring at him like he had lost his ever-loving mind, he knew he had to explain before she called the men in the little white coats to come take him away.  Taking a deep breath, he said, “I know what I want for my birthday…and it has to do with you…and Caleb,”

I sat there, waiting for him to continue and explain himself but I was not in any way prepared for what came out of his mouth next.

Taking a deep breath, Charles knew that she would either agree or slap him, most likely the last, “I love you babe but it has been a fantasy of mine to watch my wife have sex with another man…in this case, my best friend Caleb.  That is the birthday present I want.”

Oh no, he did not just say he wanted to watch me and Caleb have sex.  I need my hearing checked.  That is cheating although both parties agree to it.  No way in hell can I have sex with another man with my husband watching or even if he wasn’t watching.  I made a promise to be faithful when we married fifteen years ago.  I have never broken it and I am not starting now.  I looked over at him, waiting for him to tell me that he was only joking but he never cracked a smile, he just sat there staring at me, apparently waiting for my answer.

I took a sip of my now cold coffee, trying to figure out how to answer him without hurting his feelings.  “Charles, are you serious?  What about our vows to be faithful to each other?  Don’t they mean anything to you?”

“Yes and this is not cheating since I already know about it and you are just fulfilling a fantasy of mine,”

“Would you have sex with another woman if I asked you too?”

“Yes, if it was one of your fantasies I would?”

I threw my hands up in the air and walked out of the room, unsure what alien had invaded my husband’s body and what they did with the Charles I knew.  I went upstairs to the master bedroom and locked the door behind me.  I hoped that after he got home from work that he would have forgotten completely about this stupid birthday present he wanted.  OMG, he wants me to have sex with Caleb!  Caleb was the same age as Charles and had been best friends since Caleb’s parents moved in next door.  I had to admit at first, before Charles and I became a couple in his senior year that I had a crush on Caleb but we never went out.  I ended up marrying Charles when he finished college and Caleb left town to do his thing.  He had moved back right after his parents died five years ago and now he was almost a permanent fixture at our house.

I heard a light pecking on the bedroom door and Charles asking, “Let me in babe.  I took a few hours off to be with you.  Let’s not waste it with a locked door between us.”

“Go to work Charles, I do not want to be around you now.” I hollered back.

From the tone of his wife’s voice, Charles hoped that by the time he got home that she had calmed down and his stuff would not be set out on the front porch with the locks changed.

After I heard his car pull out of the driveway, I went back downstairs, got myself another cup of coffee and went out to sit by the pool to think.

I was no prude sexually but I did take my wedding vows seriously.  I just could not imagine having sex with another man…much less when your husband is sitting over there watching it all go down.  What is he going to be doing?  Jacking off?  Or is he going to want to get in on the action?  What would this hair brain fantasy do to our marriage?  Lord, I have to be ready to be his roommate at the nut house for even considering it.  And why Caleb; will he accept a onetime romp between the sheets and how will it affect our friendship?

I shook my head, deciding to put it out of my mind because it was not going to happen.  I just finished my coffee when I heard a car pull in the drive, and then the side gate opened.  I wiggled around in my chaise lounge to see who was there and saw Caleb walking toward me.  For some reason I felt my face turning red and I wanted nothing more than to sink down in the chaise lounge and disappear.  Then it hit me.

Shit, I am not properly dressed for company.  I am still wearing my baggy tank top and boy shorts I put on after my shower.

I quickly straightened up and pulled my top down in the back so it would come up higher and tighter against my boobs.  My shorts, well there was nothing I could do about them.

“Hey Beth, how are you doing?” Caleb asked sitting down in a regular chair next to me.

I watched his eyes travel the length of my body, coming to rest for several seconds on my chest, and then up to my face, which I knew was red.  Charles is right, Caleb is hot for me.  Damn!   “Hi Caleb; I am doing well.  Anything I can help you with?”

“Ah…as a matter of fact…you can,”

I waited for him to continue but instead of saying anything, he scooted out of his chair, dropped to his knees beside me, leaned forward, and kissed me, catching me totally off guard.  When he moved back to sit on his heels, I jumped off the chaise lounge and glared at him, not caring that my top was sagging forward, almost causing my breasts to fall out.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” I yelled at him.  “First Charles with his hair-brained birthday wish and now…oh my gosh, Charles told you to come over here and work on me to get me to agree to his scheme.  I cannot believe it. “

“Beth, take a chill pill,” Caleb told me as he came around the foot of the chaise lounge toward me.  “Do you find me that repulsive?”

“No…but I take my marriage vows seriously but apparently Charles does not,”

“Then relax, give Charles what he wants for his birthday.  One time is all he is asking.  He is not asking you to have an affair with me…although I wouldn’t mind it,” he admitted.  “I know you had a crush on me in high school before you and Charles became an item.  Truthfully, I wish I had made a move on you before Charles did.”

I just stared at him.  I never knew that he felt that way about me.  He always seemed to act like he was not interested in me, even when I tried to flirt with him.  The two of them were mad.  Gosh, I do not want to turn forty if this is what happens when you hit the big 4-0.  I turned and ran in the house, hoping Caleb would not follow me.

A few minutes later, I heard Caleb leave and let out a loud sigh.  I sank down on the couch, my mind full of pros and cons of what Charles had suggested for his birthday gift.  I cannot believe I am even considering giving in to what he wants.  I love him and if this is what he wants, who am I to deny him.  I am sure if I wanted this he would not deny me.  Okay, Charles, you are going to get your birthday wish.  I just hope you are really sure about this and it does not end our marriage.  And so help me, if you ever throw it in my face, I will cut your cock off.

Well, it is Saturday and we are heading to the cabin where Caleb is meeting us.  I was adamant that in order to get his birthday wish it would be at the cabin.  No way was I having sex with another man in our marriage bed nor was I going to Caleb’s.  It was either the cabin or a motel.  To me, it was bad enough having sex with another man but it would make it seem even worse if we went to a motel.  After all, that is where most affairs happened; in random motel rooms under a fake name.  Not that I had that experience but that is what happened in all the romance books I read.  Charles was so excited he could barely contain himself but, I was not too happy and wish the day was already over with.  I just hoped that I could pretend enough to make both men happy.

When we arrived at the cabin, Caleb was already there, sitting on our front porch drinking a beer.  When we got out of the car, a smile came over his face as he took me in.

“Do I meet your expectations?” I asked Caleb sarcastically as I headed into the cabin, leaving the men to unload the car

Most of the day the men were at the lake fishing, leaving me with plenty of time to read and worry about the upcoming evening.  We decided to fulfill his birthday wish before supper.  After a warm shower, I slipped on a red short nightgown with nothing underneath.  Although I was almost forty years old, I still managed to keep my body in good shape.  Yes, it was not a body of an eighteen-year-old but it was all-natural.  I took a deep breath and headed for the bedroom where the men were waiting.

I felt like I was a lamb being led to slaughter.  I was not happy with the situation but I loved Charles and I wanted to give him the birthday gift he wanted.  I knew it would be a test of how strong our marriage really was.  Swallowing hard, I opened the door and stepped in the room.

I did a quick glance around the room, spotting Charles sitting in one of the camp chairs in the shadows in a corner of the bedroom, giving him a good view of the bed.  As I looked closer, I could barely make out his hand lightly stroking himself on top of his baggy shorts.  Looking toward the bed, Caleb was sitting in the middle leaning up against the headboard, naked as the day he was born, already semi-hard.   I reached down, grabbed the hem of my nightgown, and pulled it over my head, dropping it to the floor.  I heard two audible gasps in the room.

Caleb climbed off the bed and walked toward me, a low whistle emitting from his lips as he eyed me up and down.  Reaching out he pulled me in his arms, kissing me lightly as his hands reached down and caressed my ass. I could feel his semi-erection pressing against me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him back, my tongue slipping between his lips.  We stood there kissing for several minutes before he led me to the bed.  He pushed me gently back, my feet still on the floor, Caleb dropping to his knees in front of me.

Caleb spread my legs and lightly swiped his fingers up my slit and back down.  Scooting closer, his tongue replaced his fingers, sending a shiver up and down my spine.  Reaching up, he began to tweak, pinch, and pull on my nipples, earning a light moan from me.  As he played with my nipples, Caleb’s tongue worked on my slit, licking up and down.  Despite my telling myself that I would not enjoy it I found my body starting to heat up, my juices starting to flow.  My legs clamped against Caleb’s head, holding him in place as my body started to twitch as my orgasm hit hard, covering his face with my juices.  I was totally taken off guard as I never had come this hard, this fast.

When my legs relaxed, Caleb moved back and stood up.  I sat up and moved to where I was on the floor before Caleb.  I reached out and grabbed his cock in my hand, my tongue reaching out to lick the head while I stroked him.  I wrapped my lips around the head, sucking and licking.  I felt his hands entangle themselves in my hair, pulling my hair lightly as he tried to get me to take more of him in my mouth but I continued to work on him at my pace.  I slowly took more and more of him in, my one hand reaching down to cup his balls.  I gently squeezed them, feeling him tightening up.

While I worked on Caleb I found a small part of me wondering how Charles was handling it, seeing me sucking on another man’s cock.  If I had been able to look over, I would have seen Charles with his cock in his hand, stroking off as he watched me sucking Caleb off.  He told me later that he had never been so turned on and was harder than he had ever been.

I continued to work on his cock, dropping down to suck his balls, my hand now working on his cock, gripping him tight as I stroked him up and down.  I could hear Caleb moan and say softly, “Oh damn Beth, keep that up and you are going to make me cum,”

I was tempted to finish him off that way, figuring that since he and Charles were the same age that he would be a one-trick pony like Charles.  If I sucked him off, then he would be too tired to have sex with me.  That would be a plus for me.  I continued to work on his balls and cock until he let out a cry of sheer pleasure as he came all over my hand, dripping to the bedroom floor.  I stood up and headed out of the bedroom to the bathroom to wash my hand.  When I came back to the bedroom, Caleb was back in the same position as he was when I had first walked into the room.

I handed him the warm washcloth to wash his cock off and bent down to pick up my nightgown to put it back on when he asked, “What are you doing Beth?  We are not done yet.”

“But I...” I began only to be cut off by him.

“That was foreplay.  Now in a few minutes we will have sex, if you want to call it that, or we can call it making love.  Whatever you want to call it, I am going to bury my cock deep in that pussy and make you scream out in pleasure.”

I glanced over to where Charles was sitting, this time it appeared that his cock was out and in his hand, or but it was hard to tell with him being in the shadows.

“Come on, get back in this bed,” Caleb told me patting the spot beside him as he slid down so he was lying on the bed.

I crawled onto the bed and over to where he wanted me to join him.  I am amazed that he wants it again but is it all talk to try to impress me?  I guess I am about to find out.  Wonder what he is taking to make him so horny?  He and Charles are the same age but if Charles wants it twice a week I would be surprised.

Pulling me into his arms once I was on the other side of him, Caleb started to kiss me, his hands working up and down my side.  He scooted down so he could latch onto my nipple, his tongue grazing over the tip, sucking and pulling on it, and then doing the same to others.  He continued to switch back and forth, his other hand stroking my back and side.  I could feel the head of his cock probing my thigh.

I know I should not be thinking this but damn, he has a magical tongue.  He seems to just know how to lick my nipple and his mouth is also magical.  Never felt such intense sexual pleasure from having my nipples sucked and played with.

I felt his mouth leave my nipples and work their way down, his hands pushing me to my back as he got between my legs, his tongue now working its magic on my pussy.  When he slowly inserted two fingers and his lips caught my clit between then I almost jumped off the bed.  My pussy felt like it was on fire.  He continued to work on my pussy while one hand reached up and played with my nipples.  Caleb continued to take me to the edge and then back off several times until I wanted to scream.  Just when I didn’t think I could take it any longer, he stopped and reached over to the nightstand where he had placed a condom.  Once he was covered, he positioned himself between my legs, the tip of his cock just teasing me by only going in so far and then withdrawing.

Without warning he drove himself home deep inside of me, causing me to moan out loud, wrap my legs around his waist and hold him there for several seconds to give me time to adjust to his size.  Finally able to relax some, he began to move in and out, drawing out the end of our pleasure.  As we got close Caleb began to thrust as hard and deep as he could.  I no longer gave any thought to Charles sitting in the corner watching or the fact that I was having sex with another man.  All I was thinking about was how good it felt and that I needed release…NOW!  So much for having to pretend.

Caleb leaned down and proceeded to kiss me, our tongues tangling in the heat of the moment.  I could feel the heat building up in my inner core, both our breathing deepening as we near our climaxes.  As the world seemed to explode around me, I let out a scream and dug my nails into his back as I cum hard.  Caleb soon followed; lost in the moment of passion he nipped my shoulder.  As the room quieted, with the only noise being our heavy breathing, we both heard a loud groan from across the room.  I knew from that sound that Charles had found his own release from watching his wife have sex with another man.

I wiggled out of Caleb’s arms and got out of bed, walking on shaky legs to grab my nightgown from the floor and go to the bathroom to take a shower.  I stood there for several long minutes just looking at myself in the mirror but I didn’t look any different after having sex with another man.  Was I supposed to look different?  Was I supposed to have a guilty look on my face, whatever type look that was supposed to be?  The look I am seeing is of someone that has been completely satisfied during sex.

After showering, I put on a summer shit with nothing but bikini bottoms underneath, and then slipped my feet into a pair of flip-flops.  I was not sure of the time but knew that I needed to fix supper.  The men had caught some fish and cleaned them so I figured I would fix those.  We had an electric grill and figured that we would grill them along with a baked potato.  When I came out of the shower, it seemed like everyone had left it was so quiet.  Going into the kitchen, I saw Caleb sitting at the table nursing a beer but Charles was not in sight.

“Where is Charles?”

“He went to town to get more beer.  He should be back soon,”

By soon I knew he meant at least thirty minutes or so because the cabin was on five acres in the middle of nowhere and at least thirty minutes from town.  That was one of the reasons we choose this property.  As I walked by Caleb to get to the ‘fridge, he reached out and grabbed my thigh.

“Got anything on under there?” he asked, sliding his hand under the hem and moving up my thigh.

“Stop it,” I told him “You and I had sex; Charles got his birthday wish so no more.  You know that is what was agreed upon.”

“True, but we have time for a quickie,” Caleb said. “Look,”

As I turned my head his and looked down to where he was pointing, my mouth dropped open in shock.  We just had sex not more than forty-five minutes ago and he is already sporting a hard-on.  Caleb had pulled his cock out through his underwear and jean shorts, lightly stroking it.

“Come ride me, Beth,”

“We don’t have time, even if I wanted too.   Charles could come back any minute and I am not sure he would be happy to see me riding his best friend’s cock.”

“He has only been gone for ten minutes so we have time,” Caleb said reaching for my arm to pull me closer.

This time it will be cheating because this was not in the plans.  It was one and done, no more, but a part of me wanted to be wild and take a chance.

I reached under my shift and pulled my panties off.  I watched Caleb work a foil pack from his front pocket and cover himself.  I straddled his lap, slowly sinking down on his cock.  Putting his hands on my hips Caleb began to move me up and down.  I placed my hands on both sides of his head, pulling his face toward mine so we could kiss.

I started to massage his cock with my pussy, feeling him getting hard inside of me.  Suddenly Caleb stopped and indicated that he wanted me up so I did, confused and horny as hell.  Standing, Caleb turned me around until I was facing the table.  He bent me forward, flipped my shift up, and buried himself deep inside of me. I reached across the narrow table and grabbed the other side, trying to brace myself for his hard deep thrusts.

It seemed like only seconds had passed before I felt my juices starting to flow and inner core was on fire.  I knew it was only minutes before I exploded.  I continued to work on his cock with my pussy until my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.  I screamed, knowing that there were no neighbors for five miles either side.  I was just hoping that Charles was nowhere in the vicinity to hear me.  A few more hard thrusts and Caleb gripped my hips as he found his release.

Slowly he pulled out, grabbed my panties from the floor, and handed them to me.  He then went down to the bathroom to take care of the condom.

I hope he buries that one so Charles does not find it.  One condom he would understand but two?  No way would any explanation other than Caleb and I had sex again, without him watching.  Damn, it is going to be so hard to stay away from Caleb.  I wish I had never agreed to Charles's hair brain birthday present.

Suddenly I heard the unmistakable crunching of gravel under car tires and I quickly put my panties back on and went over to the sink to wash my hands and face, hoping that my face was not too flushed.  Taking a couple of deep breaths, I turned just as the door opened and Charles walked in, carrying two cases of beer.

“Wow, looks like two certain men are planning on some serious drinking,” I commented, trying to sound normal.

“It’s my birthday and we are going to celebrate.  I told you before we left that one case of beer was not enough,” Charles said as he came over to kiss me.  “And thank you for that awesome birthday present.  It was sexy as hell.  I never knew jacking off could be so erotic.  Just wait until I get you in bed tonight.  I will show you just how much of a turn-on it was,” as he smacked my ass on his way to the ‘fridge with one case of beer.  “Can you bring me the other one babe?  And where is Caleb?  He is the one that thought we needed more beer so he better not have gone to bed and left me with all this beer.”

“I am right here and you are not going to drink alone.  We are going to drink beer and then you and I can take Beth to bed and have a threesome; show her what it is like to have two studs at once,” Caleb said matter-of-factly.

Charles and I turned to look at each other and then at Caleb, who suddenly started to laugh, saying, “Gotcha, now move out of the way so I can get a beer,”

I breathed a sigh of relief as I waited for the guys to get out of the way so I could get into the ‘fridge.  “Charles, would you start up the electric grill and take care of the fish while I take care of the rest of the supper?”

During supper, we all managed to sit around and talk although the topic of Charles's birthday celebration was not brought up.  I could not wait to celebrate his birthday with just the two of us.