Serena had just snuggled under the covers and was drifting off when her cell phone started to ring.  “Shit,” she muttered as she reached out trying to grab the phone, almost knocking it to the phone.  “This had better be important,” she mumbled hitting the answer button.

“Serena, this is important.  I need you to bail Doug out of jail,”

Recognizing the voice of one of Frank McIntyre., one of the senior partners of the law firm where she worked, Serena instantly became awake and said, “Sorry, I had a long day in court. Give me thirty minutes and I will take care of it,”

“Thanks.  There will be a bonus for you taking care of this matter after hours,”

“Yes, of course,” she said untangling herself from her nice warm comforter and standing up, holding a phone now just emitting a dial tone.  You and your son can go straight to hell, wishing that she had the guts to tell him just that but he was technically one of her bosses and he would not be too happy with her if she did that.  It would be the end of her job and career in her small home town.

Grabbing a pair of jeans and tee-shirt, she stripped off her nighty, put on her bra and panties, then the rest of her clothes. She would be damn if she would in a suit and put on makeup at this time of night just to bail his son out.  She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, grabbed her phone while slipping her feet into a pair of sandals.

Within thirty minutes she was pulling up in front of the local police station.  Grabbing her purse she stomped into the main office.

“Hi Serena, are you here to bail out the golden boy?” the officer on duty asked

“Yeah, what did he do this time?” she asked pulling out a credit card that Mr. McIntyre had given her for situations just like this.

“Driving drunk and speeding.  Thirty miles over the speed limit with a blood alcohol level of eight,” he said pushing a bail paper toward her.

Serena signed it and passed him the card along with the form.  Once everything was taken care of, the officer called to have Doug released and brought to the front of the station.  Serena went over and took a seat in one of the hard chairs, fighting back a yawn. Five minutes later Doug was escorted to the front of the station, staggering slightly.  When Serena stood up, he ambled over to her and slung his arm over her shoulders, almost knocking her off balance.

“Hi, sweet cheeks.  Thanks for coming to get me,” as he tried to kiss her but she quickly turned her head to avoid his drunken kiss.  “Come on, you know you like me.  You know we have a thing going so you don’t have to play shy in front of Officer Michaels.”

“Doug, we do not have anything going on.  I don’t care for boys like you,” she told him, shrugging off his arm and heading for the door.

“Do you have my keys?  I don’t have them and I don’t want to have to hotwire my BMW.”

“You can get your car tomorrow.  Tonight I am making sure you get home…just like the other five times you pulled this shit,” Serena said, fighting back the anger that wanted to settle into her voice.  She hoped that Doug would just come quietly and fall asleep in the car just like he had done the other times.

Doug followed behind her, still mumbling about getting his keys so he could drive home.  Serena got in the driver's side, waiting impatiently for him to get in and buckle up.

Once in the car, Doug turned slightly, putting his hand on her thigh, rubbing it up and down saying, “Let’s get in the back seat and get freaky.  We can give the officers a show; something to talk about,” as his hand moved to the inside of her thigh.

Reaching down, Serena grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand away.  “Doug, behave.  I need you to keep your hands to yourself so I can concentrate on driving.  Put your head back, nap, and I will let you know when we get to your house.”

“But I am horny,” he complained.  “I need relief,”

Serena took a deep breath before she said something she might regret and decided to bite her tongue and just concentrate on getting him home so she could get back to her nice warm bed.  Six in the morning would be there before she knew it.  As she pulled out into the deserted street main street, Serena felt his hand back on her thigh again, his fingers creeping toward the V between her legs.

“Damn it, Doug, stop it!” Serena snapped

“And what if I don’t want to?  You going to tell daddy I have been bad?”

Serena knew that even if she did, his father would believe her son over her any day so she just put her hand between her legs to keep him from touching her there.

Feeling her hand there, Doug laughed and said, “I may have had a bit much to drink but I am sober enough to know that what I have between my legs would feel better there than your fist.  Let’s go back to your place and I will show you or we can go to my cottage behind the main house,”

Serena forced herself to ignore him and tried to concentrate on her driving but it was getting almost impossible the way he kept pushing her fist into her the V between her legs and much to her annoyance, Serena was finding it a bit of a turn on.  When they finally pulled up in front of the mansion, she stopped and quickly put the car in park.  To get away and clear her thoughts, she hopped out of the car, taking her keys with her along with her purse.  Digging her phone out, she hit the number for the butler’s quarters.  When he answered, Serena said, “Hate to disturb you Mark but I need you to get some trash out of my car,”

Mark chuckled and said, “Let me get dressed and I will be right out,”

True to his word, Mark came out the front door, pulling a tee-shirt over his head.  Serena stood outside the car while he wrestled Doug out, letting him lean on him as he walked him up the stairs to the open door.

“Serena, one day you will be begging me for my cock and I won’t give it to you!” Doug yelled before Mark shut the door behind them.

Serena gave a huge sigh of relief before she climbed back into the car and headed home.  I really need to turn in my two-week notice and get the hell out of this small town and start over in a larger city. I am forty years old and the prospects of getting remarried were slim to none.  Not many men to choose from in the marriage pool.  Ten years being an attorney should get me a decent job but who am I kidding? Homegrown and going to stay here until I die just like my mom and dad.


When the alarm went off the next morning, Serena wanted to throw it out the window.  Serena finally made it home just after midnight.  She threw off her clothes and climbed into bed without bothering with her nighty.  Although she tried to put it out of her mind, Serena found herself replaying just how good Doug’s hand had felt on her inner thigh, and in spite of everything, she found herself becoming wet just thinking about it.

It had been five years since Jessie and died and she had only one man in that entire time so it stood to reason why she was horny.  Damn, I need to take another cruise.  Finally, Serena knew if she wanted any sleep, she had no choice but to take matters in hand so she got out her trusty vibrator.  By the time she fell into a deep sleep, it was almost two in the morning.

After hitting the snooze button several times, Serena moaned and made herself get out of bed.  With any luck, a cool shower and a cup of strong coffee would wake her up. By the time Serena made it to work, she was thirty minutes late but knew no one would say a word considering her late-night call-out.

Just as she settled in her chair and turned on her computer, her law clerk came in carrying a folder saying, “Here is a new case. It is a domestic divorce case.”

“Thanks, Marlena.  Who are we representing and when is their appointment?” she asked taking a sip of her coffee.

“We are representing her and she has an appointment in an hour,”

As Marlena left the office, Serena pulled out a note pad to jot down notes and flipped open the folder.  She had just gotten started with her reading when she heard loud voices coming from the reception area and then she heard someone tromping down the hallway.

“She is busy with a client,” the receptionist said. “You will have to wait,”

Being the only female attorney, Serena knew whoever it was, was not going to be stopped, and then the receptionist appeared in her doorway followed by Doug.

“Don’t look like there is any client in there so she will see me,” he said angrily he looked over the receptionist's shoulder. “And you must not know who I am,”

Standing up, Serena said, “No, she doesn’t know who you are because she just started a couple of weeks ago.  Joan is temporary while Breanna is on maternity leave so cut her some slack.  She was just doing her job,” as she looked down at the name on the file in front of her. “Mrs. Taylor has an appointment in an hour so please call and reschedule to this afternoon or tomorrow.”

Joan squeezed past Doug who was trying to block her by almost filling up the door frame but decided to move out of the way at the last moment.  Stepping into the office, he shut the door behind him.

“Got my car back no thanks to you,”

“You were too drunk to drive last night and besides, the police would not have given you your keys back even if I asked.  Now, what can I do for you?  I have work to do,”

Sitting down in the chair in front of her desk, he slouched back, spreading his legs and putting his hands on his thighs.  “I have a court appearance tomorrow at 11 and I need my attorney to go with me.  Think that is bullshit.  That officer had no right to pull me over and I am going to have him fired,”

Serena fought to keep her eyes from rolling back in her head as she knew that was not going to happen.  His father may be gruff and would do anything for his son but he was not so thoughtless to put someone out of work for doing their job. “Alright, I will meet you there,”

When Doug realized she was not going to say anything more, he asked her, “Want to ditch work and come back to my place to finish what we started last night?  You know dad wouldn’t mind giving you the day off,”

Shit, I was hoping he had been too drunk to remember that absurd conversation last night.  Putting a fake smile on her face, Serena said, “Doug I have a client coming in this afternoon but I have a lot of work to do.”

“Ah….so you finally admit you want this body and my cock,”

Serena felt her face warming up at the thought of how good it would feel to have sex with a man again but not Doug.  He was too young for her and he was the son of one of the partners of the law firm.  Getting a grip on her emotions she said with as much sternness as she could, “Doug, leave and go find you some college chick.  I am too old for you.”

“I like my women older Serena.  So get your stuff together and I will go tell dad you and I are splitting,”

Jumping to her feet, almost spilling her coffee in the process, Serena said, “NO!  I am not going anywhere with you. Get that through that damn thick skull of yours. Now get out of my office and go harass someone else.  I have work to do.”

“Okay, then we will just do it on your desk. Hope that the door has a lock on it although it might be kind of kinky and exciting if someone walked in while I was banging you bent over your desk,”

Serena just stared at Doug, unsure just how to handle him because this was a side of him she had never seen before.  Finally, she put the file in the drawer, locked it, and stood up.  Hoping this did not get her reprimanded or fired, she stated again, “We are not happening Doug.  Leave now,” as she headed for the door to open it.

As she walked to the door, Dough jumped out of the chair and intercepted her movements by grabbing her arm and pulling her into his embrace, his lips claiming hers before she had a chance to protest.  At first, Serena stood there not kissing him back, and then she put his hands on his shoulders to try and push him back but was unable to.

Without warning, his hands moved down her back until he was cupping her ass, holding her tight against him as he walked her backward toward the closed door.  Just before her body hit the door, Doug moved his hands and pinned her against the door with his body, grinding himself against her as he deepened the kiss.

As if her mouth and arms had a mind of their own, she began to kiss him back, her arms around his neck, entangling her fingers in his hair.  When his hands moved between them and started to unbutton her blouse, Serena knew she should stop him but instead, she pulled his tee shirt out of his jeans and worked her hands under it.  Stopping a moment to flip the lock on the door he then resumed unbuttoning her blouse

Pushing her jacket off her shoulders he managed to get it off and tossed it aside, followed by her blouse, leaving her standing there in her pencil-skirt and skimpy lacy white bra.  Doug took a step back and pulled his tee-shirt over his head, dropping it on the floor.  Serena knew she should stop this but her mind refused to obey her as she found her hands reaching for the button on his jeans, pushing it through the buttonhole. They continued to kiss as he unhooked her bra and Serena worked his zipper down, reaching in to caress him through his underwear.

“Oh baby,” he moaned as he palmed her breasts, pinching her nipples hard.

Working his cock free, Serena dropped to her knees, her lips wrapping themselves around him as her tongue licked around the head and down the back.  As she stroked him, Serena tightened her lips against him as she took him deep in her throat.

Doug began to push against her as he could feel his balls starting to tighten.  “I don’t want to waste this down your throat,” as he reluctantly pulled out and helped her to her feet.

Taking her over to the side of her desk, he pushed everything aside, making sure that he did not spill her coffee.  He worked her skirt up to her waist and yanked her panties down before pushing her face down on the desk.  Quickly he pulled a condom out of his jean pocket, ripped it open, and sheathed himself.  Pushing her legs apart, Doug reach down and ran his fingers up and down her slit, feeling the wetness on his fingers.

Positioning himself at her opening, Doug pushed inside, burying himself deep before pulling almost all the way out and pushing himself back in deep and hard.  Serena stretched out her arms and gripped the desk as he picked up speed until he was driving in deep, hard, and fast.  Doug gripped her hips, making sure that with each stroke he was brushing against her clit.

Serena began to moan as she felt a fire starting deep in her core, taking her higher and higher with each stroke until she found herself at the edge.  Clamping her mouth tightly closed because she didn’t want anyone to hear her felt her body come apart, lights flashing behind her closed eyes as her orgasm ripped through her body, unlike any she had ever experienced before.

Doug gave one final push in, pinning her body against the desk as he unloaded inside of her.  When it was over, he slowly pulled out, removing the condom.  Spying a tissue box, he grabbed several and wrapped the condom in it before disposing of it in the trash.  Slowly Serena stood up, her legs shaking as she pulled up her panties, then gathered her clothes and got re-dressed.

“Next time it will be better and in a bed,” Doug said as he kissed gently before he unlocked the door and let himself out.

Serena quickly straightened up her desk and sank down in the chair behind her desk, trying to figure out just how and why she let it happen.  Gathering her thoughts, Serena unlocked the drawer and pulled out the file she had been starting to read when Doug burst into her office.

Time to figure this out later.  Now it is back to work.