It had been a long day at the shop and tourist season was just starting but Tracy loved the work but she loved going home too.  At the end of a busy day, she had Hunter waiting for her.  Sex on a stick she called him; six foot even, dark brown hair that came to just below his shoulder, deep brown eyes that seemed to see into her soul, and muscular body.  Just thinking of him made her panties wet.  They had been together four and a half years and she still couldn’t believe how lucky she was when he came into the shop asking for a job.

Glancing at her watch, she noticed that it was almost time to close up shop.  During the off-season, Tracy closed up at six o’clock except the weekend when she stays open until nine o’clock.  When tourist season was in full swing, she would be open every night until nine.  After giving herself another ten minutes to see if any last-minute stragglers came in Tracy finally went over and locked the doors and put up the closed sign.

As she was finishing up a few last-minute things, a voice called out from the storage area, “Your chariot awaits my lady,”

“Be just a minute,” she answered back.

A few seconds later Hunter came into the shop and over to her, dropping to his knees in front of her.  She reached down and patted his head and then gave a little tug on his hair.  Hunter got to his feet and offered her his lips, which she gladly claimed in a passionate kiss.  Stepping back, Tracy pointed to a chair, which Hunter went over and sat in to wait for her. She quickly finished tallying up the day’s receipts and went into the office to put everything into the safe.

“Let’s go,” she called to Hunter.

He bounded into the back storage area and opened the door for her, then pulled it shut and locked it with his set of keys.  She waited patiently for him to open the door and to help her in and buckle her seatbelt.  Once they reached home, he helped her out of the car and held her hand as they went into the kitchen through the garage.

“Would you like a bath first or supper?” Hunter asked, pleased to do whatever she asked of him.

“Run me a bath with bubbles,” Tracy told him as she headed down the hall to their bedroom.

Hunter was right behind her and as she stripped out of her clothes, he went to draw her bath.

“Anything else?”

“Wash my back and then go set the table.  I will be down in about thirty minutes,”

After making sure she was settled in the bath and washing her back, Hunter headed to the kitchen.  When she started to show her dominant side and all the fetishes she expected him to fulfill eight months into their relationship, Hunter almost walked.  He didn’t want anyone telling him what to do, especially a woman.  When he was 18, he left the orphanage and roamed around the country for two years making all his own decisions. When he arrived in Gatlinburg, he had a hundred dollars to his name and he had the traveling bug pretty much out of his system. He was ready to settle down with a job and get an apartment.  He did not expect to find someone like Tracy but after all this time, he was happy with the way things were.

After checking on the roast in the crockpot, he set the table and sat down to wait on Tracy.  When she strolled in about 15 minutes later wearing nothing, Hunter knew what was expected of him.  He jumped up and pulled out her chair and waited for her to sit down.  Dropping to his knees, he spread her legs, pulling her closer to the edge.

Putting his hands under her butt, he raised her toward his mouth, running his tongue up her slit and back down.  Moving his hand between her thighs, he spread her lips apart and began to lick and push the tip of his tongue in as far as it would go.  When he heard her start to moan, he swiped his tongue across her clit, taking it between his lips sucking it, and flicking his tongue over it.

Moving his hand closer to her slit, he pushed three fingers inside, curling his fingers so he could touch her G-spot.  Hunter continued to do what he was doing until he had her right at the edge and then he stopped and stood up.  Licking his lips, he leaned down to kiss her, sharing her sweet nectar with her.

As she sat there breathing heavily, Hunter went over and dished up the supper. Sitting down across from her, he took his bare foot and began to tease her slit with his toes.  He could feel himself hardening, his cock pushing against the zipper of his jeans.  Hunter knew that he would get no satisfaction until Tracy was satisfied but it was worth the wait.  I just hope she does not make me wait until in the morning.  It is hard to sleep when you are so damn horny and your cock doesn’t want to relax.

As they finished eating, Tracy said, “Go get it out of the nightstand drawer,”

Hunter knew exactly what she wanted and hurried down to the bedroom to get it for her. He came back a few minutes later with her seven-inch ribbed vibrator in his hand.  After handing it to her, he cleared the table, the sound of her moans and the hum of the vibrator filling the room.   As he loaded the dishwasher, he used his free hand to adjust his cock, trying to make it more bearable.   When he had the dishwasher loaded and turned on, he turned back to face Tracy. Judging by the look on her face she was close.

“Pull your cock out and stroke for me but do not cum,” Tracy ordered.  Hunter unzipped his jeans and worked his cock out. It was to the point of hurting it was so hard.  As she worked the vibrator around her clit and in and out of her pussy, Hunter stroked his cock and played with his balls.  As he edged closer, Hunter would stop and then start over.  Suddenly she stood up and headed down the hallway to the bedroom.  Hunter followed her and when he got into the bedroom, she was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide.   “Strip and come fuck me,”

Hunter quickly stripped off and came over to the bed, crawling between her legs. Grabbing her ankles, he put her legs over his shoulders and pushed his way inside hard and deep, as she liked it. Getting into a rhythm, he soon had the headboard banging against the wall.  Tracy could feel the burn in her inner core as she raced to the edge.  Her body began to twitch and shake, her juices pouring out as every nerve in her body seemed to be tingling.  Within a few seconds, she tumbled over the edge, her muscles contracting tight against his cock.

Hunter slowed his thrusts down, giving Tracy time to enjoy your orgasm before he found his release.  To his surprise, she ordered him to stop and pull out.  “On your knees,”

Hunter knew what was coming and he could feel himself starting to drip.  Grabbing the vibrator, Tracy got the lube from the drawer and cover the vibrator and then her fingers as she slowly worked them into his ass, her fingers pushing against his prostate gland, making him drip that much more.  As she continued what she was doing, Hunter started to rub himself against the bed, earning a slap on the ass.

“Stop,” Tracy said. “I will tell you if you can do that,”

Going to his left side, Tracy reached under and began to stroke him as she worked the vibrator inside of his ass, the vibrator set at medium speed.  Hunter let out a loud moan as the pleasure started to overwhelm him.  He knew that he would not last long.  She continued to stroke him, gripping his cock tight as she moved the vibrator in and out.

Soon he could not hold back any longer and let out a yell as he squirted all over the bed, coming harder than he had in a long time.  When he was finally spent, Tracy turned off the vibrator and pulled it out, dropping it to the floor.

“Change the bed Hunter and then I need my massage to go to sleep.”

Hunter quickly did as she requested and soon he could hear her snoring lightly. He took the vibrator in the bathroom and cleaned it off, putting it back in the nightstand.  Once that was done, he curled up next to her in bed, soon drifting off to sleep.