Brandy had worked at Kelvin’s Delicatessen for ten years; since she was sixteen and now she practically ran it during the morning hours.  For the past three years an older gentleman, with his wife, whom Brandy judged to be their early sixties, came in every day they were open for lunch.  They always ordered the same thing; roast beef on rye with Swiss cheese, and mayo with a large sweet tea.  Then a year ago he lost his wife when she had a heart attack and died in her sleep.  He used to love to flirt, even when his wife was alive, but ever since she died, he did not flirt as much or as often.  Brandy knew he was lonely but she didn’t know anyone that she could fix him up with.

It was almost time for the lunch rush to hit so Brandy and best friend and co-worker Casey, were taking a quick break to grab themselves a couple of sodas.  They sat at a back table and were just talking about everything in general, even their love lives.

“I know Jake and I were not married but we had dated for the past five years so I can relate to Mr. Tillson,” Brandy said out-of-the-clear-blue-sky.

“What brought that up?” Casey asked.  “Do you have the hots for him?  Is that it?  Do you want to jump his bones…although you need to be careful not to break his hips,” she finished laughing.

“I am not sure why I brought him up and no, I do not want to jump his bones as you so eloquently put it.  He is old enough to be my dad,” Brandy said throwing a sugar pack at Casey.  “Just thinking of seeing his naked body makes me shiver, and not in a good way either. Hell, he probably cannot even get it up anymore,”

Suddenly Casey looked at Brandy with a smirk on her face before saying, “I bet you a hundred dollars you cannot get him back to your apartment and into your bed,”

“You are crazy,” Brandy said standing up.

“Two hundred and I will give you two weeks,” Casey said.  “Come on, where is your sense of adventure?”

“It is surely not in trying to get a lonely man in bed for two hundred dollars…or any amount of money.  That is so wrong.  I would feel like one of those escort girls…but then, I think they make more than two hundred dollars.”

Before either of could say anything else, the door opened and he walked in, his cane tapping on the floor with each step he took. Brandy hurried over to put in his order and get him an ice tea.  She took it over and put it in front of him.

“I got your order in Mr. Tillson,” Brandy told him.  “How are you today?”

“I am doing fine,” he replied smiling up at her before taking a drink of his tea.  “In a couple of weeks, I am going to be moving to Florida to live with my son and his wife.  I am going to miss coming here for lunch every day and seeing your smiling face,”

“That is great news.  We will miss you coming in too,” she said smiling back at him and headed behind the counter to wait for his sandwich,

“Now’s your turn.  Make your move,” Casey whispered. “No one else is here yet so you have some time,”

Brandy smacked her on the arm and said, “Be quiet,” as she grabbed his sandwich with chips and took it out to him.  “Here you go, just the way you like it.  We have peach pie for dessert if you decide you want some,”

Although we started to get busy a few minutes later, I kept an eye on Mr. Tillson, making sure he had a full glass of iced tea. At noon, as he did every day, he got up and left, always leaving me a dollar bill.

Thinking it over after she got home from work that evening, she decided to take Casey up on her bet.  Mr. Tillson would be gone in two weeks and if it didn’t happen, then no one but she and Casey would know about it.

For the next week and a half, Brandy started flirting with him, a little more each day and he was flirting back; it was almost like old times.  When he came in Thursday, we had a small cake for him and well wishes on his new journey. His son was flying in on Saturday and they were leaving that Sunday.  As the clock neared the noon hour, Brandy knew she had to either make her move or forget it so she took a deep breath and walked over to his table.

“Mr. Tillson, I hope this is not too forward of me but would you like to come to my condo tonight for a meal…a going away type celebration?”

He looked at Brandy for a long minute, finally asking, “Why wait to ask me now when I have been a widower for a year?”

I looked at him, at a loss for words. Finally, I decided to save face and turned to walk away but was stopped by a hand on my forearm, gripping it lightly.

“What time?” he asked.  “And is it just for ‘supper’?”

Brandy’s face started to turn red before she managed to squeak out, “Come over about six if that is not too early…and about the elephant in the room, we will see,”  She quickly wrote down her address on a page from her order book and gave it to him.

“See you then dear,” he told her standing up. “And by the way, my name is Nathan.”

After Brandy got home she started on supper thinking spaghetti and meat sauce with applesauce and garlic bread.  Brandy took a quick shower and put on a sundress with straps that tied at her shoulders and came to just above her knees.  She had everything ready, the garlic bread ready to go in the oven when she heard her doorbell chime.  Brandy took a deep breath and went to the door, opening it. He stood there wearing a button-down shirt and black trousers holding a small bouquet of roses.

After he handed her the flowers, she stepped back to let him.  As Brandy shut the door behind him and started to turn around, she felt his arm snake around her waist pulling her closer.  Brandy quickly moved the flowers so they would not get squashed before his lips came down on hers lightly.

“Forgive me for being so bold but I have wanted to do that for the past six months Brandy,” as he followed her to the kitchen.

“Have a seat Nathan,” Brandy told him as she put the garlic bread into the oven and then went to pour them both a glass of sweet tea.  After setting it down, she got a vase for the flowers, thinking of what Nathan had done and said.  Taking a deep breath, she walked over to him, tipped his face upwards, and kissed him, letting him know that she was not upset.

They ate supper, enjoying general conversation, getting to know each other.  After supper they went into the living room, sitting down together on the couch holding hands, soft music playing in the background.

“Forgive me my sweet but I was married for 40 years and I am sort of out of practice at this sort of thing,” Nathan said leaning in to kiss her.

“Don’t worry Nathan, we will just let nature take its course,” Brandy told him as she put her arms around his neck kissing him back.

They kissed for several minutes, waiting for the other to make the next move.  Soon she felt his hand cup her breast, his thumb grazing over her nipple making it into a hard pebble.  Pushing her back against the arm of the couch, Nathan moved closer, his tongue darting out and brushing over her clothed nipple.  He moved up to her neck, planting kisses from one side to the other. Brandy took her hands, reaching up to unbutton his shirt, still unsure just how far he wanted to take it or if he was still capable of getting it up but for now, she was just enjoying what Nathan was doing to her.

Sitting back, Nathan wiggled out of his shirt, giving Brandy her first look at his chest with a thin mat of grey hair.  He was not as muscular as the men she had been with but he was not flabby either.  Next, she maneuvered her hands around, untying the straps of her dress pushing it down to reveal her white lacy bra.  Nathan took the opportunity offered to him as he kissed the top of her breasts and the valley between them.  As he cupped her breast again he moved back up to kiss her lips, a little more passionate than before.

Finally, he pulled back to where he was sitting at the end of the couch, Brandy still reclining against the arm of the couch, her feet on the floor.  Nathan reached down and pulled her legs over his lap, running his hand up and down her legs slowly and gently, never going above her knees.  They sat there in silence, both gathering their thoughts about the evening and where they wanted it to go.  Brandy knew where she wanted it to go…straight to the bedroom but she was not sure where Nathan wanted it to go.

Finally, Nathan looked at her, his mouth opening and shutting a few times as he tried to figure out how to word what he wanted to say. “Ah…you are a very beautiful woman Brandy.  My wife has been the only woman I have been with but I want to be with you…only if you desire it too.”

Pulling her legs off his lap, Brandy stood up. Holding her dress up with one hand she offered the other to Nathan.  She led them to her bedroom; the only light coming from the small lamp on the nightstand. She stopped and let go of her dress, allowing it to fall in a heap on the floor, leaving her standing there in her lacy white bra and matching thong.  Brandy stepped out of the dress and nudged to the side, then bent down and removed her shoes.  All this time Nathan was standing there watching her, a smile on his face and a small tent in his trousers.

Brandy unclasped her bra and threw it in the direction of the dress followed by her thong.  Walking over to Nathan, Brandy reached out and undid his belt as she leaned in to kiss him.  Once she had the belt unfastened it was easier to unfasten and unzip his trousers. She stepped back, her hands on either side of his trousers and his underwear.  As Brandy took them down, she followed until she was on her knees in front of his slightly erect cock.

Gently holding his cock in her left hand, Brandy leaned forward and swirled her tongue over the head, earning a low moan from Nathan. She could feel his hands playing with her hair as she licked the backside of his cock while stroking him. Wrapping her lips around him, she began to suck on him, her tongue working its magic too.  Her other free hand began to massage his balls.  As she worked her magic, she could hear his moans becoming louder and he was pushing himself in and out of her mouth.  Pulling back, Brandy stood up and went over to the bed, turning down the covers and laid down.

Nathan stepped out of his trousers and underwear and walked over to the bed.  Sitting on the edge, he took off his shoes and socks, then laid down beside her.

“Do you want me to turn out the lamp?” he inquired.

“Only if you prefer it that way, Nathan,”

“Truthfully I want to look at that sexy body while I am making love to you but I know I ain’t much to look at so trying to be considerate,” Nathan said.

“Then leave it on because I want to look at you, at your face as we both cum,” Brandy said, putting her arm around his waist, pulling him closer so she could kiss him.

Nathan reached out and began to play with her nipples, pinching and squeezing them.  Breaking the kiss, Nathan moved down until he could take a nipple between his lips, his tongue flicking over the tip, sending shivers up and down her body. Nathan continued to alternate between them until she felt her juices starting to run.  She had no idea her breasts were that sensitive.

Suddenly he stopped and said, “I didn’t bring any protection.  I didn’t think it would go this far.  I am going to have to go get some,” as he started to get out of the bed, only to be stopped by her hand on his forearm.

“I am clean and on the pill so I cannot get pregnant.  How about you?”

“Same here, including not being able to get pregnant because they are all old dried up eggs,”

Brandy looked at for a minute and then started to laugh before reaching down and stroking him.  Nathan ran two fingers up and down her slit several times before he slipped them inside of her, moving them in and out, his thumb occasionally brushing against her clit.  Brandy could feel the fire growing from a spark on its way to becoming a wildfire. She began to pant and wiggle around on the bed.

“I need you inside of me” she whispered as she spread her legs, offering herself to him.

Nathan pulled his fingers out and moved on top of her, holding his cock to guide himself inside of her.  Brandy raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him in a little deeper.  Bracing himself on his hands, Nathan began to thrust inside of while sucking on her nipples and then her exposed skin wherever he could reach.   Brandy worked her muscles, squeezing his cock, pulling him closer and closer to finding his release.

Brandy felt that little spark spreading all through her body as she started to twitch, her breathing deepening as her orgasm took over her body.  Her muscles tightened on Nathan’s cock as he found his release too, leaning forward to kiss her.  For a few moments, he laid there, his head resting on her chest as he softened inside of her. Finally, he rolled over to the side, pulling her toward him as he kissed her.

Brandy wiggled around until she had her back to him and his arms were wrapped around her, holding her close, his breath warm on her neck.

“What time is your son coming on Saturday,” she asked.

“Around noon,” he answered brushing her hair away from her neck so he could kiss it.  “I guess I had better get up and head home.  I know you have to be at work early,” he told Brandy, trying to untangle himself from her.  Why now?  I wish we had more time.  If I had known I had a chance with her, I would have made my move sooner.  But then, she may be just giving me a goodbye present and doesn’t want any more of this.  I know I am no catch and at times it doesn’t work.  No, we are too far apart in age for us to be sexually compatible.

“Nathan, are you okay?” she asked a hint of worry in her voice, interrupting his thoughts.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, you were moving to get out of bed, and then suddenly you went completely still,”

“I am fine.  I just had some thoughts flood my mind,” he told her as he kissed her shoulder.

Without taking time to think about it, Brandy blurted out, “I am off tomorrow.  Would you like to spend the night?”

Nathan, who had just gotten out of bed and was in the process of standing up when she asked.  Part of him wanted to say yes but another part of him was telling him that it was a bad idea.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to. No obligations,” she assured him.  “I like your company and I wouldn’t mind another go-around if you want to that is,” her face turning a light shade of red.

Looking into her eyes Nathan could that she genuinely wanted him to stay, that it was not just her being nice.

“If you insist,” he said smiling as he crawled back in bed.  “I may need a few hours to recharge but I think I can give you another go-round,”

They snuggled down and soon they both dozed off. It only seemed like minutes that she had fallen asleep when she felt a hand playing with her pussy, two fingers stroking her while he was nibbling on her neck.

“I think he is recharged,” Nathan whispered in her ear.

Brandy turned to face him, their lips meeting in a soft passionate kiss, both their hands exploring each other’s body again. Brandy could feel his hardness pressing against her leg.  Gently pushing him on his back, she decided to be bold as she straddled him, taking him inside of her as she leaned down to kiss him.  Very slowly she began to ride him, her hands reaching out to play with her nipples while he played with hers.  As her orgasm built, she began to move faster.  Nathan reached out and grabbed her by the hips, holding her tight against his pelvis as he found his release at the same time Brandy found hers.

As she slowly came down off her orgasmic high, Brandy rolled off to the side, reaching out to take Nathan’s face in her hands kissing him soundly.  They settled down to get some sleep.  When Brandy woke up the next morning, Nathan was not there but he left a note that said,

Thanks for the memories to take with me. I will never forget you.