It was my second week in the massage parlour and I had started liking the job. Having turned 30, the trajectory of my life was going to take a new dimension. The salary was promising but the job was very tempting. The packages were very detailed and so was the massage. Curvy women like me attracted a whole bunch of men who wanted me to do magic on their bodies. Nonetheless, there were many of them who wanted more than just back and front massage. They wanted me to go deeper.

With my two weeks experience, I realized that most men wanted me to do full body massage on them. They were crazy about my ability to tour their bodies without struggling. Even without my intention, they found themselves aroused and some mourned. I smiled at how I could see some parts of the towels rising and I knew they were aroused. However, I had started getting used to it.

Our massage department was very simple. Clients would come with a set of changing clothes and they would take a hot shower. We later directed them to the main rooms that were safe for the purposes of privacy. In that room, they were expected to only have a towel on them. Male clients were the toughest to handle and one needed a lot of self-control. I had watched several of them drop their towels intentionally and we were both of us in the room.

They did not mean any harm but you could see from the aggressiveness of their cocks that they were pussy hungry. I could occasionally pick up their towels and help them cover their nudity. It was an experience full of erotic scenes.

One of the most memorable days was on a Saturday. Everything was going well until I was called at the reception by the department manager. Every time we were called at the reception, we knew that a new client was to be served. I dragged my tired body there and all over sudden got surprised. I was used to regular clients but this one was different. He was a tall, heavily built black man whose biceps protruded like that on a heavyweight powerlifter.

He was already signed in and it was my duty to guide him towards the massage room and to work on him. He looked polite and was very cooperative. After the shower, he tied the towel round his waist and asked me to massage him. He climbed on the massage bed and I began massaging his big back. I had served very many clients without strings attached but it was different with this one.

To a woman like me, fantasies began to run wild because I admire such men. He was tall, dark and handsome just to mention. He was the doll I have had a crush in my imagination. I was getting aroused even as I massaged him. I was not even sure whether he would ask me for a hand job favour which I would gladly give.

Unlike other men, he did not direct me on what to do and allowed me to do my work without interruptions. After fully massaging his back, I directed him to put his legs apart without uttering a word. I wanted the low soothing music to remain so that the experience could move with that wave. All that time, he was facing downwards and after he put his legs apart, I became fully wet.

I could see him big balls and massive cock protruding next to this thick ass. He was full of muscles and I needed not to be told that he was a power lifter. I went to his thighs and was very tempted to massage his balls. He was having an intact dick and the foreskin has started to roll maybe because he was also getting aroused.

Even without instructions, I pretended to slide my hand and touched his balls. I wanted to see whether he would react but he did not. Instead, he put his legs even more apart and I could tell we were in the same spirit. I continued to massage his inner thighs as I watched his dick getting harder and bigger. Finally, I got the courage and slid my thumb in his ass.

My hands were very slippery from the massage oil and it was justifiable to slide. After massaging him around his anal area, he opened his legs completely and I knew it was permission to at least insert the little finger. Just like magic, when I attempted to insert the finger, he mourned and I knew I was doing the right thing.

I went on his dick and massaged it as I was working on his ass. My inserted finger was moving in a rhythm of in and out as he looked up for me to do more.  He was very comfortable with what I was doing and I was also fine as long as he would give me a few thrusts with his big dick. To that point, we had not even started speaking.

I asked him to turn and the relaxed loosely tied towel could not cover his nudity again. After all, there was not point of hiding it again. As he turned, I was watched with weak eyes and lust controlled my mind. I had seen many dicks but that one was different. It had veins all round and being intact made it look angry. Due to excitement, his foreskin had started roll back like a smile paving way for me to see the tip. I could see a clear fluid on the tip and I knew the next thing would be cum.

I poured more massage oil on his body and he signalled that it was enough. I started rolling his dick rhythmically and you could tell that I was doing the right thing. You could tell that I was touching his sensitive parts because he was literally mourning. At that point, he asked me to come closer and he touched my thick curves. I was only wearing a short tight dress that made my curves come out very clearly.

I could tell that he was equally tempted and he wanted to insert his cock in those curves. I could not tell whether it was love or lust but I had stripped off all professionalism so long I could get a taste of that giant. When I put both hands around the base of his cock, he used his left hand to pull my head closer and I knew he wanted me to suck it.

I had not sucked a dick before but I had watched enough porn waiting for a practical opportunity. The moment I opened my mouth, I felt the massive dick in it. It was bigger than my mouth and longer than where my throat started. That notwithstanding, I was ready to enjoy the masculinity of such a rare giant. I could roll the foreskin with my teeth and roll it backwards.

From the look of things, he was feeling very energized and I enjoyed the fact that I was equally aroused. All I wanted was him to hold me with those massive hands and insert his monster in me. As if my wish was being confirmed, he woke up from the massage bed and kissed me. I melted like a candle in his hands and I wanted him to be quick.

He lifted me up and went straight to my pussy. His big fingers were thicker than dicks I had seen before. He inserted one in my pussy to confirm whether I was wet enough. True to that, I was and there was not more time to waste. He poured a little massage oil on his hands and smeared around my anal area. It was payback time.

The next thing I felt was a massive dick teasing to enter my hungry pussy. I wanted to swallow his dick with as many thrusts as he could throw. It was one of the best preparations of sex I had received since I lost my virginity. That teasing alone made me scream with a thud and he covered my mouth with his hands. I then remembered I was at work but my senses were not working. I wanted him to continue. Through the teasing, I was able to cum twice a thing I had not even achieved with masturbation.

After I climaxed, he inserted half of his dick in my ass without my expectation and the force made it feel even sweater. He knew all the G points and spots of my body. I had not received an anal penetration before but that was magic. I went crazy about the experience and his pace was that of a real giant. I enjoyed every move.

When I thought I had received enough, he removed it from the ass and inserted it back to the pussy. This time, he was ready to cum. He did the thrusts at lightning speed and that made me scream even more. I climaxed again he immediately withdrew and released his cum on my face.  I grabbed his dick and begged him to release more. He lied down on the bed as my senses came back that I was actually on the line of duty.